Are there white panthers?


All panthers are associated with aggression and cruelty. Probably, to some extent this is due to the black color of their wool. It is believed that this is the main color, which arose due to an overdose of melanin. In fact, black cats of this species are not as many as they seem. The bulk of the animals has the skin of black and brown tones.


White panthers are extremely rare. Scientists believe that the color of their coat may be associated with a disease (leukism) or with albinism. Other options are not considered, since the white color for the panther is unnatural and is considered an exception to the rule. Cats with this color are born with approximately the same frequency as other albino animals.

Appearance and other features

Until now, the controversy of experts about this beast has not subsided. Some believe that the white cat should be separated from the general form of panthers and attributed to pumas, jaguars. Others claim that the physiological descriptions of an albino animal are the same as those of its dark relatives.

On average, the length of the body of a predatory cat reaches 1 meter, height - 70 cm, and weight - about 60 kg. Her tail is long - about 1 meter. Here is such a white panther! The photo eloquently confirms that it looks like the color brothers. In addition, the albino cat has a specific structure of the larynx, which is inherent only in panthers.


This is the brightest feature of these animals from other predators, which allows them to emit a powerful roar. It has been proven that the panther's larynx can swell so much due to the fact that there is a flexible ligament on one of the stones of their hyoid apparatus. In addition, the vocal cords themselves have a tubular structure, which makes the predator's roar spectacular.

These wild cats have well developed olfactory organs, including albinos. It should be noted that there is no concept of a “pack of white panthers, ” most likely it will be one, very rarely - two cats among the dark relatives.

Where do the panthers live?

These predators live in southwest China, in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia, in Nepal, Burma and South India. The habitat of wild cats is quite wide. Panthers are found on the island of Java, in Ethiopia, the forests of Kenya and the African Aberderes.


Often, wild cats live near settlements, but try to keep apart. In the daytime they rest, climbing trees. This situation provides them with security. When it is dark, the panthers go hunting.

How do cats hunt?

They look out for their prey on the ground, but often hunt on trees. For example, on monkeys. Like all members of the cat family, panthers are flexible and agile animals. They easily jump on trees about 6 meters high.

Some readers may wonder how black predators and whites hunt, what differences between them exist. White panther at the level of instincts more cautious.


A dark animal is easier to hunt due to its color. After all, the white cat has to make more effort to go unnoticed at night. For this, it is carefully masked in dense thickets of plants.

Not like everyone else

It has been proven that the albino cat has significantly reduced hearing and there are impairments associated with vision. It is inherent to look out for the game a little more in time than the black one, and it is necessary to rely mainly on the sense of smell. Otherwise, her habits are not much different from the behavior of other panthers.

She also pulls her prey to tree branches so that other predators do not take it away. However, scientists emphasize that albino panther is difficult to survive in the wild. It is noted that when there is a shortage of game, the white beauty feeds on eggs of various birds, fruits and herbs growing in the habitat zone.

It is curious that dark panthers do not always perceive the albino cat as a sexual partner. Therefore, she rarely takes part in marriage games and in a flock can keep out. Although the aggression of the relatives of scientists do not confirm. If the mating still occurred, then the white panther gives birth to light brown kittens, but more often albinos.


Interesting Facts

It is proved that in the wild, the life expectancy of dark panthers is 10-12 years, in captivity - about 20 years. White cats live even less - in the wild 5-6 years, in zoos up to 12-15 years. Circus trainers note that panthers are too unpredictable to work in the arena. Including white.

Therefore, cats of this species are a rare sight in the circus arena. Despite this, the panthers are endangered animals. After all, people hunt them because of the beautiful fur. Every day the number of these beauties decreases. They are often confused with leopards, and white panthers with pumas. If you ask a native inhabitant: “Do white panthers exist in your lands?” - you can get an answer: “Big white cats live high in the mountains, and almost nobody sees them.”

In fact, we are talking about cougars and leopards. Despite their similarity with the panthers, the animals differ from each other. For example, leopards are much smaller in size. Pumas are really found in light colors: grayish, reddish, but purely white are rare. In addition, they are larger than panthers, and the length of their tails is shorter.

There are other significant differences in the skeleton between all of these cats. Finally, white panthers are in the woods, and cougars live in the highlands.


How many myths have been written about white cats! In them the beauty, dexterity and grace of the panther is praised. In ancient legends, this beast is often personified with the image of a woman: strong, but aggressive and cunning.


In Greece, this animal was considered the god of winemaking. People thought that the panther favored alcoholic feasts and intoxicating behavior. Other peoples believed that this cat was capable of releasing dark forces on the earth. Therefore, they often brought sacrifices to the habitats of the panthers - a bird, a lamb, a goat, trying to tempt the animal with such behavior. But there were also those who saw their patroness and protector in the wild cat.

According to some legends, only the panther could have won the dragon duel and saved the people from its fiery evil. There is a legend that the best mothers among animals are white panthers. The animal world highlights their special courage and extraordinary love for their own children.

The Legend of the White Panther

According to ancient belief, the once black panther was desperately protecting her kittens from a dragon who had flown in, despite the fact that he burned her beautiful black wool. But she won the victory - the fire-breathing opponent was defeated! As a sign of admiration, the jungle gods presented the panther with a new color - snow-white fur, in order to distinguish it from others.

In fact, white panthers bring offspring extremely rarely, in one case out of a thousand. Apparently, this is due to her incredible attachment to the cubs. Locals still believe this legend and consider it a good sign to see a white panther among black cats. A truly beautiful sight!

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