"Scream" - this is a masterpiece of notoriety


The meaning of the word "cry" everyone knows. A person hears these sounds throughout his life: the cry of a newborn, the cry of a superior, the cry of a soul. But what is this word associated with people of art?


The cry is not only a sharp and loud cry, made by man and animals, it is also the famous and mystical picture of the great Norse impressionist Edward Munch.

Description of the picture

There are several variants of this work: two are made in oil, one in pastel and one in lithography technique.

The picture shows a real bridge near Oslo. This place cannot be called pleasant: there was a massacre, and next to it was a madhouse, where the artist's sister was kept for some time. The bridge itself was the favorite place of suicides.


A strange figure of a man or a mummy, covering his ears with his hands, as if trying to get rid of an unbearable sound. As Munch himself wrote, it was a cry of nature, of the whole space around him.

The depressing impression of the picture is exacerbated by a blood-red sunset over the fjord. In the year when the canvas was painted, the sky over Norway was painted in such an uncharacteristic color because of the volcanic ash from the Krakatau eruption.

“Cry” is despair, pain, own powerlessness, those deep feelings that many people cannot convey in words. Edward Munk managed to transform the entire burden of human existence in his oppressive and disturbing image.

Bad reputation

A scream is a work of art that in itself inspires terror and anxiety. Many studies have proven the detrimental effect of the picture on the human psyche, especially for emotional people. But this is not all the oddities associated with the "Cry" Munch.

The history of this picture is fanned by mystery and mysticism. Coincidence or not, but after an employee of an art gallery inadvertently dropped this exhibit, he began to have intolerable headaches that ultimately led the unfortunate to suicide.


A visitor to the museum, where one of the paintings is stored, decided to touch the great canvas. Retribution was not long in coming: less than a month passed, a fire broke out in his house, in which the poor fellow burned down.

Case or curse - is unknown, but such oddities do not detract from the value of the masterpiece. “Scream” is a great work in which the artist could unbearably keenly convey the experiences of the human soul through brush and paints.

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