Rona River: description, features, photos


The Rhone River is one of the most magnificent waterways of Switzerland and France. It is important for industry, agriculture and culture.



The length of the river reaches 812 km. Its total area is 98 thousand square meters. km The river begins in Switzerland. Ron takes his sources from the Lepontine Alps, in places of melting glaciers. Initially, it goes to the southwest, crossing Lake Geneva. On the map above you can see how the river bed passes. It is seen that then the water flow goes through the port of Lyon and flows into the Mediterranean waters of the Gulf of Lyon. The huge delta of the Rhone (slightly more than 12, 000 sq. Km.) Diverges into two branches. The right tributaries of the swift river are the Sona, Ardèche and En, and the left - the Durance, Isere and Drome.



According to myths, the river was named after Ron, who was brave, quick, capricious, purposeful and could lead everyone along. This reservoir originates in Switzerland, passes through Geneva. At the port of Lyon, the calmer flow of the Sona flows into it, which was also named after the woman from the myths. Often their images and sculptures can be seen in French architecture.

Numerous cities are located along the banks of the Rhone, for example, Brig and Arles, Avignon and Lyon, Geneva and Sion, as well as Mortelimar and Valance.


Since the Rhone River is an excellent option for the movement of ships, transport links between all coastal cities is very good. Even ships with a draft of 4 meters can quietly pass through the water expanses of this stream. Such a special course came out thanks to the construction of numerous bypass channels, as well as locks. There are 13 of them all over the river. This allows ships to rise almost 165 meters higher than the sea level in Lyon (the largest port on the Rhone River). In addition to this function, the gateways in the amount of dams form peculiar bridges. In other parts of the river, you can only move on riverboats, especially when it comes to moving up the river.


Value of the river

Due to such features, Rona was recognized as the main artery of the transportation system in France. Numerous bridges adorn the river expanses, and they are created for transport, rail, and even for the movement of pedestrians. Another important quality of the river is a special role in the power supply of all nearby cities, many nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants operate at the expense of the water resources of the Rhone. River water is an excellent tool for the development of French industry. On top of that, Ron is considered the heart of agriculture in France. Irrigation and enrichment of nearby pastures and vineyards, fields is possible only due to the fact that this river passes nearby. In Switzerland, its resources do not have such a value, since within its borders only its upper part passes.

Coastal zone and pollution

Due to the fact that the shores of the Rhone were littered with industrial enterprises and power plants, it was decided to strengthen the coastal zone with concrete slabs, because of this, part of the local flora and fauna could not continue to exist. The southern part of the river is considered the most polluted. There is strictly prohibited fishing. The reason for this was the frequent emissions into the water. The largest of them were committed in 2008 (uranium leak), 2011 (after the explosion at the Markul NPP).



The main feature of this watercourse was the love of tourists for the local attractions and beautiful landscapes. You can often see how guests of France from the bridge through binoculars look at the cultural, architectural and natural heritage that surrounds the Rhone River. In each city and village there are numerous churches, chapels and cathedrals. The most famous of them are Notre Dame, Saint, the Church of St. Nicholas and others. Here you can see the most beautiful castles from different historical eras. Many of them are located on mountains or hills. There are magnificent towers, offering stunning panoramic views. The valley of the Rhone River also amazes with its magnificence. Here are splendid vineyards, whose history began long before our era.

The largest port on the river

The main attraction of the Rhone is rightly named the port of Lyon. This is the largest port center in France, which is at the same time the oldest in the country. It is located between the capital of France and Marseille. This is a modern industrial and commercial center with a rich history. The populous city in France ranks third in the number of people living in its territory. The total number of citizens reaches almost 500 thousand people. The center of Lyon is the Rhône-Alpes district. This large city has become famous throughout the world due to its medical value. After all, it is here that the main European Cancer Research Center is located.

Students from all over France come to Lyon to study at the four best universities in the country. And tourists from all over the world unite, lovingly visiting the ancient architectural buildings of the era of Roman rule. Each of them is under the watchful eye of UNESCO. The port on the rivers Rhone and Sona has another name, it sounds like Edouard Herriot. Thanks to them, Lyon has free access to the Mediterranean maritime spaces. Also, the Rhone River provides communication between French and European cities. That is why the port of Lyon is considered not only river, but also sea. Through it carried cargo and passenger traffic.


Let's sum up

The Rhone is a river that has become a real asset and pride of France and Switzerland. A lot of tourists come to these unique places. Here you can always spend an unforgettable vacation, filled with a rich excursion program, delicious dishes, breathtaking views, rich historical heritage, reflected in each building of ancient ages. Finding a river is easy. First you need to find Lake Geneva on the map. It immediately shows where the bed of the Rhone begins.

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