Veniamin Kondratyev, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory: biography, personal life


Undoubtedly, for the majority of the inhabitants of Kuban, the news that their “long-liver” governor, Alexander Tkachev, leaves the responsible post, came as a complete surprise. At the same time, the Kremlin’s power in the person of the president did not appoint a successor to lead the Krasnodar Territory from the Varangians, opting for a man who was Tkachev’s closest aide. And despite the fact that the new head of the Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, served for nearly twenty years as a vice president in the team of Alexander Nikolayevich, an ordinary Krasnodar can hardly know the details of his career growth. And there is not so much information about the biography of this regional politician. He himself tried not to show his ambitions in public, preferring to quietly do the work entrusted to him. Nevertheless, the question of how Benjamin Kondratiev was able to achieve great heights on the political Olympus of Kuban, will be interesting for many. Consider it in more detail.

Childhood and youth

Veniamin Kondratyev, whose biography, at first glance, is a dry set of dates and positions, is a native of the Kemerovo Region (Prokopyevsk).


He was born on September 1, 1970. From a young age, Benjamin dreamed of a career as an investigator, but after receiving a certificate of maturity, he decided to become a teacher of literature and enrolled in Kuban State University, in philology. In 1993, the diploma of this university was in his pocket. But the childhood dream did not give the young man peace of mind, and he decided to study law in absentia at his home university. Today Veniamin Kondratyev is already a candidate of law.


After the second year of law school, a young man is employed in a company by profession, because he wanted to have financial independence from his parents. The first time he worked in commercial structures. The young man excelled in both philological and legal disciplines, and employers were pleased with him, because he coped well with his duties. Naturally, the career prospects of the young man were the most optimistic.


Soon Benjamin Kondratyev already solved the dilemma of where to go to work. He had a choice: to become an investigator of the regional prosecutor's office or to deal with legal issues in the office of the Kuban government. The young man chose the second option, which promised everything else his own living space.

Manager career

In 1994, Veniamin Kondratyev, whose biography is far from being familiar to everyone, was enlisted in the staff of the legal department of the affairs of the regional administration, and after a while went to work in the legal department of the administration of Kuban.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Veniamin Ivanovich sat in the chair of the assistant chief of staff, becoming the head of the legal department of the Krasnodar administration.

In the summer of 2003, Kondratyev was confirmed as assistant to the head of the Kuban administration, instructing him to oversee issues of property, land relations, and aspects of their legal regulation.


A graduate of the Kuban State University for several years gained experience working in the public administration system.

Ally Tkachev

Between 2007 and 2014, Veniamin Ivanovich works as an assistant to the governor of Kuban, supervising property relations issues in the regional department.

Political scientists note that in this post Kondratiev supports any undertakings of his boss, who showed him high confidence. The entire career of the then vice-governor was aimed at bringing to life all the tasks set by Alexander Tkachev. At the same time there was not even a hint of having to play his own backstage game. At the same time, as part of the governor’s assistants, Veniamin Ivanovich kept aloof, not participating in any conspiracies and intrigues. He tried not to judge the work of his colleagues.

Experts also note that the future receiver Tkachev was the closest to the political establishment of the capital, due to the fact that he was in charge of property affairs in the resort region.

New turn in career

In the summer of 2014, Kondratyev Veniamin Ivanovich is enlisted in the staff of the General Directorate of Federal Property of Russia Office of the President of the Russian Federation and after a short time becomes at the helm of this structure. But these were not all milestones of a career takeoff.


In the spring of 2015, a philologist and lawyer in one person receives the position of assistant manager of the President of the Russian Federation. Within a week and a half, Kondratyev Veniamin Ivanovich was appointed acting head of the Krasnodar region.

At the post and. about.

Having received a responsible post, first of all he made a personnel rotation. Several vice-governors have written resignations. Veniamin Kondratyev explained this measure simply: he was not satisfied with the work of his colleagues. Of the “old guard” Alexander Tkachev, only the vice-mayor of Krasnodar Natalya Makhanko and the mayor of Goryachiy Klyuch Nikolay Shvartsman remained. The rest he offered to work in the office of the regional administration.

