Anastasia Marinina: all life ahead!


Anastasia Marinina was born in Moscow in June 1987 in a family of actors. Mom studied at GITIS, worked in the Tver Drama Theater, where she met the girl's father. Therefore, since childhood, the baby has grown, knowing that in the future she will begin to play on stage like parents. At school, it didn’t matter, teachers constantly found reasons to make a remark.

Study and first movie roles

After graduating from school, Anastasia spent two years studying acting at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov on the course of Vladimir Grammatikov. Then, at the prompting of parents, she entered GITIS, Alexey Sheinin became her master. Four years of study ended in obtaining a red diploma.


The debut role of the girl was Snezhana from the youth series "The Club", which went on the screens for several seasons. After the talented actress, the directors of the series “Trace” noticed, where she played the cameo role of Elvira Zolotova.

In the detective story, “The Picturesque Legend” worked on the same platform with Alexander Domogarov, however, the girl had a small role as a library worker.

In 2012, Konstantin Frolov and Vladimir Ustyugov called Anastasia Marinina for the role of Albina's secretary in the comedy "Save the Boss."

Work in the TV series "Cherry blossom" and new roles

But the most vivid was the role in the TV series “The Color of the Cherry-tree”, where the girl got the first serious role - the Shura girl. The audience was delighted with the image of the heroine. Work on the project, according to the actress, was memorable. On the set, the young people joked all the time, had fun, sang songs, filmed first in Moscow, at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, then outside the city. The actress received invaluable experience from the masters involved in the shooting, who encouraged young talents, gave mastery lessons, and provided support.


The latest works of Anastasia Marinina include shooting in the short film “Two Days”. There were occasional appearances in the TV series "Love and other nonsense", "Invisible", "Angel or Demon".

Anastasia today

As for playing in the theater, there is also work here. Marinina shone in the Moscow Regional Chamber Theater. Most of the performances with her participation were highly appreciated by artists. At the moment, Anastasia plays in the Theater Doc.

Currently, the girl continues to act in films and play on stage. Anastasia Marinina’s creative biography is not yet filled with a mass of bright works. But everything is ahead.

The girl admits that she always experiences vivid emotions both there and there. The theater appreciates the opportunity to create a dialogue with the audience, to improvise, and the cinema for the opportunity to reveal its potential, to convey with its eyes and facial expressions all that the hero must have in his heart.

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