Volochkova's hands at the birthday party attracted the attention of fans - photos


Ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova and amulets against the evil eye - how are these two concepts related?

On photos from the celebration of her birthday, published on the artist's personal Instagram (on January 20, the ballerina turned 43), it is clear that Anastasia’s wrists are decorated with several bracelets. Users have decided that Volochkova is seriously concerned about their health and wealth - such amulets from the evil eye are worn so that these two important parameters of life do not suffer.

Amulets just in case

It is known that Anastasia is a believer, she herself spoke about this more than once, taking numerous photos from temples. But why should she have several wards at once? Fans asked her questions on this topic in the comments to the publications, but Anastasia prefers not to respond to such.

But she always said that she did not care about the squall of criticism, which the artist undergoes every day. And the reason for this criticism is the absurdity and curiosity in her behavior, which does not fit in with the noble and generous image carried by the ballerina, speaking in public, in various programs and shows.

Network users have decided that she is still afraid of damage or curses. It’s not for nothing that lately her life is not replete with joyful events - either the driver steals her, or the daughter will leave to live with her grandmother with her father (a new man appeared in Anastasia’s house, and Ariadne, apparently, cannot accept this).


What do you think, why Anastasia wears bracelets on her hands?

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