Liv Tyler: filmography, biography, the personal life of an actress


This year, charming Liv Tyler, nee Rundgren, turned thirty-eight years old. Despite this, the American film actress remains attractive and young looking. She is active in films and participates in community events. Liv Tyler, whose biography is described in this article, is an example of a modern successful woman.



The actress was born in an artistic family and since childhood was surrounded by a creative atmosphere. Liv Tyler, the filmography of which has nearly thirty films, is the daughter of singer Bibi Buell. Bibi began her career at the age of seventeen as a fashion model. She collaborated with such prestigious magazines as Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazar, Vog. At the initial stage of his career, Liv repeated the fate of his mother.

According to the documents, her father was a musician Todd Rundgren, with whom Bibi had a romantic relationship. But at the age of nine, Liv found out that her real dad was musician Steven Tyler, the frontman of Aerosmith.

It turns out that it was with him that the actress’s mother had a short-term romance, as a result of which Bibi became pregnant. She was not going to tell anyone about this connection. But once she took Liv to the Aerosmit concert, wanting to acquaint her daughter in absentia with her father. Inquisitive Liv noticed an incredibly similar girl in the crowd. She was the daughter of Tyler Mia. Then the girl began to ask uncomfortable questions to the mother. Later, Liv admitted that she immediately guessed that it was her sister, and her father appeared on the stage.


In the end, Bibi told the whole truth. Steve began to come to visit them. And at twelve, Liv officially changed her last name to Tyler.


By personal admission, Liv’s childhood was miserable. This did not concern the family, although it was also unusual. The actress claims that her parents seemed crazy to her. The mother is removed nude for Playboy, the father is treated for drug addiction, and she alone - the little girl - feels like an adult.

It is because of this parental behavior, as Liv claims, that she learned to forgive, to be responsible and modest.

Despite all of the above, the girl never had a lack of parental love. But there were enough problems with peers. As a child, baby Liv was a little plump, awkward, wore braces. And at school she was nicknamed "liver sausage".

Almost since birth, Liv lived in Portland with her aunt and grandmother and grandfather. Bibi showed prudence, deciding to distance the baby from the world of show business. But when Liv turned thirteen, the relatives sounded the alarm.

Offensive nicknames in school and a stack of glossy magazines with beautiful models did their job. Liv started to lose weight incorrectly and became ill with anorexia. Bibi took her daughter to New York, set up a good school. and life slowly improved. Liv began to live the life she had dreamed of. Quiet and measured, she was sometimes diluted with her mother's campaigns at rock concerts.


Liv admits that she and Bibi were really close and considered friends, but only in her father did she find a soul mate.

Carier start

Actress Liv Tyler began her career as a model. At the age of fourteen, her first shooting took place. But it could not be if it were not for the friend of the mother of Pauline. It was she who persuaded the girl, who had already turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, to try her hand at modeling business.

Success came immediately. Liv began to appear on the covers. She even had to finish school externally to keep up with the work. But the model world was not the ultimate dream of a girl. She wanted to go on.

Liv Tyler, whose filmography began in 1994, initially tried her hand at music videos. The debut for her was the movie for the song of George Michael (in 1991). In 1994, Steve Tyler offered her a role in his video. There she starred with Alicia Silverstone. The video "Crazy" gave Liv incredible recognition and fame in cinema circles.

She immediately received an offer from Bruce Berisford, who was preparing to shoot a detective film. The actress successfully passed the test and set to work.

Liv Tyler, whose filmography began with the film "Silent Grasp, " - a multi-face actress. This is reflected in her film works. She can play a role in a low-budget and inconspicuous film (“Shop“ Empire ”), in the drama of a great director (“ Slipping Beauty ”), in a blockbuster (“ Armageddon ”).


The first major success for the actress was the role in the 1996 film "Stealing Beauty". The great Italian director noticed the actress in the video "Aerosmith" and realized that she was what he had been looking for a long time. The sheer beauty of the girl did her a big favor.


Two years later, all Americans visiting theaters began talking about Liv Tyler, whose filmography was only increasing. She played in the science fiction film "Armageddon" with such actors as Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. This trio has been very successful.

Then there was a historical drama, tragicomedy, and in 1999 Liv sang the role of Tatyana Larina in the film "Onegin". Once the actress confessed that she hadn’t even read Pushkin’s novel before shooting the film.

She is best known for her role as Arwen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Elven princess won the hearts of the audience and forever entered the history of cinema.

Liv Tyler, the films that go about once a year, loves to experiment. She starred in a melodrama with Ben Affleck ("Jersey Girl"), in a drama with Adam Sandler ("Empty City"), in a fantastic action movie with Edward Norton ("The Incredible Hulk").

Late work

2008 was very productive for the actress. Three of her films came out at once. Then there was a short break in his career, which ended in 2010 with the release of the painting "Super." This black comedy failed at the box office and was an unsuccessful comeback.

Much more interesting was the 2012 film “Robot and Frank”, which takes place in the near future.

Films with Liv Tyler, the list of which was presented above, vary greatly both genrely and qualitatively. Despite this, the actress remains in demand, tries her hand at various projects.


Recently, Liv Tyler takes part in the filming of the series "Left", which also involved Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman.

Personal life

Liv is not like most of his colleagues and family life. In 2003, she married musician Royston Langdon. Their marriage seemed very strong, especially since their first child, the long-awaited Milo, was born in 2004. However, in 2008, the couple divorced.

In 2014, the actress met football agent Dave Gardner. In February 2015, they had a baby, who was named Seylor.

Interesting facts


  1. Liv Tyler, whose films have repeatedly been nominated for various awards, received only the Scream award as the best actress in the 2008 horror film.
  2. David Beckham became the godfather of Sailor.
  3. Liv Tyler height, his weight has never hidden. Its parameters - 178 cm and 64 kg.

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