Daenerys is a burdena: the story of a popular heroine


A few months ago, the sixth season of the popular fantasy project “Game of Thrones” ended, and now fans of the famous heroine, called Daenerys Burerozhdennaya, can only guess what fate was prepared for their favorite. What do we know about her today?

On the origin of the heroine of the novel by George Martin


Daenerys Burerozhdennaya is one of the key figures in the work of the song "Song of Ice and Fire." She became the last member of the Targaryen family, born during the time of the storm on Dragonstone, where her mother fled before the final fall of Royal Harbor.

Subsequently, the famous heroine lived with her brother Illyrio, who for many years was a friend of her family.


Viserys often tortured her sister, arguing that it was she who was guilty of the death of their parents and the difficulties that they had to face. The guy was hoping to conclude an agreement with Khal Drogo, who could help him get the Iron Throne. For this, Daenerys Burerozhennaya should have been the wife of a potential ally.

Marriage with Khal

When she first met her fiancé, Denny met Jorah Mormont, who later became her faithful knight. Illyrio made an unexpected gift to his ward on her wedding day - three dragon eggs. At first, the girl was afraid of her spouse, who honored not the customs that were familiar to her. However, after a short time she got used to other people's traditions and sincerely fell in love with her husband.


Daenerys Burerozhennaya ceased to be afraid of Viserys, and when he insulted her, Drogo decided to kill the presumptuous guy. On the same days, Deni underwent a bloody ritual, after which she was foretold that she would have a child who would conquer the whole world. As a result of the tragic events, the girl gave birth to a dead child, and her husband died.


Immediately after this, the heroine, according to the established custom, decided to burn Drogo's body. She also entered the flame along with the eggs given to Illyrio. She managed not only to survive, but also to become the Mother of Dragons.

The prospects are unburned

Since then, Denis has gone through a lot of adventures, and, judging by the events of the sixth season, she will soon have to enter into an interesting alliance with the latter-day King of the North. By the way, the last episode, released today, indicates that the heroine is related by blood to John Snow.


Stark's nephew is not yet familiar with her, but he certainly knows who Daenerys Burerozhennaya is. She voiced her full name more than once, and many know that she "is from the Targaryen's house, called the first, from the blood of old Valyria, indomitable, Queen Myerina, Queen of the Andals, Roynars and the first people, Dhothrai Khalisi Sea, Breaking the shackles and the Mother of Dragons."

In addition, now the widow Drogo has many advantages over its enemies - ships, troops, support for Martel and the people of the Tyrells.

About the role performer

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the girl who embodied on the screen such an interesting character as Daenerys Burerozhdennaya. Actress Emilia Clark was not popular before this role, but the image of the Mother of Dragons quickly made her recognizable. The actress claims that, having received the party of Denis, she fulfilled a cherished dream, although she did not even count on it, given the serious competition among the candidates for the role. Subsequently, she even portrayed Sarah Connor in the continuation of the "Terminator".


Emilia is English. Since childhood, she was fond of theater and reading, retaining this passion to the present day. Press unknown details of the personal life of a star. In 2012, she began dating Seth MacFarlane, but the next year the couple broke up. Since then, there is no reliable data on who became the new boyfriend of a celebrity.

Mother of dragons in books and on screen

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the heroine Clark is almost the same as the “bookish” Daenerys Burerozhdennaya. Her title sounds the same as in the series, her hair is also light, and her character is no less strong. However, there are differences.


For example, in the work of Martin, this heroine was thirteen years old at the time of the wedding with Khal (she is obviously older in the show). In the “Game of Thrones” it is shown that on the first wedding night Drogo did not stand on ceremony with the feelings of his wife, but in the book he was very gentle with her and was afraid to display at least a hint of rudeness. In the series, Ser Jorah proved to Denis his loyalty by managing to save her from the murderer (Daenerys had a bit of a wine merchant's attempt on life), but there is no such moment in the book.

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