The secret is what is it? Consider the meaning of the word


“Secret” is a word that has a foreign origin. It is not only in Russian, in many languages ​​its meaning and sound are similar. In our article we will consider the most common definition of this term, as well as some specific meanings.



Latin secretus literally translates as "separate", "special", "secret". According to philologists, this word has come to Russian either from Polish or from French. The most common meaning of the word “secret” is “secret”, as well as information known to a limited circle of people and not subject to wide publicity.

In physiology

The meaning of the word "secret" is well known to physicians. The endocrine glands produce special biologically active fluids. Organs secreting secrets are called glands. The secrets include digestive enzymes, hormones and other active substances necessary for the body to work.

Military secrets

Speech here at all about a military secret! In the language of intelligence and some special-purpose units, the secret is a hidden observation point for the enemy forces, as well as a cache in which weapons, ammunition, provisions, maps and other things necessary for special operations can be hidden. The location of the secret is usually not mapped to minimize the risk of information leakage. Only those who are directly involved in the operation know where he is. For marking the location of the cache can be used natural materials (stones, broken in a special way, branches, feathers) or some items (matted threads, rags).


The secret is also the key to the cipher that allows you to secure information in the event of interception.

And secrecy is a full range of measures aimed at preserving data that is not subject to publicity.

"Secret" in the sandbox

Many people know about children's fun, which uses pieces of glass or transparent plastic, beautiful stones, shells, beads and other children's treasures. To make a “secret”, you need to dig a hole in the sand, place decorations in it, cover it with a piece of glass, and hide its edges. Of course, children need to be reminded of the safety rules and control the process.

Today, when shop windows are full of toys and leisure paraphernalia, “secrets” are not so popular. But several generations of children, making slingshots and flower dolls, simply adored this simple entertainment.

The name "Secret"

Often this word is used in naming. The music lovers of the 80s surely know that “The Secret” is a group popular at the time, headed by the notorious and today Nikolai Fomenko and Maxim Leonidov.

This word is often called cafes and shops, in the literature it can be found in A. Green’s work “Scarlet Sails” (as Gray's ship was called). There are several films and songs with this title.

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