Carapace fish: description


In this article, we will find out what the shellfish is (placoderm). Where does she naturally meet, can she live in a home aquarium, besides, can she be with other fish in the common body of water?


Crabfish Dunkleosti

Dunkleosti is an armored extinct fish, known for its skulls, whose age is 360 million years. Their remains were found in Cleveland, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, California. Other duncleosteides were found in Russia, Poland, Morocco, and Belgium.

Dunkleostey was covered with thick outer plates. Although, unlike the rest of the placoderms, its smooth armor is not the whole body of the veil, but only a small front part with the head together. To be more precise, in the process of evolution, the lateral and spinal plates were somewhat shortened, while the rest of the body remained free of them, thus making it possible to maneuver freely, and to develop a decent speed while pursuing prey.


Pectoral fins protruded far to the sides, like a shark. Probably, the protrusion of the fin in the side exceeded half the width of the body of the fish. In the pectoral fins, the arthrodir contours were similar to the contours of the Paleozoic cartilaginous fins. Probably, the structure of the pelvic fins was also similar.


Crabfish (sargan) lives in the waters of Central and North America, as well as in the Caribbean. She prefers a little brackish or fresh water. Rarely enough, but it comes across in the sea.

Some researchers claim that shellfish on our planet lived in the Cretaceous era - 200 million years ago. The remains of this fish were found in America and Europe. To date, there are 7 varieties of such pikes in the world.

Crustacean fish, photos of which are presented in this article, grow to impressive size. Although very large samples are quite rare. The largest carapace reaches 130 kg in weight and more than three meters in length. Her appearance is fully consistent with the character - she is very aggressive and, as locals say, dangerous. Predator in the fight with other fish with sharp teeth digs into the head of the victim, and then bites off it. Then she returns to the body of her prey in order to continue the meal. There are cases of attacks of these fish, even on humans.



Shellfish is rarely used for food, but its meat is quite edible. In some markets in Central America, it can be found on sale. Of greater interest are the jars for sports anglers specialized in catching various exotic individuals. It is necessary to admit, not everyone will be able to catch such a giant. Yes, and find it in small overgrown reservoirs is very difficult. Under force is only an experienced angler.

Carapace-spotted pike

Shellfish is also called the spotted shellfish. She is a predatory fish. It grows up to 1.2 m. The largest known weight is 4.4 kg. Her life span is about 18 years. The body can be colored in several colors - from brown to light olive shades. It shows a pattern of spots of darker shades. The sides are slightly lighter than the back, while the belly is almost white. Slightly rounded tail fin. The dorsal and anal fins consist of nine or seven rays.

This fish lives in the Mississippi, as well as the rest of the rivers that flow from the Noeces to the west of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico. She chooses brackish water.

Aquarium shell pike

At the present time, this representative of predators is very common. Carapace fish in large aquariums reaches 30 centimeters in length. In small tanks such a pike quickly ceases to increase in volume and grow.

Its scales are hard as stone. It is located oblique rows and resembles the form of decorative tiles. This fish has a klyuvoobraznaya muzzle, with long and narrow jaws, studded with a huge number of teeth.


Structural features

This fish has an unusual anatomical structure. In her vertebrae do not have depressions on both sides, present in the rest of the fish. They are deepened on one side and bulging on the other. This structure is more typical for amphibians. In armored pikes, the swim bladder is also involved in respiration.

This is a single large individual, suitable for a spacious and roomy demonstration aquarium. Fish arouses the interest of specialists due to the external similarity with the usual Central European pike. At home, they usually contain not old fish, although even they are quite aggressive to all the other inhabitants of the tank.


At the present moment there is a tendency to the fact that at home there are predatory fish. Many believe that watching the miniature and calm inhabitants of the underwater world is quite boring. While large predatory fish, their morals are actually interesting. Connoisseurs of exotic appreciate the bold nature and the manifestation of aggression.

Crab pike is considered to be a prominent representative of the community and an incredibly popular inhabitant of aquariums. To make it reach 30 centimeters at home, she needs an aquarium of at least 150 liters. This predator dimensions directly depend on the parameters of its home. The most popular among aquarists is considered to be an armored spotted pike.

This fish prefers to live in the upper parts of the water. Its neighbors are mostly larger. They live in the lower layers - this allows them to peacefully coexist with the predator considered by us.


Requirements for water and aquarium

We told that for the maintenance of these fish a big aquarium is needed. If you wish to grow an individual of large size, then you will need a “reservoir”, the volume of which will be at least 500 liters. Water should be the following parameters: hardness - dH 17, temperature - 20 ° C, acidity - pH 8.

For the maintenance of such pike, water filtration and aeration are mandatory. Plants should be a bit - for fish much more important is the space free for swimming.


Experienced aquarists claim that these predators do not suffer from lack of appetite. They eat small fish in an incredible amount. In other words, carapace is incredibly gluttonous. Therefore, caring owners can most often be found in aquariums of well-fed individuals, sometimes resembling a floating log. Due to the greed of these fish do not need to keep them with small individuals.


Finally …

Not so long ago, Sandomirsky Mark, a Candidate of Medical Sciences, said in a television program that there are huge reserves of mental destructive energy in sediments of the Devonian period, which were left by the twilight consciousness of shellfish, which are a great danger to humanity. This program caused a lot of rumors, conversations and mostly ridicule. We will refrain from commenting …

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