Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna, journalist: biography, personal life


Bright, independent and intelligent Elizabeth Osetinskaya is simply doomed to everyone's attention. This also contributes to the profession of a journalist. Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna for her age has a powerful professional experience and an impressive track record. She is not afraid to change jobs, she constantly learns and knows how to maintain friendly relations with her colleagues. Therefore, she has all the prerequisites for a brilliant career.


Milestones Biography

Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna was born in Moscow in the family of a teacher at the Institute of Oil and Gas. It happened on May 3, 1977. She studied at the famous Moscow school number 1543. Elizabeth always speaks with great warmth about this educational institution, which she calls an island of freedom. Indeed, the school is distinguished by a great freethinking of students and teachers, which undoubtedly affected the character and worldview of the future journalist. Since childhood, she was very active, played sports, went to a music school, and studied foreign languages. From an early age she had all the makings of for the development of the profession of a journalist.



Therefore, it was a little surprising when, after school, the Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna chose not the journalism department, but the economics department of Moscow State University. In 1998, when the time came to graduate from high school, she already had experience in journalism. Therefore, I did not look for work in my specialty.

The beginning of the way

Even as a student, Osetinskaya, Elizaveta Nikolaevna, began working as a correspondent for an economic news agency called Rosbusinessconsulting. Her university knowledge and natural propensity for journalism came in handy. Then she worked for two years in the newspaper "Today", simultaneously earning in the magazine "Itogi". After graduating from university, Elizabeth began to look for a permanent job. Having already started working in the media, in 2005 Ossetinskaya received an MBA diploma in a joint training program of the Academy of National Economy and Kingston University. Her study focused on the impact of freedom of speech in the country on the profits of print media, in particular newspapers.



At that time, the Vedomosti newspaper was just opened. And Elizabeth, with her economic education, gladly hired her there. In this edition Ossetian worked for 12 years. She made quite a successful career there, having gone from a correspondent to the chief editor. Within six months after joining, she became deputy editor in the “Industry and Energy Resources” department, and a year later she headed this department. Ossetian showed itself as a professional specialist and competent leader. A year later, Elizabeth becomes deputy editor-in-chief of Vedomosti. It had control over the whole direction called "Companies and Markets". Periodically, she had to replace the chief editor.

Her work caused a great, positive resonance in the media, Elizabeth was becoming more and more known as a qualified media manager. She is beginning to be invited to collaborate with other media. So, she led the joint program of "Vedomosti" and the radio station "Echo of Moscow" - "Big Watch", participated as an expert in several programs on television, including Gleb Pavlovsky in "Real Politics" on NTV. This appearance of her on the air caused a great response from the public, especially among the opposition parties. As a result, the chief editor of Vedomosti personally banned Ossetian from appearing on the NTV channel. In 2007, when Tatyana Lysova, the editor-in-chief of Vedomosti, went up, Elizabeth took her place. In 2010, Ossetia frees up the place of returning Lysova and heads the Vedomosti holding site. So, Elizabeth discovered a new, underdeveloped in Russia area of ​​activity.



In 2011, the editorial office of the Russian version of the magazine Forbes released the place of the chief editor, to which Osetinskaya Elizaveta Nikolaevna was invited. “Vedomosti” “family” released her with regret. But the journalist has excellent relations with the team. Ossetian came to Forbes with great enthusiasm, calling the magazine “a rare example of a quality press” in Russia. She set herself the task of making the magazine even better. While working at Forbes, Elizabeth began to appear frequently in other media as an expert. She was invited to seminars and conferences, as her professionalism and managerial talent were admired by many.


Since January 2014, the group of media companies RBC, which includes the TV channel, newspaper, website and magazine, has a new editor-in-chief - Osetinskaya Elizaveta Nikolaevna. RBC is a company controlled by Mikhail Prokhorov. She is known for her independent approach to covering economic events. Here at Ossetian opened up huge professional prospects. However, after two years, the picture is changing. RBC begins a strong pressure from the authorities to change the editorial policy of publications. In this regard, three leading managers of RBC - chief editor Elizaveta Osetinskaya, chief editor of the site Roman Badanin and newspaper chief editor Maxim Solus left the holding M. Prokhorov. They explained their departure with the hope that such a sacrifice would help RBC to maintain independence.


Today's Day

Back in April 2016, Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna, a husband and children for whom there is still a distant perspective, announced that she had entered to study at Stanford University. The training program lasts 10 months, for 4 of them the journalist immediately planned to take a sabbatical at work. Due to the difficulties of holding RBC, Osetinskaya announced that it was going to learn. And so she leaves her job. To date, it has ceased all public activity. And, apparently, is engaged in advanced training.

Personal life and character

Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna, whose personal life is a very strong interest in the media, very carefully protects her privacy. About her almost nothing is known. At social events a woman appears exclusively in the company of colleagues. Journalist always answers jokes about her personal life. It is known that she loves to travel, regularly plays sports, preferring cycling to all other types of activity, reads a lot.

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