How to store tangerines at home: description, recommendations and reviews


Mandarins are those treats that everyone loves, but not everyone can properly store. In order for fruits to not spoil for a long time, you need to follow a number of requirements. How to store tangerines at home? You will learn about this by reading this article.


Factors affecting the shelf life of citrus

How much to store tangerines at home? The shelf life of citrus fruits may vary. On average, a tangerine is stored for 10 days, but this period can be extended by creating the desired temperature. The color of the peel affects the success of storing a tropical fruit. Yellow tangerines are able to retain their original appearance for two weeks. How to store tangerines? What is the optimum temperature for this fruit? They must be stored at a temperature just above 0 degrees. If the peel of the fruit has a light greenish tint, the fruit should be stored at a temperature of +2 to +6 degrees. In such conditions, they will not spoil for two weeks.

Also on the duration of storage of citrus affects the country in which they grew. This should be considered when buying a product. Tangerines grown in Abkhazia and Morocco, can be stored as long as possible. In contrast, the familiar Turkish and Spanish varieties spoil very quickly. Understand in which country the tangerines are grown is easy. Assistant in this case will be not only the label, but also the appearance of a tropical fruit. In the first case, the fruits are distinguished by a yellow (perhaps even light yellow) porous skin. They have a terrific sweet taste. In contrast, the mandarins from Turkey have a very smooth surface.


Storage conditions tangerines

How to store tangerines at home? Despite the fact that it is a tropical fruit, mandarins like temperature + 4-8 degrees. In such conditions, they can retain all their useful properties for a whole month. However, it is necessary to observe not only the temperature regime, but also the level of humidity. It should be about 80%. If the room is drier, the tropical fruit will gradually dry out, and this will lead to a significant loss of taste and good appearance. Spanish tangerines are distinguished by their large size.

Based on these parameters, you can choose tangerines, which not only like to taste, but also please with storage time. Also, the maturity of mandarins affects the term of preservation of beneficial qualities. Obviously, more ripe fruits will soon lose their shape. At the same time, green tangerines can last longer.


Store tangerines at home

Where to store tangerines? They can be placed in one of the refrigerator compartments, carried out on a glazed balcony or lowered into the cellar. It is in these places that the optimum temperature can be ensured. By tangerines must come air. To do this, they can be placed in a perforated box. The main thing is not to use for this purpose a closed plastic bag. In the absence of air intake, moisture can accumulate. This will lead to the deterioration of valuable stocks and the appearance of rot.

If tangerines are not placed in a cold place, and try to keep at room temperature, the fruit will be stored for only a week. In a box, tangerines should be put in no more than three layers. Otherwise they will be poorly stored.


Features inspection mandarins

Before placing the fruit in the refrigerator or other cold place, each mandarin should be examined very well. If there are at least small defects on the fruit (especially bruising), the mandarin should be put aside and not packed with the rest of the fruit. To prolong the shelf life of fruits, their peel can be wiped with cotton wool moistened with vegetable oil.

How to choose tangerines with a long shelf life?

How to store tangerines? Their shelf life, above all, depends on the choice of high-quality fruits. Therefore, being in a supermarket or any other outlet, you need to have a good look at each tangerine that a person puts in a basket. It should be without the slightest dent or any other defect. If there is at least a small error, do not need to buy this fruit. Surely it will not be stored for a long time. Indeed, the presence of defects in the peel leads to the fact that air enters the fetus, and thus the integrity of the mandarin is broken. Subsequently, he may soon begin to rot. If time does not detect problems with the integrity of the peel, you can wait for the other mandarins to be subjected to this unpleasant process.

The level of ripeness of mandarin can be determined by how well its skin is separated from the pulp. In a ripe fruit, the skin becomes as if it is large to it, therefore it ideally separates from the pulp. Such a mandarin will please with its amazing taste, but the tropical fruit will not last long. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase such appetizing tropical fruits in advance. If the mandarin should lie down for some time (for example, until the New Year holidays), then it is better that it be a little greenish.


Specific fruit selection

It is important to choose those tangerines, which clearly shows every pore. This means that their field is Abkhazia or Morocco. It is in these countries that they grow charming delicious mandarins with a porous skin. If the mandarins look very smooth, there is a great chance that they are waxed. So often happens with imported varieties. Unscrupulous sellers are trying in any way to increase the shelf life of a tropical product. Therefore, the fruit from the supermarket must be washed.


Long-term storage of mandarins is possible.

Many people think that long-term storage of vitamins is impossible, and therefore they are bought last. However, not quite right. Mandarins can and should be bought in advance. This is especially true of the pre-holiday period, when sellers significantly increase the cost of goods. In order not to succumb to such a provocation, you should purchase tropical fruits in advance. Then you can safely look at how neighbors have to buy tangerines at higher prices.

How to store tangerines? Save citrus, purchased in advance, is a snap. The main thing - to remember that they need a special temperature, so they do not need to leave in places with room temperature. They should be in a cooler place. It can be not only a refrigerator, but also a cellar, a balcony, a temporary building. Storage of vitamins should be approached as carefully as possible. For this you need to familiarize yourself with the advice of experienced people and follow them.


If such tropical fruits have to be purchased in advance, then you need to pay special attention to their choice. It will depend on him how long mandarins can lie.

Now you know how to store tangerines at home. Feel free to go shopping for citrus fruits. Enjoy your meal!

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