Isa. Name Meaning and Characteristic


The name Isa can be called one of the rarest and most mysterious of all, which are given to eastern women. Understanding its origin and meaning is not so simple, but we tried to collect the most complete description of the girls who bear that name.

Isa. Meaning and origin of the name

Today it is quite difficult to determine when the name Aiza first appeared. And what kind of people became the first to call their daughters so - also quite a controversial poll. According to one version, the name Aiza first appeared in the ancient Turkic proto-language. The origin of the Chechen also can not be discounted. Some researchers were able to find Arab roots in this name. No matter how controversial the origin of the name Isa, the meaning of the name does not cause much controversy. In particular, there are two variants of the meaning of this word:

  • Golden Moon;
  • Allah's mercy.


The origin and meaning are undoubtedly important characteristics, but it is also necessary to find out what character traits the girl who bears this name has.

The value of the name Isa for girls

Ayzu can be called a calm and quiet child, and at times - even imperceptible. Such a child does not like noisy companies, will not make his parents worry about the constant childish pranks. She very rarely starts the conversation first, prefers only quiet and calm games that do not require initiative and great activity. In addition, as a child, Isa feels perfectly alone with herself. She likes to spend time with books, handicrafts, drawing. Such perseverance is quite capable of bringing Ayzu to the ranks of the best students, despite the fact that her ability to memorize information is average. And the memory of the girl can be called mediocre.


Adult life and family

What does the name Isa mean when a girl enters into adulthood? How will she characterize her name now? The preferences of an adult girl are not much different from those in childhood. She still remains a quiet prudent, alien to her preferences and hobbies that are peculiar to young people. Although Aiza has brilliant manners, she is extremely shy. If you do not fight this quality in your youth, it can cause many problems in the future. Ayzu can be called a “Turgenev girl, ” and this image will always remain with her.

But even despite her modesty, a girl with that name is always popular with the opposite sex. But this does not mean that Isa behaves lightly in a relationship. Success does not spin her head, and if Isa agrees to a relationship, then only those that end in marriage and the birth of joint children. She will be skeptical about any other perspective.


If we talk about which man might like a girl, then it can be argued that the list of requirements for him is quite large. By creating a family Isa takes more than seriously. The main feature that attracts a girl is reliability, but it must be confirmed not only by words, but also in practice. Isa is sure that a man should be responsible not only for his wife and children, but also for the closest relatives of his second half. Only on such conditions, Isa will agree to share his fate with him.

In family life, Ayzu can be called a wise, patient, almost perfect wife. For her, the interests of her husband will always be in the first place, and if the question arises of choosing a family or career, she will, without a doubt, choose the first. Isa's high moral principles will not allow her to commit adultery, and she will not start a quarrel without a real real reason. Undoubtedly, these qualities are still largely dependent on in what country and in what traditions Aiza was brought up. The value of the name, in spite of this, confirms that she will try to play the role of an ideal wife, regardless of external circumstances. In any case, she will try not to contradict her husband. Especially is the attitude of Isa to children. Along with the role of the ideal wife and mistress of the house, she will also play the role of the ideal mother. Often, girls with the same name have several children.



It's time to talk about career opportunities for girls named Isa. The meaning of the name suggests that the girl should try to concentrate her attention as much as possible and gain some perseverance. Only these qualities will help her to succeed. She can choose for herself the profession of an accountant, economist, secretary. But the girl will achieve greater success in professions related to creativity. If a girl is able to turn her passion into work, then life will itself throw up opportunities for her, how to realize herself. It is safe to say that, by doing just creativity, a girl can be in harmony with herself.


Name Compatibility

What are the names desirable for future husband Isa? First of all, it is Rashid, Dmitry, Semyon and Abdullah. But from a marriage with Aristarkh, Victor, Hakim and Denis, it is desirable to resist.


What kind of heaven patrons has a girl who bears this unusual name Isa? The value of the name confirms that the girl is protected by Neptune. In addition, the character of the girl and her fate is influenced by the sign of Aquarius.


As jewelery, Aiza is preferable to wear rubies or stones of blue color. Regarding the color, it is better to choose dry yellow, brown, bluish-green, and you can also combine rose-red with gray-lilac.

The main words that can be described this girl - is wisdom, patience, delicacy, unprincipled.

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