Mulberry mushroom: where it is found and what is its uniqueness?


Russian language is great and original. This is especially well known to mushroom pickers. Even the most experienced of them do not always know what a mullein mushroom is.


And the solution to this mystery is simple. This is the second (or tenth) name of the white fungus! And if you have forgotten what remarkable qualities he is known for, we will tell more about it.

It is believed that it is distributed only in our country. This error, as today it is found on all continents, excluding only Australia. Until recently, the mullein mushroom was unknown to the aborigines of South America, but even there its disputes were brought along with poorly treated wood.

Italians especially appreciate it, as the list of all gravy, incredibly delicious sauces and spices, which include the "king-mushroom" (here's another name), can take more than one page.

What caused such popularity? For a long time it was believed that the whole thing was in the incredible nutritional value that osseptic fungus supposedly possesses. It turned out that in terms of the nutrient content, the same as-cap boletus far exceeded it. So what's the deal?


Scientists have found that this mushroom has an amazing ability to stimulate appetite and secretion of digestive juices.

In terms of this quality, it greatly exceeds even meat broth, which gives grounds to recommend white fungus as an ideal food for people who have suffered from stress, who suffer from lack of appetite and who recover after a long illness.

The ubiquitous Japanese found that the same broth had almost the magical ability to remove radionuclides from the human body. In particular, it was the extracts from the white mushroom and he himself in a different type of food saved the lives of thousands of participants in the liquidation of the Chernobyl NPP disaster.

However, our ancestors suspected so wonderful of his properties for a long time. Is there any need to explain why the mullein mushroom is in stable and increasing demand all over the world?

But there is in all this splendor and a couple of other "fly in the ointment." Unfortunately, with all the potential that physicians could realize, get enough raw materials in their hands, this king of the mushroom kingdom is extremely unprofitable when grown in nurseries: expensive, slow, and besides, the whole colony can become extinct if the conditions will not be quite perfect.

Thus, the mullein is a free mushroom, and therefore only the materially interested population of the countries in which it grows is engaged in preparing it.


In addition, there is another negative side. It is known that mushrooms in their mass possess an excellent ability to cumulate (i.e., accumulate) toxic substances from the external environment. Unfortunately, the mushroom mullein, the photo of which is in the article, is second only to the pig in this ability.

Figuratively speaking, it can be compared with a sponge, which will readily absorb heavy metals and toxins. If you saw the "white" near a busy highway, then you can not take it in any case! The consequences of taking mushroom stew from it may not be any better than if you ate an amanita.

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