How many lines do paratrooper parachutes have?


Skydiving is popular in the modern world. Some people are professionally involved in this sport, for others the parachute jump is a way to tickle your nerves and get a dose of adrenaline. Has anyone ever wondered how many lines have parachutes?

What is a parachute?

Parachute is a brilliant and simple invention of the engineer from St. Petersburg, Kotelnikov Gleb Evgenievich. He was the first to create a backpack device, received a patent for his invention in nineteen twelve.

A parachute is a hemisphere constructed of fabric, to which a load or suspension system is attached by a sling. It is designed to slow down and mitigate the fall from a height. Used for safe landing of a person or cargo, has several varieties.


How many lines do parachutes have?

This is of course a very interesting question. Parachutes exist several types, all of them with different number of lines. There is a main parachute and reserve, landing, army and for cargo. Slings are basic and optional, they are all made from high quality durable fiber, can withstand a load (each) of up to two hundred kilograms. To answer the question of how many lines the parachutes, you need to consider each instance separately.


Army parachute

In the armed forces used parachutes of some series for many years. From the sixties to today, these are D-5 and D-6 parachutes. They differ in size, weight and number of lines.

How many lines are the D-5 army parachute? They are twenty-eight, nine meters each. The parachute itself has the shape of a dome, it is not possible to control it. Land with him how and where you are lucky. This is the only serious minus of this series.

Following the release of the parachute D-6. He has thirty lines. Twenty-eight ordinary, and two are designed to control the dome. They are in the side cuts of the parachute. If you stretch these lines, you can rotate and turn the dome in the right direction. This is a very useful quality if the landing takes place not at the training ground, but in the mountains, in forests or in a place where there are water bodies.


Paratrooper paratrooper

In order for paratroopers to feel at ease during the jump, they are provided with parachutes of the D-10 series. This is an upgraded version of the D-6. It has the shape of the squash, the size of the dome is one hundred square meters! Even a beginner skydiver will be able to easily manage this parachute. The ease of control depends on how many lines are in the parachute: the more of them, the easier the control.

D-10 has twenty-six main lines: twenty-two four-meter lines and two seven-meter lines attached to the hinges in the crevices of the dome. There are also twenty-two additional lines, located on the outside, their length is three meters, made of durable cord ShKP-150.

There are still twenty-four additional internal slings. They are attached to the additional lines. The second and the fourteenth are attached immediately to two additional. This is the answer to the question of how many lines in the parachute of the Airborne Forces. D-10 is considered one of the safest parachutes in history.


Why do you need a spare parachute?

The reserve parachute should be mandatory for the parachutist to jump. It is intended for emergency disclosure when the main one is not revealed or if it is twisted. In such a situation, it does not matter if the dome is controlled or not, how many lines are in parachutes - none of the extras will help. Of course, an experienced skydiver will first try to straighten the main one, on which he will lose extra time. If you could not straighten, then a reserve parachute will save the situation. It opens quickly and easily.

To learn how to use spare wheel, many trainings do not need to pass, even a child will cope with this task.

How many lines do a reserve parachute have? Typically, these parachutes are the same for all major species. These are series 3 and 4. Slings in the reserve are arranged in four groups. Each has six lines. In total, we get twenty-four. Of course, the reserve parachute is not designed for control, its main task is to quickly open up and save a person’s life.


What you need to know, making the first parachute jump?

If you are not a conscript soldier in the Airborne Forces and a parachute jump - just a dream, not a military duty, then it is worthwhile to begin to look like training courses. Even if it is decided to jump with the instructor in tandem, training is necessary in order not to harm either himself or the instructor. He and so scared to jump with a man, and even for the life of someone to answer. These courses cost from three thousand rubles - it depends on the company providing these services.

Before you go to the club, take care of getting a medical certificate: a heart attack while jumping is a serious and dangerous thing. But it can happen, because when you jump into the abyss, so much adrenaline is spilling out that it will be enough for a year. Yes, and the fear of jumping, too, can lead to sad consequences if the heart is naughty. The pressure should also be like when entering the space forces. If there is excess weight, then you should also consult with your doctor, whether or not to jump.

If you are under eighteen years of age, written permission to make a jump from your parents is useful. Do not forget to warn them that you are going to do it, without their written consent, the instructor will not allow a parachute for a kilometer. Not allowed to jump people with mental disorders, after recent operations, with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with respiratory diseases.

If your weight is more than one hundred and twenty kilograms, then you will be denied a tandem jump. Weight less than forty-five kilograms - a contraindication for a single jump. Also, pregnant women are not allowed. First, calmly endure the child, do not hide your position from the instructor in order to make the jump.

Parachute jumping is a dream of many. Do not drink alcohol in front of him. It is clear that the joy rolls over, but it is better to celebrate this event after the commission, especially since you will not be allowed to jump with the smell of alcohol. And if you decide to drink, so as not to be scary, then it is better to refrain from this undertaking altogether. And all those who have passed the physical - good luck!

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