Unusual underwater inhabitants: who lives at the bottom of the ocean?


Ocean - boundless expanse, consisting of trillions of liters of salt water. Thousands of species have found refuge here. Some of them are thermophilic and live in shallow depths, so as not to miss the rays of the sun. Others are accustomed to the cold waters of the Arctic and try to avoid warm currents. There are even those who live at the bottom of the ocean, having adapted to the conditions of the harsh world.

The last representatives are the greatest mystery for scientists. Indeed, more recently, they could not even think that someone is able to survive in such extreme conditions. Moreover, evolution has awarded these living organisms with a number of unprecedented features.


Under the strata of the World Ocean

For a long time there was a theory that there is no life on the ocean floor. The reason for this - low water temperature, as well as high pressure, able to compress the submarine, like a soda can. And yet, some creatures were able to resist these circumstances and confidently settled on the very edge of a bottomless abyss.

So who lives at the bottom of the ocean? First of all, these are bacteria, traces of which were found at a depth of more than 5 thousand meters. But if microscopic creatures are unlikely to surprise an ordinary person, giant clams and monster fish deserve proper attention.

How did you learn about those who live at the bottom of the ocean?

With the development of submarines, it became possible to dive to a depth of two kilometers. This allowed scientists to look into the world, hitherto unseen and amazing. Each dive provided an opportunity to uncover another mystery of nature, to see more and more new species.


And the rapid development of digital technology has allowed us to create ultra-durable cameras that can shoot under water. Thanks to this, the world saw photographs of animals living on the bottom of the ocean.

And every year scientists go deeper further in the hope of new discoveries. And they are happening - in the last decade many surprising conclusions have been made. In addition, hundreds or even thousands of photos have been posted on the net, showing the inhabitants of the deep sea.

Creatures living on the ocean floor

Well, it's time to go on a small trip to the mysterious depths. Passing the threshold of 200 meters, it is difficult to distinguish even small silhouettes, and after 500 meters comes the pitch darkness. From this moment begin the possession of those who are indifferent to light and heat.

It is at this depth that one can encounter a polychaete worm, which drifts from one place to another in search of profit. In the light of the lamps, it shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, a word made of silver plates. On his head is a series of tentacles, thanks to which he orients himself in space and feels the approach of prey.

But the worm itself is food for another inhabitant of the underwater world - the sea angel. This amazing creature belongs to the class of gastropods and is a predator. It got its name because of two large fins that cover its sides like wings.


If you go even deeper, you can stumble upon the queen jellyfish. Hairy Tsianeya, or Lion's Mane - the largest representative of its kind. Large individuals in their diameter reach 2 meters, and their tentacles can stretch almost 20 meters.

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean yet? This is a squat lobster. According to scientists, he can adapt to life even at a depth of 5 thousand meters. Thanks to his flattened calf, he calmly transfers pressure, and his long legs allow you to move around the muddy bottom of the ocean without any problems.

Deep-water fish

For hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, fish living at the bottom of the ocean have been able to adapt to existence without sunlight. Moreover, some of them even learned to produce their own light.

So, at around 1 thousand meters living monkfish. On his head there is a process that radiates a slight glow that lures other fish. Because of this, it is also called the "European angler fish". At the same time the monkfish itself can change its color, thereby merging with the environment.


Another representative of deep-sea creatures is the fish drop. Her body resembles jelly, which allows you to transfer pressure at great depths. It feeds exclusively on plankton, which makes it harmless to neighbors.

At the bottom of the oceans lives an astrologer fish, the second name is the celestial eye. The reason for such a pun was the eyes of the fish, which are always directed upwards, as if looking out for stars. Her body is covered with poisonous thorns, and near the head are tentacles capable of paralyzing the victim.

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