New type of rock musician - Tom Kaulitz


He achieved tremendous fame shoulder to shoulder with his brother in one of the leading rock bands in Germany. The hero of the article is Tom Kaulitz, lead guitarist of Tokio Hotel. The team at their concerts gathers impressive crowds of lovers of good music.



The result of the fame of the guys, of course, is the incredible popularity among girls. With this, Tom and his family are probably not the best memories, and even litigation. One of the girls somehow had even to slap. Tom hit his fan when he defended his mother in a scuffle.

Annoying music lovers boldly violate the personal boundaries of a public person, not seeing the line between work and intimate life. In their obsession, they sometimes lose their mind. After the performance, the twin brothers, already outside the stage, are very often attacked by girls.

The most active of the fans are ready to defend by force their right to the photo with a star, and aggressively attack the Kaulitz brothers. It is unlikely that such harassment someone will cause deep sympathy and empathy.

But the crowd of girls in love - this is the dream of every young man, especially an essential attribute in rock music. The guys themselves in their 27 years certainly not once used the popularity for personal purposes, and some of the fans, of course, lucky.


Dream on seven strings

Tom Kaulitz shares fame in a team with his twin brother named Bill. These guys started their careers as a matter of fact at the age of 7, it was from that time that the brothers had a dream to become famous rock musicians. A guitar appeared in the family.

The boys were born in 1989 with an interval of 10 minutes in one of the mediocre German families. Shortly after the parents divorce, they get an extraordinary stepfather. The mother of future celebrities quickly finds a new life partner for herself and brings one of the local rock bands to the house of the soloist. It is he who will teach the twins to play the instrument and instil in them a love of music. The guys crushed the general idea of ​​rock music performers. Painted rebels with a criminal past and a difficult childhood are a thing of the past.

Tom and Bill grew up in a happy family, and even after the divorce of their mother and father, the guys did not feel a lack of attention. They did not have to run away from home in pursuit of happiness or endure any hardships in childhood and adolescence. It was not rebellion that led them to rock culture, but music and love for it.

When the guys were already great to manage the guitar, they met with other musicians and decided to create a team, later received the final name - Tokio Hotel.

This is how Tom Kaulitz began his career - a singer, biography, reviews, and the very work of which points to his unconditional talent. Today, filmmakers are interested in the guy, while still low-budget films. But soon, perhaps, Tom will conquer the summit in cinema. Any goal of this guy will necessarily be achieved, this is evidenced by his biography. Tom Kaulitz never gives up the dream.


Dream Brothers

The brothers do not hide their difficult peer relations in the past. At school, they were attacked because of their informal appearance. Most of all, the guys irritated other teenagers with their ability to look after themselves. Among boys, this was considered a sign of gay. I had to sacrifice my comfort during my school years for devotion and following my dream.

It is noteworthy that even then Tom and Bill did not question their future success and considered themselves stars. Moreover, even in kindergarten, they wished to wear T-shirts with their own names. In fact, the guys were fans of themselves or of each other, and each of the brothers considers the simultaneous appearance of the world to be a great success. Neither Bill nor Tom Kaulitz hides his warm attitude towards his brother. Quotes of children regarding each other for the press are replete with compliments and jokes:

  • "Almost no one can make me angry, except for one person with a name on B. And this person is 10 minutes younger than me."
  • "In truth, I sing the best in the band - but my brother needs work."

In such statements, Tom guessed the relationship of the brothers among themselves, they remain family, even on stage.


The closest people

Also, rock stars do not hide their gratitude to parents and especially to their mother for believing in the success of their sons. According to the musicians, if someone went to this harder than themselves, then it was exactly the mother. It is striking how warm family relations have been and remain. Tom already does not hide that no girl in the status of a wife or just a friend can compare in trust with his relatives in a relationship. Mom and brother are, in fact, central to his life. And so it will continue. It is difficult to judge how much this upsets or pleases fans of the German musician, but every chosen one of the guitarist will have to accept it. So far, Tom Kaulitz has not longed for monogamy and responsibility in any relationship.

The team of Tokio Hotel, created in 2001, has a huge army of fans, but there are also ill-wishers who consider music frivolous, and their popularity is temporary. In response to the ill-wishers, Tom and his team have prepared a new album Dream Machine.

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