Mari Names: Overview, Features and Interesting Facts


How does the Russian name Alexander sound in the Mari language? Why is it that the Mari call their children? What languages ​​do Mari people borrow names for their babies? What is the best name for a girl or a boy from the Mari language?

Republic of Mari Elnahoditsya in the Middle Volga. The ancestors of the natives began to inhabit this land about 1500 years ago. Since the land of this people spread on both sides of the river, the Mari were divided into two groups: mountain and meadow. They had a lot in common, but differences were found in language and traditions.

Mari beliefs

A few centuries ago, the government began to impose serfdom, high taxes, and forcibly converted the Mari faith to Christianity. The latter resisted almost a third of the century. A part of the population left their homeland, having moved to the Perm Territory, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan. The departed Mari began to be called Eastern. Paganism is the faith with which this population lived from the very beginning. Though both writing and Russian culture tried to supplant the Mari language.

Mari have no churches, all their prayers and sacrifices they perform in groves. Mari believe that there are 40 gods, and the main one, which receives the most important prayers, is the Bright Big God. Even the names in this nation have ancient pagan roots, for example, Eshpay is a Mari name that means "friend."

Mari clothes

Costume Mari deserves attention. Women make cloth for him from woolen threads. They must be of a different color. Needlewomen make embroidery on clothes, using symbols of rebirth and renewal of life, fertility of the earth: plants, birds, ram horns. Girls make jewelry from beads and coins, which are sewn on the chest on the costume. When moving, he makes sounds, the Mari believe that by doing so it scares away unclean forces, serves as a talisman for the hostess.


Name selection

Mari believe that what name you give to a child, such a person will grow up, therefore, very carefully and thoroughly approach his choice for his child. Someone wants the baby to have good health. Someone thinks that if there is power, the rest will come by itself with time. The girl want to give beauty or prudence.


How do you choose Mari names for boys? If the family was a revered person, or who has achieved something important in his life, then, naming the child after him, the parents assumed that they would pass on the positive qualities to their baby. And bad qualities remain in the ground with the dead.


Names from the Mari are borrowed from several languages, for example:

  • The male name Azamat, meaning "powerful", is taken from the Bulgarian roots.
  • Boltush is the name of the Mari prince, borrowed from the Tatars. The name is close in meaning to the word ax.
  • Ersay. This name has Hungarian roots, meaning it is a wise, sensual person.
  • Ilmari. Male name, the roots of which lead to Finland. Skilful, prosperous. God of wind and air.


Mari names for girls are borrowed from Tatars and Finns:

  • Aino. It comes from the Finnish word only. Young, beautiful.
  • Atnalche (week).
  • Toktamche (stop).
  • Taksula (full).
  • Shamagul (flower).
  • Karachas (black).
  • Kulanchas (wild horse).
  • Asylviy (princess).


Major National Mari Names

These names include:

  • Izi Man's name. Means "small."
  • Iserge. Man's name. Translated - "born on Thursday." And Iza Kai (female equivalent) - "born on Thursday."
  • Izudyr. Female name means "little daughter".
  • Oserge. Male name, in translation - "white son". Oshalche (female equivalent) - "little white."
  • Iuskudyr. Woman's name. Meaning - "the daughter of a swan."
  • Pa ches Male name with the value "joker".
  • Yemysh. Woman's name. Means "fruits, berries."
  • Yol-tash. Man's name. Translated "friend."
  • Korak. Man's name. Means "crow."
  • Yumashne. Man's name. Meaning "God bless".

What else is called boys

Male Mari names still have these:

  • Maris - "respectable, strong." The woman next to such a man is protected.
  • Eshpay is a Mari name meaning "friendly, beloved, sweet." Always loyal to his friend. Great partner.
  • Azim - "big brother". Always support, always near in difficult times. Protect against attacks of enemies.
  • Tomai is healthy. Since childhood, prefers active games of chess. Always first in physical competitions. Loves to win and be a leader in everything. Strongly experiencing failures and blunders. Carefully monitors their health. High life expectancy.
  • Steps - "tiller". Loves nature and her gifts. He prefers to live on earth, rather than in an apartment. Very merciful, caring.
  • Akati. He studies easily. Impresses teachers with their abilities. Smart Subsequently, you can become an excellent teacher or achieve great success in business.
  • Onar - the head, the leader. Strong-willed. Always at the source. Leads forward.
  • Aksar. In childhood, a rogue, often injures himself during active games. Grows courageous and courageous. Always protect your woman and be committed to friends.
  • Appeal. Solid, always stays on its own, principled. It is difficult to argue with him, there is always an opinion on any question.


