Borisov Egor Afanasyevich, head of the Republic of Sakha: biography, contacts


Borisov Egor Afanasyevich heads Yakutia for quite a long time. His name is associated with the achievements of this region and scandals. Any leader of this order attracts public attention. Let's see who Borisov Egor Afanasyevich is, how the Yakuts live under his leadership.

In 2004, this person became known to the general public due to the disappearance from the budget of many billions of rubles. However, the inspection bodies found nothing reprehensible. But first things first.


Borisov Egor Afanasyevich: biography

Our hero was born in 1954, August 15th. This happened in the village of Churapcha of the same name district of the Yakut ASSR. Like all children of that time, went to school. Not particularly among teenagers. When the last call sounded and it was time to think about the future, I went to work.

Labor way began from the bottom. For some time he worked as a mechanic in the local branch of "Agricultural Machinery". He believed in himself and decided that secondary education is not enough to create a career. He entered the Novosibirsk Agricultural Institute, which he successfully graduated in 1979, having received a diploma with qualifications, as it is now fashionable to say, “mechanical engineer”.

The heart of Egor Borisov was forever given to his small homeland. After training, he decided that he needed no other edge. The Republic of Sakha is his fate. Therefore, he returned to his native district. Career went, as they say, in growth. After a while he is no longer a mechanic, but the second secretary of the district party committee. In this way, leadership personnel were raised in the Union: people were looked after in the outback and were taught to manage. The matter was ordinary and very promising both for the person himself and for the country.


Childhood memories

Borisov Egor Afanasyevich described how such a true love for his native land came from. He says nothing supernatural happened, this feeling instilled in him his father. He took his then twelve-year-old son to the hunt. They went to a place called Tabs. The guy saw an unusual lake, framed by birch groves. The landscape was set off by endless green meadows. In the distance, buildings were visible, but the place seemed magical, unusually picturesque.

The father said to the boy: “Here, son, this is your homeland, the land of Telei!”. Borisov Egor Afanasyevich claims that from that moment the small homeland settled in his heart. He fell in love with that alaas. But what our hero doesn’t tell anyone about is his desire to make the earth more beautiful, to put all his strength for its prosperity. What he did, becoming an adult.


The path to the main post

The Republic of Sakha has undergone changes along with the whole country. The regional party committees disbanded. Instead, the institution of the presidency was organized. But before being appointed to this important position, our hero has come a long way. Egor Borisov began his political career in 1991. Then he was appointed deputy minister of agriculture. Seven years later he headed the designated department.

Times then were not very suitable for the development of territories, for sure, you yourself remember that. Yegor Afanasyevich had to go and “under the horse”. In 2000, he left the government, but did not leave his native place. He worked as the head of the Research Institute of Agriculture.

Fortune smiled at him again two years later. Vyacheslav Shtyrov invited this knowledgeable person to work in the election headquarters. And very soon Boris Egor Afanasyevich headed the campaign. Yakutia, in his opinion, needed a strong hand and a loving heart. Shtyrov Vyacheslav won those elections, he did not stay in debt. The head of his election headquarters moved to the chair of the head of government.


Any politician can get on sharp journalistic tongues. And so the one who disposes of public funds, is in the zone of special control of the public. The head of the Republic of Sakha fell under the "shelling" of keen journalists. The case concerned the waste of gigantic sums.

A certain journalist, whose name we will not advertise, accused the official of embezzling one billion rubles, then 18, followed by an even larger amount. A check came out of the capital. But she did not find evidence compromising the government. By the way, the mentioned journalist received a serious term for libel. The media again accused the ill-fated official. But the people see who is to blame. And people gave their assessment of events later.


Sharp turn

In 2010, Vyacheslav Shtyrov suddenly left his post. For residents of the region, this was a complete surprise. The authorities explained the departure of the official personal circumstances, more detailed comments from them could not be achieved. After about two weeks, the post was occupied by Borisov Egor Afanasyevich.

The President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was approved by the local representative body of Il Tumen. Of the sixty-eight deputies, 61 people showed him confidence. True, there were also opponents of the candidacy. But they were in the overwhelming minority (two people). He confirmed the opinion of the deputies and the people. In 2014, at the regular presidential elections of the republic, Yegor Afanasyevich received the majority of votes of his compatriots.


Activities as head of Yakutia

First of all, the new president took up the restructuring of the government. Probably, heads flew, but gently, without hysterics in the media. Updated body earned like clockwork. The region is developing industry and agriculture.

It is worth mentioning the largest coal deposit in Russia - Elga. It began operating in 2011, almost immediately after the appointment of a new head of the republic. The company is one of the largest suppliers of coal in the Asia-Pacific region. Half of the production is exported.

More than eighty percent of the explored reserves of diamonds are concentrated in the republic. The head of the region believes that the development of natural resources is the main direction of development of the region. This is a good contribution to strengthening the economy of the federation. All efforts of the government are focused on this direction.

The republic's industry produces almost all antimony in the country, which is used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Its explored reserves make up eighty-two percent of the total in the Russian Federation. But agriculture does not remain without attention of the head of the republic. Such industries as reindeer herding and horse breeding are developing in Yakutia. The villages are engaged in collecting gifts of nature, grow vegetables. Much attention is paid to fishing - a natural for the indigenous population.


Personal life

The wife of Egor Afanasyevich, Praskovya Petrovna, is working alongside her husband. She supports him in everything. They raised two daughters. It is not known whether their father drove them to their favorite alaas. But the grandchildren, who were presented to him by their daughters, will certainly take to the hunt. It is necessary for someone to trust their native land, to convey love for this rich land.

The President of Yakutia is so busy that he does not like to give interviews on personal topics. He is a hunter and a fisherman, as are all representatives of this region. But he does not cover other hobbies, remembering the story of a journalist who loves to delve into other people's financial reports.


Borisov Egor Afanasyevich: contacts

It remains only to tell you how to contact this respected person. In our time, this is not difficult to do. The head of Yakutia has its own website, equipped with a virtual reception. In the online office you can leave your wishes and suggestions. Those who do not like the Internet are advised to call the real receptionist of the head of the republic. Room information is not a secret. Here they are: +7 (411) 243-50-44, 243-55-66.

In conclusion, we say that people of serious level are not born. People’s trust must be earned by responsible work and care for the population. And this is everyday hard, often ungrateful work. And Yegor Afanasyevich copes with it. He is respected in the republic, listened to his ideas, support plans. People know that they have someone to count on, to whom to go with their problems.

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