Republican - who is this? Republican parties of America and Russia


Have you noticed that in many countries the term "Republican" is constantly on the ear. This is primarily due to the fact that the so-called members of one of the ruling parties of the United States. And, although it is not for us to write politics, undoubtedly, a cultured person should understand such issues. After all, when they say to you that this politician is a Republican, but that he is a democrat, you must at least understand what the fundamental difference between the views of these people is. Therefore, let's understand.


Who are the republicans

So, the Republican is a supporter of the republican form of government, which is opposed to the monarchy. As already mentioned, the Republican Party is one of the ruling in the United States. However, there are Republicans not only in America. Republican parties were, and some of them are present to this day in the government of such countries as Germany, France, Spain.

Features of the Republican Party of America

The main principle by which it is determined who is a democrat or a republican before you is their attitude to the influence of the government on the life of the country. It implies the economy, the army, and even the personal life of citizens. And all the debates that are held by the Democrats and Republicans of the United States are based on the manifestation of this principle. Regardless of what they are discussing, be it the number of jobs, the specifics of medical insurance, or the way the economy develops - all of these are factors of one order. The social sphere, like nothing else, is the sphere of interests of both parties.

But to attract voters to their side, Republicans and Democrats may discuss other issues. For example, the attitude to same-sex marriages, or especially the service in the army of women.


So what's the main thing for Republicans in America? In addition to the social and economic sphere, the federal government is a stumbling block for them and the Democrats. If the official says that it is necessary to weaken the role of the federal government in the life of the country. You can be sure that you face a Republican. This means that the government must always protect the citizens of its country, and monitor the implementation of all state laws. The well-known expression “the pure hand of capitalism” means nothing more than self-regulation of the economy, for which Republicans do not get tired to speak.

It must be said that if you follow the ideas of the Republicans and direct the country along the path of development that they propose, then very soon capitalism will reign in America in its purest form. Its negative consequences are the stratification of society. It is possible that if there are enough of those who are at the bottom, they can take up arms, as it has already happened many times. But at the same time, the Democratic system also has many drawbacks. That is why the balance between these two parties means so much for the development of America.


Republicans of Russia

Russia also did not remain aloof from republican ideas. More than twenty years ago (1990) the Republican Party of Russia appeared in the country - the Party of People’s Freedom (also known as the Republican Party PARNAS). The party members chose a ruby-colored bull image as their symbol. It is associated with labor, strength and pressure, and is also a symbol of confrontation with the bear. The political declaration of the party refers to human rights and freedom as its main priority. In the same declaration, “RPR-PARNAS” emphasizes its opposition position to the current government.

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