What is draft? Airing the premises. The window opposite the door: how not to get sick


Any living organisms need fresh air. Anyone can notice that in a stuffy room, the working capacity drops sharply, concentration deteriorates, and a headache begins. In short, air flow is needed. But under certain conditions another danger arises. So what is a draft?

About airing

Long stay in a room without access to fresh air has a negative effect on human well-being. And it's not a lack of oxygen - quite the opposite. The fact is that with breathing and from human skin a large amount of substances is released into the air, first of all it is carbon dioxide. With an increase in its concentration appears fatigue, headache. If you do not get access to fresh air, the symptoms will only worsen.

That is why the ventilation of the premises is so important. It is necessary to hold it all year round 2-3 times a day. In the morning it will help to refresh the air that stagnated during the night hours, and in the evening it is better to fall asleep. That's just to do it in different ways depending on the season and weather. In winter, it is better to carry out an intense short airing. After leaving the room, you need to open the window and close the door for 3-4 minutes. This method will not work if there are plants on the windowsill that are sensitive to low temperature, in which case they will get sick and may die. Well, for a long time, the open window gives a relatively small inflow of air, but the room is much more intense. In addition, this style of airing can provoke such a phenomenon as drafts. And then the pursuit of health can turn into unpleasant diseases.


What is draft?

Sitting in a room with an open window and door, those who are close to the latter, certainly not once noticed an unpleasant chill that runs along the legs. It makes you cuddle and drink tea more often. This is a draft - fast and, as a rule, cold air flow between its two sources. Sometimes you can not even notice it, if, for example, get carried away with work. But he still insidiously makes itself felt the local hypothermia and, possibly, subsequent diseases. That is why it is necessary to ensure good thermal insulation at home, carefully choose a place to sleep, especially for small children, and also ensure that the cold air flow, for example, from the air conditioner, is not directed to the legs, neck, and body during operation.


When does it occur?

According to the laws of physics, the air moves the faster, than in a narrower space, it turns out. When passing through an open window into the room, its speed increases. And the narrower the gap, the faster it will move - usually it reaches the greatest intensity right above the floor and a little higher. If the windows are closed, but do not adhere well to the frame, they will still blow into these gaps. And this may be aggravated by some other factors. Therefore, the first rule of ventilation is better to open the window than the window. In the first case, the air will be updated faster with a lower decrease in the temperature of the room. And the second, in accordance with the presence of other factors, is the following: if the window is open, the door must be closed. This rule is valid and vice versa. It is especially important if the window is opposite the door. In the event that they will be open at the same time, and there will be a person on the path of the flow for a long time, most likely, he will subsequently become ill. By the way, the same effect can be obtained sitting under the air conditioner. In any case, it is not surprising that in many countries, even warm ones, are so cautious about drafts.


What is dangerous?

So now it is clear what a draft is, but why is everyone so afraid of him? The fact is that it provokes a local decrease in temperature and, accordingly, local immunity. But it is really dangerous not only for people. Animals and plants also suffer from hypothermia without good thermal insulation. And when repairing it is better not to forget about the fact that such a draft and how cunning it is.

For people and animals

For people, local hypothermia is fraught with diseases such as a cold, myositis or muscle spasm, as well as neuralgia. In the people and say - "blew." Depending on where a person has a weak spot, a draft can “strike” on the ears and nose, kidneys, pelvic organs, muscles, etc. Reduced immunity can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases, such as herpes. So you should not underestimate the danger, even a banal cold with insufficient treatment can cause complications.


Animals are also very sensitive to air currents. If there is a draft in the room, dogs, cats, birds, etc. can get sick if the resting places are not correctly arranged. This is especially true of the latter, as well as of short-haired pets and those who are completely deprived of hair. Drafts are also particularly dangerous for those whose immunity is reduced due to natural causes - for very young or age animals. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cage or bed is raised above the floor by at least ten centimeters - this will reduce the danger.

For plants

Most home flowers love fresh air. This is the same important factor as temperature, lighting, watering. But at the same time, the absolute majority does not tolerate drafts, instantly dropping leaves and dying. The fact is that high humidity around the flowers, coupled with the cold air flow, gives dampness, which is especially dangerous for young shoots and sprouts. To prevent such problems, you can pick up special greenhouses, which are put on the window sill. It will also solve the problem of protecting plants during short-term airing.


For repair

For many technological processes occurring during the renovation of the interior of the apartment, it is necessary that there was no draft in the room. This applies primarily to wallpapering, because due to the flow of cold air and uneven drying of the glue, they can begin to move away from the walls, which will negate several hours of work. That is why after this stage is completed, the room is locked for about a day, it cannot be aired.

Prevention measures

First of all, you need to pay attention to the insulation of the room when it comes to the house. If there is an opportunity, get rid of the old cracked wooden windows with slots, put new windows. If any problems arise, there are special pads on the windowsill that protect against air currents. Similar exist for doors, if they close tightly.


Then you can change the floor covering to a carpet or something similar. This additionally insulates the room, as well as eliminates the cracks under the door. And while caring for such a coating is more time consuming, the health is worth it.

You should also pay attention to the air conditioner, if there is one. It should be located so that the air flow from it is not directed at people. Ideal location - in the hallway or hallway, where no one is constantly.

Another point - the choice of suitable clothing. Where there is no possibility to change the location of the table, for example, standing on the very draft, you need to warm yourself. It is worth paying attention to the most vulnerable parts of the body - legs and feet. Their hypothermia is fraught with colds, sinusitis and even toothache. In second place, especially for women, is the loins. It is necessary to take care of another neck, shoulders and ears, their hypothermia also leads to unpleasant consequences. And, of course, it makes sense to pay attention to their immunity - to carry out vitamin therapy and hardening.


Finally, the golden rule: if the window is open, the door must be closed. And vice versa.


Open windows and doors in front of them, contrary to popular belief, do not themselves provoke the occurrence of drafts. On the contrary - the vents and narrow slits are much more dangerous. Therefore, the so-called winter airing on modern windows does not allow you to safely refresh the air if you stay in the room and do not close the door. Moreover, the draft speed will even increase. So a brief intensive airing - especially during the cold season - is ideal.

Do not open the window - also an error. And it's not just a potential carbon dioxide poisoning. The fact is that the air stagnant in the room is an ideal medium for the transmission of diseases by airborne droplets. Without long airing, an employee who has caught a cold and has come to work during the day will infect everyone near him. Therefore, even in the off-season 2-3 times a day for a couple of minutes open windows are not a whim, but a necessity.

Be healthy!

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