Gellar Sarah Michelle: biography and photos


Sarah Michelle Gellar is a famous American actress and television film producer. The popularity of the girl came through participation in the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Biography

Sarah was born April 14, 1977 in the city of New York, United States of America. The girl was the only child in the family. Dad and mom are actresses of Jewish descent, but the family was not too religious and they always decorated the Christmas tree for the holidays.


When the girl turned 8 years old, her parents separated. Sarah stayed to live with her mother, who worked as a kindergarten teacher. Father after the divorce did not help the family, forgetting about their existence. The girl studied at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School and attended vocational school.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ​​mother dreamed of getting a decent education for the girl. Therefore, she sent her daughter to go to school for the children of rich parents. For Sarah's mother, this training was quite expensive, besides that she could not provide her daughter with appropriate leisure and outfits, which Sarah’s classmates used to go to. Being at school was not comfortable for the girl, since she constantly felt her inconsistency with her peers.

In addition to school, the future actress was fond of figure skating and once took the 3rd place in urban competitions.

Movie tests

When the actress was a small child, she dreamed of becoming a photojournalist. She liked to watch small animals and birds, whose photos she wanted to send to local magazines. However, fate brought a little Sarah another way of gaining fame.

Famous actress began to act in another 4 years. True, these were photos for the covers of children's magazines. After growing up a bit, Sarah got a role in a commercial that happened under the following circumstances.

Once, during a dinner in a Manhattan cafe, a solid man, who had been watching her for a long time, approached the girl and asked if she wanted to become a popular movie actress who would be constantly shown on TV screens. Since then, little Sarah forgot about her childhood dream of becoming a journalist - and decided to go in for television.

She left her phone number and address to a stranger. However, one of the first TV projects spotted the name of the future actress with a scandalous roller, and the girl went on trial.

Sarah was entrusted with a serious role when she was 6 years old. She starred in an episode of the TV series An Invasion of Privacy. A year later, in 1984, she performed the first prominent role in a movie called “Across the Brooklyn Bridge”.


True popularity

Sarah Michelle Gellar (the photo of the actress is given in the article) gained real fame by performing a role in the teenage television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. In the statement, the actress played the main character - Anne Buffy Summers.

Back in 1996, the actress went to test the television series in order to try their hand at the role of beauty Cordelia. However, the creators of the series suggested that Sarah Michelle Gellar play the role of Buffy, and Karizme Carpenter, who claimed the main role, offered to play the fashionist Cordelia. At 24, the actress was awarded the Golden Globe Award in the nomination "The Best Female Role" for participation in the television series.


In between filming the series, the girl appeared in such films as "Cruel Intentions", "The Air I Breathe" and "Scream-2".

Meet the future spouse

Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” played the role of Helen Shivers. In this thriller, the actress has demonstrated all the skills of struggle. The film director, after watching the duplicate, told the girl that she had fought the killer as much as she would have done in real life.

For the plausible role played, the actress was awarded two awards. Initially, she received the award as Best Supporting Actress at the horror film cinema, and after that she was awarded the MTV Award for Breakthrough of the Year.

Shooting in the film, the girl met her future husband, actor Freddie, who played in the film Ray Bronson.


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr.

After filming in the film "I know what you did last summer, " Sarah and Freddie remained just friends, because at that time the young man had an affair with another girl. Young people did not see each other and did not even communicate.

After some time, Freddie broke up with his lover and decided to restore the old ties. As a result, in 2002, Sarah and Freddie began the novel. A year later, they announced their engagement.

In September 2002, Sarah married an actor with whom she had been in a relationship for several years before the wedding. A solemn wedding ceremony took place in Mexico. It is known that only relatives and relatives of the newlyweds were present at the wedding. Sarah’s husband was dressed in an elegant Sy Devor suit, and the bride wore a luxurious wedding dress by Vera Wang. At Sarah's request, the wedding cake presented to the guests was created by the best pastry chef and master of his craft. The delicacy had a vanilla flavor and was decorated with beautiful live roses. In the fifth year of marriage, the actress gave her husband an unusual gift, henceforth her full name is Sarah Michelle Prince.

The couple have two children. Girl Charlotte Grace Prince was born in September 2009. The Rocky James Prince boy was born in September 2012.

Star couple live in San Fernando Valley. The cottage is worth $ 3 million. The house has five bedrooms. One of them is now occupied by a little Rocky.


Return to TV

In 2011, Sarah returned to television, taking pictures. The TV series "Twins" - the producer, who became the actress herself, did not gain fame, having existed for a relatively short period of time. It was closed after the filming of one season due to low rates in the general audience rating. In 2013, she starred in the title role of the television series Crazy, and from 2015 to the present, she has voiced one of the characters in the American animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

Surprisingly, when Sarah was asked if she would like to play with her husband again on the same set, the girl replied that she was afraid of repeating the fate of the famous Hollywood couple who had just parted after working on one project.

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