Where monkeys live: their habitat


Monkeys are cute and charming creatures that you can admire forever. They belong to the highest primates. Surely you have heard this word more than once, but do you know its meaning? The word "primacy" can be translated as "first", although monkeys are superior to other animals only by better ingenuity. As for dexterity, scent, sight and hearing, in many other species they are at a higher level.


Monkey Basics

There are many different species of these animals, but they are in many ways similar to each other. All of them have a pair of arms and legs (like a human), a tail, or something similar to it. The monkey's thumbs are located at a decent distance from the rest, so that they can easily climb trees. Almost all of these animals are omnivores, but they eat a lot of things that a person would (also primacy, by the way) did not like. This insects, and fruit, and bird eggs, and seeds, and leaves, and grass. There is also evidence that they even eat crustaceans.

Longevity and habitat


How many monkeys live? It depends on the species. Some live only up to 20 years, and others - up to 60. In this they differ greatly, but what else unites them? The first thing that comes to mind is that all monkeys, without exception, are able to deftly move from one branch to another. Just imagine: some species do not get off the tree all their lives. For example, the royal gveretsa living in Africa, can only eat flowers and leaves. And what, quite healthy diet.

But there are monkeys who prefer to live only on the ground, and the trees are completely ignored. As an example, baboons. Where do monkeys of this species live? They gather in groups of 250-300 individuals and constantly “travel” without staying long in one place. Older males are the first to go, and the younger ones enter into a column. Their task is to protect the herd from enemies. There are also individuals that tend to stay out of the way, they go some distance from the column. Baboons are very united and brave animals. For example, if a leopard prepares to attack a monkey that is lagging behind the column, individuals can flee to its cry 150. Of course, the leopard becomes uncomfortable with such an army. But other species do not differ by courage and at any danger scatter in different directions and jump to the trees.

Where do monkeys live?


They mainly live in Asian, African and South American subtropical and tropical areas. As for South America, there the primate's territory stretches from the northern part of Argentina to the southern part of Mexico. It is impossible not to recall also Africa, where monkeys live. This country (especially just south of the Sahara) is simply teeming with them. Contrary to popular belief, monkeys do not live in Madagascar, only lemurs live there. Let's talk about Asia. There most of the monkeys can be found in the southeast, as well as the southern part. The range extends up to Timor and Japan. One species of monkeys (magnets) lives in Europe, and more specifically, in Gibraltar. It is believed that he was brought here by people.

As you already understand, the majority of monkeys live among the trees, mainly in the forests (of any kind: mountainous, humid, etc.). Some species inhabit both the branches and the earth, for example, the gelada.

Where do snow monkeys live?

Argued that all these animals love the warm climate and can not live in the cold. If we talk about the vast majority of monkeys, then it is true. But do not forget about exceptions.

Snow monkeys live on the large island of Honshu in Japan. We can say that they are very hardened - they are not afraid of the cold.


Snow monkeys live in Igodukani (this is the name of the famous reserve). If you translate this name into Russian, it will mean "Hell Valley." This area is remarkable for its great natural diversity: here there is ice, hot water, and geysers. The monkeys living here have a rather impressive thick hair covering, because of which they appear rather thick and powerful, although this is not so.

These animals do not suffer from the cold, but it is certainly unpleasant to freeze, and therefore they dip into a hot spring and sit there long enough. Where the monkeys of this species live, there are areas in which steam strikes out of the ground, with something such a place resembles a bath. Primates like to sit there and bask. Only in the late afternoon, when it gets a little warmer, do animals crawl out of the water and move away from steam to dry. Also at this time they eat.

Snow monkeys love to dig in the wool of their relatives, so that it dries faster. But other species often do the same. From the outside it seems that they choose fleas, although this is not true. Monkeys are clean, they do not have these insects in their fur. In fact, this action is a demonstration of appreciation and love to their relatives.

What do these animals eat?

What do snow monkeys eat? Indeed, in the snow fruit does not grow. Well, the monkeys used to do without them. They tread paths in the snow and walk along them in a line, taking roots, berries, leaves, insects from snowdrifts. They also eat pine needles, tree buds and bark.

Now you know where monkeys live, what they eat and how they behave.

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