Who was born on September 11? People who have contributed to the development of mankind


The middle of September is almost always calm autumn weather, golden colors of foliage and the blue of the sky. Well, when the birthday falls on this wonderful time of year. Let's find out who was born on September 11 - in the middle of the first autumn month.

What does the horoscope say

According to the zodiac born on September 11 - Virgo.

This sign is complex and contradictory: Virgos are ambitious, but at the same time unsure of themselves. But if a person born under the sign of Virgo is instilled with confidence, he will get a star from the sky and accomplish the impossible. People born on September 11th are smart, creative, extraordinarily thinking and acting.

With the support of relatives and loved ones, the Virgo person is an unusually strong personality, capable of leading the masses.

Who was born on September 11th of celebrities

On this day, in different years, people were born in different countries who influenced the course of history with their actions, discoveries, and accomplishments. Poets and writers, scientists and actors, singers and athletes, political figures and travelers - those born on September 11th, have glorified not only themselves, but also their country with their lives.


September 11, 1816, Carl Zeiss was born. He figured out how to handle lenses using the laws of physics, mechanics, and chemistry. Zeiss lenses allowed a different look at what was far and close. An enterprising German founded a whole network of factories where a variety of optical glass was created. Telescopes and microscopes, cameras and lenses for the eyes - today it is difficult to imagine how everything would have looked without Zeiss.


Speaking about who was born on September 11 from famous people who became famous in science, one cannot but mention the French inventor Jean-Maurice Emile Bodot. He was born in 1845, and thanks to him, the telephone connection now acts as we used to. His invention was called the Bodo code: the absence or presence of a signal was used in the telephone code created by him. Another invention became no less important - a device, thanks to which several messages were sent simultaneously by a single wire.

And a few more birthday parties on September 11:

  • 1771 - Mungo Park, a Scottish explorer of African expanses.
  • 1866 - Shcherbatsky Fedor Ippolitovich. Deeply studied India and the philosophy of Buddhism.
  • 1877 - Jeans James. The founder of cosmology in the UK made a huge contribution to the physics of stars.
  • 1900 - Lavochkin, Semyon Alekseevich, designer of wooden planes La and LaGG, who received the affectionate nickname “benches” during the war years. Developed jet engines.
  • 1903 - Theodore Adorno, one of the brightest representatives of the philosophical school of Frankfurt.
  • 1960 - Hiroshi Amano, Nobel Prize in Physics for creating light-emitting diodes.
  • 1979 - Yudkowski Eliezer Shlomo, one of the creators of machine intelligence, founded a special institute in the USA that studies artificial intelligence.


September 11 in different years were born people who were destined to become famous poets and writers. These names are known to all: O'Henry, Boris Zhitkov, David Lawrence …

And now more.

  • 1524 - Pierre de Ronsard, the greatest poetic talent of the Renaissance. He enriched the French language, inventing a variety of rhymes, bold stanzas, sizes, forms. He founded the Pleiades poetic school.
  • Britain’s national anthem “Rule Britain” owes its birth to James Thomson, a Scot who was born on September 11, 1700. The poet wrote a lot of poems, but the anthem has survived all times.
  • 1804 - Polezhaev Alexander, poet.
  • 1842 - Zaitsev Bartholomew, critic, publicist, translated the works of Diderot and Voltaire into Russian.
  • In 1864, the poet Pavel Grabovsky was born, and the following year - playwright and poet Rainis (aka Janis Pliekšans).
  • Canadian writer Dalton Kamp was born in 1920, Russian writer and journalist Gregory Baklanov in 1923, and Lithuanian poet Tomas Venclova in 1937.


  • If William Sidney Porter were not born in 1862, then generations of readers would not have laughed at the works of the unsurpassed American master of short stories O'Henry.
  • In 1882, Boris Zhitkov was born, on his works about animals and the sea more than one generation of our children grew up.
  • David Herbert Lawrence (1885), author of Lady Chatterley's Lover, became the founder of psychological erotic literature.

