Rodion Nahapetov: biography, personal life, children, photo


He played in such famous films as “Love Slave”, “Tenderness”, “Such a Guy Lives”, “Lovers” and others. Rodion Nakhapetova, about his biography, whose personal life you can read in this article, was called the most romantic hero cinema in the USSR. Without any support, without influential relatives and friends, he was able to achieve success, national glory and love, and recognition of the audience, and incredible popularity. He was married to a beautiful blonde, actress Vera Glagoleva, married to which gave birth to two wonderful daughters. However, in 1988 a lot of It was in the biography of Rodion Nakhapetov. He left the family in the USSR, and he went to the USA - to fulfill his great American dream, he also found his second love here. He had been living in the States for almost 30 years, but he did not consider himself an emigrant. And in Russia, he is still loved and appreciated.


Rodion Nahapetov: biography, personal life

The future actor and director was born in the winter of 1944 in the city of Pyatikhatki, which was located on the Ukrainian land exhausted by the fascist invaders. An amazing story is connected with the birth of Rodion, as well as with the choice of his name. Rodion's parents Rafail Nakhapetov and Galina Prokopenko met in the partisan detachment and a spark flared between them, and despite the fact that Raphael had a family in Armenia. However, the war separated them, at some point they lost each other. A pregnant woman continued to serve as a liaison in the underground unit “Rodina” and performed very complex and responsible tasks.


Birth history

Once she was captured by the Germans and after long tortures she was sentenced to death. However, having seen the situation in which the woman is, they replaced the execution by the concentration camp. On the way to the concentration camp, the woman managed to escape. Then she came under bombing and was in the basement of the destroyed house, where she gave birth to a son. The boy miraculously survived. After the mother and her child were rescued from the ruins, she wrote it down under the name of Motherland, this was the name of her underground organization. The father never found out about the birth of his son, and Rodion thought that his father died at the front. Later it turned out that Rafail Tatevosovich was still alive and after the end of the war he returned to his homeland, to his family.

Difficult childhood

Rodion Nakhapetov, about the biography, whose personal life is told in this article, after the end of the war, along with his mother, settled with his grandmother in Krivoi Rog. Then Galina and her son went to Dnepropetrovsk, where she settled first as a pioneer leader, and then as a teacher of Russian language and literature at school. She was given a corner with a bed where she and her son lived for about a year, until Galina became close to her colleague, a mathematics teacher, and married him. When the boy was 7 years old, the woman was diagnosed with tuberculosis and hospitalized in a specialized hospital. Stepfather immediately left the family after that, and the boy was sent to an orphanage before the mother recovered from a serious illness. There he spent 3 years of his childhood. After being discharged from the clinic, the woman took her son from the orphanage, but they no longer took her to school, and then they got a job as an educator in a camp for political prisoners. The compassionate woman helped the prisoners deliver letters to the will, but for this she herself and her son got “behind the fence” of the camp.


Punishment for kindness

In 1962, Galina wrote a letter to N. Khrushchev, but the reaction to this was unexpected: she was sent for treatment at a psychiatric hospital. The boy climbed through life as best he could, and after some time he was able to get his mother out of the hospital, who was already sick with cancer. Becoming a director, he shot the movie “Psushka”, the prototype of the heroine of which was his mother. It is incredible how many hardest stories includes a biography of Rodion Nahapetova. The personal life and destiny of his mother are so hard that it is even hard to believe how much this misfortune could befall this unfortunate woman, a real heroine. It is also difficult to believe that the boy who went through such trials was able to get out and find a worthy place in life.


Rodion's character tempered as a result of the incredible difficulties of life: being in an orphanage, constant material need, mother’s illness. He set a goal to break the chains of poverty that bind him at any price. However, his fix idea was to become famous and recognizable by all. Friends of his adolescence and adolescence say that he was uncommunicative, thoughtless, docile, preferred to play chess with his friends, he loved to read books, especially science fiction literature. He also attended the ship modeling circle, drew, studied music, but the family’s dire condition did not allow him to delve into one of these hobbies. There was a time when he decided to go to the sailors and enroll in the Nakhimov school, but soon became interested in theater and began to take an active part in the drama club of the school, where he had a friend, Zhenya Bezrukavy, in the future an actor.

The path to the profession

Once in Dnepropetrovsk, a meeting was organized with such famous actors as Sergey Bondarchuk, Marina Ladynina, Boris Andreev. After that, the young man became infected with a dream about the theater, about the profession of theatrical actor. After graduation, friends Rodion and Zhenya decided to enter the Dnepropetrovsk Theater School together. After that, the yard children began to call Rodion a “acture”. In 1960, he did not finish his studies in school, went to the capital of the USSR. Here, from the very first attempt, he entered the acting faculty of VGIK, a class for Julius Raizman. After graduating from this department, he decided to continue his studies this time already at the directing department of the same university. Since 1978, he became an actor and director of the famous film studio “Mosfilm”. By this time, there have already been major changes in the biography of Rodion Nakhapetov - personal life, children, family concerns …


Name change

If you remember, at birth, the mother called her son Motherland. Of course, a strange name for a boy. This is exactly what the employee of the passport office thought when issuing a passport to him and cut his name by one letter. Thus, at the age of 16, the future actor from the Nakhapetov Motherland turned into the Motherland, and Rodion, although unofficially, he became after the release of the first film with his participation, which was called “First Snow”. The issuing editor thought that there was a typo in the credits, and she forwarded the name of the actor to a more familiar one. Since then, the actor has become known as Rodion Nakhapetov. This name brought him recognition!


Rodion Nahapetov: biography, personal life, children, photo

During the filming of the film “To the End of the World”, directed by our hero, he met his future wife. She played a major role in this film. Vera Glagoleva and Nakhapetov immediately began to sympathize with each other, and then something more emerged between them, which led them to the Wedding Palace. They got married in 1974. The actress for 14 years was a muse for Nakhapetova. In marriage, the couple were born two wonderful daughters - Maria and Anna.


New World and New Family

In 1988, Nakhapetov decided to move to the States at the invitation of the United States Independent Television Association. It was here that he met his future spouse - Natasha Shlyapnikoff. After this fateful meeting, Rodion Rafailovich decided to leave the family and unite the knot of marriage with Natasha, who also became his manager. So it turned out in the States Rodion Nahapetov. Biography, personal life (photo of the second spouse can be seen in the article) have changed dramatically. The artist had a good success in the States, but his homeland did not allow him to leave Russia for a long time. So, he and his wife began to live in two countries. In addition, Rodion did not want to for a long time break the connection with his beloved daughters. By the way, they often came to him for the holidays, and got along well with Natasha. In the new marriage the director has no children. Recently Nakhapetov has become a grandfather, he does not mind in his beautiful granddaughter. Such is Rodion Nahapetov. Biography, his personal life, as you see, is bright and rich.

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