  • Vazpatyr. - "the head of the family". Takes all the worries on yourself. Always ready to help. Strong. Bogatyr Always assembled. Reliable.
  • Yudan - "born at night." Noisy, rebel. Loves to be the center of attention. Leader.
  • Talvius - "mighty." Rock. Not afraid of anything. Educated and smart. Before attacking, he will study the enemy well and will hit the "sore spots".
  • Yaney - "cute." Everyone adores him in childhood and gives him his love. Growing up, Yanei shares himself with his love, which seems to be enough for all without exception. Kind.
  • Yandar will never deceive. Prefers the bitter truth. Pure soul man strives for spiritual balance. Silent Lovely father
  • Esta - "jack of all trades". If you take something to do, then performs everything flawlessly. Weighted approach to solving problems. It is difficult to convince him of something, as he studies everything thoroughly and will find many arguments in his favor.
  • Ergay - "the one who was born in the morning." All plans for the month ahead. He likes to do things more than talk about them. Reliable partner.
  • Eldagi - "satellite and comrade." Honest, strong, a little vulnerable. Communicative. Loves the company. A good family man, loves children.
  • Yushka. Translation of the name is associated with the Mari sacred bird - Swan. "Clever, gullible, kind, resourceful."
  • Yamet - "beautiful." Growing up, a man likes to be seen, receive compliments. In childhood, growing naive, however, growing, acquires wisdom.
  • Fight - "father". Prudent, multitasking. Always ready to listen and give capacious advice. Loyal, faithful.
  • Yumay - "God." So the Mari called a child if he was born on a holiday or if the parents gave their child to God.
  • Aldiyar - "a friend who is always there." Always glad to meet you. Never forget kindness. An important person in the lives of others.
  • Elembat - "master of home and life." Not ready to compromise, a little tyrant, tough, rough. Do not tolerate disobedience.

Borrowed female mari names

  • Aigalche - sensual, modest, capable, desired. Quiet, calm.
  • Eldavi is radiant, gorgeous. Dreamer. Ready for any exploits. Sociable, cheerful.
  • Such - vigorous. Never lose heart. Dislikes boredom.
  • Toymalche is strong. It is difficult to find a suitable partner because of its excessive will. Weakness is considered a vice. Independent. Closed loop It is difficult to believe others.
  • Elika - tender, sensual, feminine. Always support in difficult times. Good mother for children.
  • Elesia - sensual nature. Far-sighted, wise. Her opinion is listened to. Often has great power.
  • Marvin - Mari power.


  • Evik - slim, beautiful. Fascinating men. The profession itself chooses the creative. Loves the stage, the audience and, of course, applause. Afraid of loneliness. Mentally closed to others, it is difficult to find the "key". Emotional.
  • Saskaviy - born when berries and fruits ripen. Sociable, lively, resourceful, cheerful. Survive any adversity.
  • Yulaviy - modest, slightly clamped. Keeps loyalty. True friend and partner for life. Will always be near, never condemn.

Aboriginal names

There are original Mari names for girls.

  • Kechevi - bright, sweet, sunny, warm. Always smiling, he knows how to create comfort around himself.


  • Unaway is a guest. Cheerful, open. There is always something to tell. Openly shares his experiences. Quickly makes new friends. Easy to lift. Active.
  • Chaby - cub. Always wants to be protected. Late matures. In childhood, capricious. When he finds a person who loves her sincerely, he calms down and begins to feel happy.
  • Okavi - dear, beautiful, radiant. Always in sight, likes to please everyone.
  • Aivika is a beautiful moon. Mysterious, capable, talented, fragile, tender.
  • Chachaviy is beautiful. He loves everything expensive. Prefers high-quality things, rather than fakes. Romantic.
  • Live - kind, gentle, affectionate, best, good. Reliable companion and partner in life.
  • Elavi - loving life. Active, fun, noisy, screaming, attracting attention. Always full of ideas and thoughts on how to implement them. Sometimes it goes astray, but not for long. Quickly returns "in operation".
  • Sarvi - beautiful. Always young. Attracts attention with its appearance. Blooming.
  • Erwin - early. This girl has a day painted to the smallest detail. He knows what he wants from life. Does not like to doubt. I used to get my way. Very upset if something goes wrong. He can blame anyone, but does not admit his guilt.

Traditions and names


Mari names and their meanings are still important for members of this nation. The population of the republic is very sensitive to the choice of the name of the child, sincerely believing that it affects the fate of the baby.

Mari names and surnames may have one root, as the latter consist of names.

Thus, the female name, Sala, which means "noble", can be transformed into the surname Salin, Safin.

Seleu is the male name. Stands for "younger brother", can be used in the surname Seleev.

Suyangul is the name of a boy. Means "wedding", usually so called the child who is born during a wedding, most often at some close relative. Surname may be Suyangulov.

Suerbay - literally means "bird." Surname may be Suerbaev.

Echu - male name, meaning "winner", and the name Echuev.

Interesting Facts

Well-known Russian names are often subjected to phonetic modification, for example, the Mari name Alexander will sound like Elyksan (Oleksan), Pelageya will be Palagi, Anton will become Onton, Andrey - Ondry, Arina - Oriinoi, Dmitry - Metri, Nikolai - Miklai, Xenia - Oksina, Sergey - Sergush.


In the Mari language there is no concept of gender. Therefore, all male and female names differ only in meaning.

Alim is a male name. The female name is Alima. They are translated as "knowing".

Sabir is also a male name, Sabir is a female one. Meaning "patient."

We looked at how the Russian name Alexander sounds in the Mari language. Why is it that the Mari call their children? What languages ​​do they borrow names for their babies? What is the best name for a girl or a boy from the Mari language? After reading the article, you can answer your own questions.

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