Galina Timchenko: the way of the journalist


A bright journalist with an interesting professional fate - Galina Timchenko. She draws attention with her sharp remarks and bright projects. Her biography is full of mysteries and dark spots. How does the fate of this strong woman?


Childhood and youth

On May 8, 1962, a girl was born in an ordinary Moscow family - Galina Timchenko. Her childhood was the most typical: kindergarten, school. Timchenko herself does not like to talk about his youth, it is characterized by closeness, so she does not spread information about herself. After school, Galina, at the insistence of her mother, enters the 3rd Medical Institute in Moscow and studies there for five years, but in the last year she leaves the university, considerably aggravating relations with relatives, and also upsetting her supervisor. But Galina explains her act in the following way: “I didn’t want to spend more time on what I was never going to do in life”. Maximalism and radicalism are the main features of Timchenko’s character, which have become her corporate identity.


Beginning of the journalist

Nothing is known about the first steps in the career of a journalist Galina Timchenko. Obviously, she worked in some minor positions, but no one anywhere has ever told about this. If there are people in journalism who make up their own life stories themselves, then this is Galina Timchenko. The biography of the woman, about which she speaks openly, began with a high start - she came to work in the Kommersant newspaper as an editor. This publication is known for making very high demands on personnel, so obviously, Timchenko, 10 years after retiring from medicine, was able to achieve a lot in the new profession. She worked at Kommersant for 2 years and in 1999, during a period of severe crisis in publishing, she decided to change the editorial board.

With the "tape" in life

In difficult times, Timchenko, like many journalists, was looking for additional work. This led her to the editorial of the news site. At the same time, she at first did not know anything about the work of the online publication, but was able to go all the way from the employee of the monitoring department to the chief editor. She headed the publication for 10 years, and during this time the site has become one of the five most quoted Russian-language media outlets and became the fifth in attendance in 2013 among all the news resources in Europe. Timchenko completely restructured the site, gathered a brilliant team of professional newsmakers and ensured that the publication met the news needs of people from very different backgrounds. She expanded the genre variety of the publication, video clips, sharp reports and interviews appeared in it. Lenta began to shape the agenda; people are used to getting a complete picture of the news on one site. At the same time, Timchenko piously observed the principle of objectivity of journalism, and it was impossible to accuse her of being engaged.


In March 2014, Roskomnadzor issued a warning to “Lente” due to the fact that the material of the journalist referred to the statement of the opposition nationalist from Ukraine. The owner of the resource quickly took action and fired Galina Timchenko. This event shook up certain segments of the population who started talking about increasing pressure on the press. Timchenko did not comment on her resignation and, as is her characteristic, she left her experiences with her. The team of the site actively objected to Timchenko’s dismissal, and almost all of her colleagues went after her to her new project.


After leaving Timchenko’s for a while, she pauses for a while, she teaches, actively participates in various programs of Dozhd TV, and Ekho Moskvy radio. But in October 2014, she announced the launch of the new news project Meduza. The team was made up of former employees of Lenta, and Galina Timchenko took the lead. Meduza is located in Riga and has a rather pronounced opposition position in relation to the Russian government. The media attributed participation in the project to the released Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but Timchenko did not confirm these conjectures. In the three months of its existence, Meduza gathered about 1.3 million visitors. The goal of the project is to publish the most interesting news of the day in Russian, while the requirement of objectivity remains unalterable for Timchenko.


Private life

A good journalist not only knows how to find information, but also hides it skillfully, Galina Timchenko is no exception. The journalist’s personal life is strictly prohibited, and no one can say anything about her hypothetical spouse, although it is known that once she was definitely married. Since there are no details of private life in the media, journalists conclude that it simply does not exist. About the former husband or children Timchenko never utters a word. She is obsessed with work, and it takes all her time. Journalists lead an active life, and Galina Timchenko often appears at various events as well. Her photos, however, never record satellites that are similar to a life partner. Thus, the idea that Timchenko lives only work seems to be the most likely. Or she is a genius of disguise, and she manages something that remains impossible for all the celebrities of the world.

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