Trust rating for and. about. the head of the region rose significantly after Veniamin Ivanovich reacted in a tough form to the unsatisfactory work of the Sochi police. He brought order to matters of land relations in the region, eradicating problems such as the unauthorized seizure of territories and illegally erected buildings. In addition, he adjusted the gambling business.

Election victory

In the autumn of 2015, it became known that Veniamin Ivanovich, having secured 84% of the vote, would become the governor of the Krasnodar Territory.


His work on the post of acting as the majority of the inhabitants of Kuban was recognized as effective.

Scandals and criticism of the new governor

Issues of land relations that fall within the scope of the contradictions between the regional and municipal authorities also touched upon the person of the new head of Kuban.

Back in 2012, he allegedly signed a document that legitimized the transfer of land in Gelendzhik to Patriarch Kirill. Kondratieff's subordinates were prosecuted, and he himself became a witness in the case. After the judge read out the verdict, Veniamin Ivanovich went to the capital: he needed to prepare for a promotion initiated by the Russian president. Representatives of the opposition believe that by doing so he secured himself against the pressure of law enforcement agencies, which after the Olympiad began to actively work to investigate the above case.

After Kondratiev Veniamin headed the Krasnodar Territory, the citizens' trust rating for him was somewhat shaken. The thing is that the workers of the machine-tool plant them. Sedin (Krasnodar), who was declared bankrupt, complained: the authorities did not react to their non-payment of wages.


Also, officials ignored their rally, held in mid-autumn 2015. Shortly before the protest action, the new governor of Krasnodar Region, Veniamin Kondratyev, wrote on his social network page that the debts would be repaid, but in practice the problem remained unresolved.

Another blow to the authority of the new head of Kuban was recorded in November 2015: Sochi residents accused the authorities of inaction and ignoring the consequences of flooding, which occurred in the summer of that year in the capital of the Olympic Games. Residents complained that commercial construction within the city and unequipped stormwater continue to increase damage from natural disasters. New objects violated the system of natural and artificial effluents, and instead of rivers and the sea, water spreads through the city streets. According to the Sochi residents, the authority for all this closes his eyes, despite the fact that there is a reception room by Benjamin Kondratieff (tel: 8 (861) 268-60-44), which should respond to such cases.

Another surge of discontent with the regional authorities occurred at the beginning of this year. This time Krasnodar retirees were injured, who came to the rally demanding the return of benefits in public transport. A similar action was organized by older people in Sochi, but their protest action was illegal and they were called to the police officer who spoke to them. One way or another, people were outraged by the fact that the government does not respond to their requests and demands.


As for the personal life of the new governor of the Krasnodar Territory, it is hidden from the public with seven seals. In particular, you will not find information about what the wife of Benjamin Kondratieff does and how, for example, she met the future head of the Kuban. It is known that the official himself, while in the office of vice-governor, earned a little more than 4.7 million rubles in 2014, and his spouse indicated 73 thousand rubles a year earlier.


Veniamin Ivanovich has two children. He is the owner of an apartment of 120 "squares" and VAZ-2107 and UAZ-3159 cars. That is how modest by today's governor’s standards lives the family of Benjamin Kondratieff.

The official is always available for communication. He has accounts in social networks that are regularly monitored by his press center for new appeals from citizens. Therefore, there is another way to ask a question to the head of the Krasnodar Territory.


One way or another, but from Benjamin Kondratieff they expect changes, and cardinal ones. First of all, reforms are needed in the law enforcement system, an audit in the judicial community, the opposition between farmers and large farms over the land is progressing, and these problems very seriously impede the development of the region. Also, residents are outraged by the state of affairs in the auto insurance system and the inability to get the coveted policy of CTP. And this is not a complete list of vital issues for citizens. Will governor Benjamin Kondratiev be able to get everything off the ground? Time will tell.

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