Public figures

Of those who influenced and today influence world politics, who was born on September 11?

Of course, first of all - this is Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (1877). His motto “The security officer must have a cold head, a warm heart and clean hands” is remembered today. Revolutionary, founder and first chairman of the OGPU.

Of those nearly 700 people known to history who were born on September 11, from great people one can call German Stepanovich Titov. The understudy of Gagarin managed to make his step into space, becoming the first in terms of flight duration (more than a day) and the youngest cosmonaut (he flew in 26 years). German Titov was born in 1935.


Our contemporary, Syrian leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad, was also born on this day in 1965.

Servants of the Melpomene

Who was born on September 11th from cinema celebrities? It is worth starting the list of birthday men from Vsevolod Dmitrievich Larionov (1928), the artist who played in all his favorite films “The Same Munchausen”, “Ordinary Miracle” and others.

Brian De Palma (1940), an American film director who has shot films such as Mission Impossible, Mission to Mars, Black Orchid and others.

1881 - Danish actress Asta Nielsen, 1949 - Polish actress Eva Sikulska.

Singers and musicians

Born in 1937, Joseph Kobzon became the voice of the era. His lyrical baritone sounded everywhere - in movies, from records and reels of tape recorders, from radio receivers. In the repertoire of I. Kobzon more than 3 thousand songs. Numerous awards and prizes of the singer - only a small manifestation of the nationwide love for his work.

  • In 1955, Enzo Ginazzi, known to the audience as Pupo, appeared in the Italian town of Potichino. His melodious songs in the author's performance conquered the whole world.
  • 1965 - Richard Melville Hall was born in America, he is Moby, a rock-pop singer.
  • In 1966, Lada Volkova pleased her parents with her appearance. Having matured, the girl will change a name to Lada Dens and will become a star.
  • 1977 - Christopher Brian Bridges was born, singer and actor. As a southern rap musician, he is known as Ludacris.
  • 1989 - singer in the group AKB48 (Japan) Asuka Kuramoti.

And a few more dates:

  • Alexander Vasilyevich Sveshnikov (1890) - conductor, founded the State Academic Russian Choir of the USSR.
  • Lev Nikolaevich Oborin (1907) - pianist, who first presented the USSR at the International Competition. Chopin in 1927 and the winner.
  • Arvo Avgustovich Pärt (1935) - composer (Estonia).
  • Vladimir Egorovich Vorobev (1937) - director, who shot "Treasure Island" and other adventure films.
  • Ramon Vargas (1960) - tenor from Mexico, sings in the Metropolitan Opera, the Vienna Opera and La Scala.
  • Richard Ashcroft (1971) - vocalist and guitarist of the British band The Verve.


  • Raphael Botticelli was born in Florence in 1477, the paintings of this artist are represented in the Hermitage.
  • 1961 - Lavrenty V. Bruni, founder of the Moscow drawing club.

Crowned heads

  • 1822 - the daughter Olga appeared on the light in the family of Emperor Nicholas I, who would later become the wife of Wurttemberg King Charles I.
  • 1937 - the Belgian queen Paola.
  • 1966 - The modest Japanese woman Kiko Kawashima, who married Prince Akishino, became the princess Akishino, or Kiko.


On this day, was born the German footballer Franz Beckenbauer. He became the champion of Europe and the world.


It is believed that Aaron Kosminsky was born on September 11, 1865. He subsequently became the notorious Jack the Ripper.

And finally - a surprise

It is hard to even imagine “who was born” on September 11, yet - this is a faceted glass. The very one from the Soviet past, in which delicious tea was served on the trains, drank aerated and everything else was also drunk.


His birth glass is obliged to Vera Mukhina. The young mural sculptor, who became famous for creating the composition “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”, which now adorns the entrance to the VDNKh, received an order from the Soviet catering. It was necessary to develop a convenient and versatile tableware, strong and simple. On September 11, the first glass was born at a glass factory in Gus-Crystal.

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