Kazan libraries: description, addresses


Today, the centralized library system of Kazan is a huge network of libraries. It consists of two main institutions - the Central Library and the Central Children's Library, 47 branches. Scattered book storages in all areas of the city. Their total fund exceeds 2 million copies. Books, magazines, audiovisual and electronic documents, sheet music can be found on the shelves. In addition, all libraries have access to the World Wide Web. We offer you an overview of the libraries of Kazan!

Republican Children's Library


The history of this temple of knowledge began in 1919. On May 17, the first children's library opened in the basement of one of the houses on Nekrasov Street, which all children of the republic could attend. The initiator of this event was a local writer Ekaterina Nikolaevna Nelidova. Initially, the library collection consisted of about a thousand copies - these were books from private collections, the women's institute of noble maidens, the diocesan school.

The library regularly held various events - matinees, quizzes, disputes, book parades, conferences. The active work did not stop even during the Great Patriotic War, because the number of readers doubled due to the evacuees!



Today in the funds of the republican children's library of Kazan there are more than 120 thousand publications - fiction and educational literature, magazines. Their services to little readers and their parents are offered:

  • department of processing and accounting of funds and catalogs;
  • scientific and methodological department;
  • Department of information, reference and bibliographic work, local history bibliography;
  • department of art literature;
  • mass work department;
  • department of national literature.

Fun and informative: events held in the library

The main event taking place in this library of Kazan, Children's Book Week. It opens with a solemn theatrical performance with the participation of heroes of favorite books. All departments hold exhibitions of the most popular books among children. In addition, children can take part in literary contests, try themselves as readers. Frequent guests of the holiday - children's poets and writers.

Library address - 81, Kh. Yamashev Avenue

National Library


More than 150 years ago, in 1865, the unique Kazan National Library opened in the city. The foundation of the foundation was then a rich collection of the local book lover Ivan Vtorov, donated by the son of this outstanding man, Nikolai Vtorov. It numbered almost 2 thousand copies!

In 1906, a branch of the Public Library for Muslims appeared in Kazan. It can safely be called one of the most important Tatar educational centers. The branch fund could boast of publications in Russian and Oriental languages. There were a total of about 1, 300 volumes.

Throughout its history, this kingdom of books has repeatedly changed the status and official name. But the year of major changes was 1991 - then the institution acquired the status of the National Library. Today the library is more than 3 million books, documents, journals - both in Russian and in Tatar. And the Kazan National Library is also considered the center of culture of the Tatar people. This is not surprising, since the institutions' specialists collect, preserve and disseminate Tatar books and publications telling about the republic. Every year, library staff take part in professional contests. For example, in July 2017, librarians became winners of the All-Russian Competition "Librarian-2017".

Anyone can visit the library. Find it is easy - it is located at: st. Kremlin, 33

Central City Library


The Central Library of Kazan is located in the historical and cultural center of the city on Vishnevskogo Street, 10. Readers can find here a department of Tatar literature, a center of legal culture, a media library. Statistics say that more than 10 thousand citizens visit this library every year!

Such popularity is easy to explain - in addition to traditional services, the specialists of this library of Kazan offer visitors meetings with prominent artists and literature workers. There are regular presentations of book novelties, musical evenings, themed holidays. The main motto of this temple of literature is to make book lovers of all residents of Kazan.

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