What is the name of a crocodile with a narrow muzzle? Brief description of the form


In our article we will tell about a crocodile with a narrow muzzle. What is the name of this creepy? Gavial. This is a rather unusual crocodile among others. Today, the Ghanaian Ghana is the last of the representatives of this ancient genus. They settle in the calm muddy waters of deep water bodies with a fast current.

Appearance and size

The color of the back in representatives of this type of brown-green. But their belly is yellow-green. Sometimes completely white gavials occur. Such crocodiles have a long, powerful tail with triangular-shaped growths. Their eyes are round and small. They look in different directions. The eyes are located above the muzzle. These crocodiles are moving on the ground crawling, because they can not lift their body.


This is one of the largest species of modern crocodiles. The body length of one male is 5 meters. Females are smaller - no more than 3.5 meters. The weight of representatives of this species can reach 200 kg.


The shape of the jaw of the gavial differs from that of the alligators. His jaws are narrow, their length exceeds almost five times the width. Less noticeable difference in the young.

A crocodile with a narrow muzzle is easier to hunt for fish. The teeth of gavialov are about 100. They are much smaller in size than other crocodiles. But they are sharper, thinner and longer. The gavial teeth are located somewhat obliquely. It is very difficult for a fish to escape from such a jaw.


Gavialy are aquatic crocodiles. Most of the time they spend in the water. On the ground are selected in order to lay eggs and warm. The main part of the diet consists of fish. Gavials also eat invertebrates. Their jaws are ways to kill the prey and immediately swallow it. Carrion crocodiles with a long muzzle do not disdain. For humans, these animals are not dangerous.



At the age of about 10 years, when the length of their body reaches three meters, the females become sexually mature. A male may have a harem. He protects each of the females from the rest. Marriage period - from November to January. During courtship the male with the help of growth builds up bubbles under water. The eggs are laid by the female from March to May. Eggs on average 40-50 pieces. After 2-3 months, the young hatch from them.

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