Museum of a submarine in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Around the world there are several museums equipped with submarines. In our country, submarines are open to the public in Vytegra, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Museum of a submarine in Moscow

After twenty years of impeccable combat service in 1998, the legendary diesel submarine called "Novosibirsk Komsomol member" was decommissioned from the Russian Navy and turned into a museum. After 8 years, it was re-equipped and installed on the shore of the Khimsky reservoir in the capital of our country. Now there is a submarine museum (in Moscow), which is part of the museum-memorial complex of the history of the navy of Russia.


Inside the boat, the interior was slightly modernized: the upper deck, instead of the hatches through which the submariners were seated, was fitted with doors for the convenience of museum visitors. The premises of the boat for inspection were also expanded. In fact, in the submarine it was very close, the military moved through the hatches, which had to be battered after moving from compartment to compartment. Each hatch has a table in which the symbols of the symbolic signals for tapping are indicated, they are necessary for communication between submariners.

Torpedo compartment

The submarine museum in Moscow invites you for a tour, the maximum number of tourists is 15 people. For these purposes, the compartments are open: battery, diesel, torpedo, residential, aft and officer cabins. The museum-boat "Novosibirsk Komsomolets" offers to look into the torpedo compartment, where there are real torpedoes with mines and diving suits.


The captain's cabin, equipped with various navigational instruments, where everyone can feel himself the captain of a controlled vessel, hydroacoustic cabin, air supply system, radio room, medical isolator, shower room, sea harbor are also open to the public. Showroom offers a look at the personal belongings of the crew.

Submarines do not have portholes, and the movement depends on navigation, which is an important control element and the life of the ship depends on it.

The submarine museum at the "Skhodnenskaya" metro station conducts interesting excursions in order to familiarize with the combat capabilities of the submarine, its history, as well as during the excursion you can learn how ordinary submariners and officers were serving and what their living conditions were.


Around the submarine are samples of naval technology, which the Museum of the submarine in Moscow installed under the open sky at the Khimki reservoir. Inquisitive visitors can get information about the periscope, retractable antenna, rescue buoy, torpedo, assault boat, air cushion, ground-effect vehicle, which is intended for the delivery of troops.


Excursion to the museum "Submarine" for a fee makes it possible to find yourself on an amusement simulator, which simulates an airplane wig, in it, virtually piloting, you need to perform certain tasks within your mission.

The submarine is open to tourists from 10 to 17 hours five days a week, Monday and Tuesday - the weekend.

Petersburg. "Submarine"

The museum was opened in March 2010. He became immediately very popular, especially among boys. The submarine museum is located opposite the Marine Corps of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg on the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. The submarine of the C-189 series was manufactured at the Baltic Shipyard in 1955. The boat is equipped with six vehicles for torpedoes and is able to descend to a depth of 200 meters. This type of ships easily endured numerous combat battles. The USA and Germany highly appreciated the quality of such boats. During the years of its combat service, the boat has furrowed the blue of the Atlantic, the Arctic Ocean, the Baltic Sea and the Neva River.


Recovery work

After 35 years of service, it fell into disrepair and sank in Kronstadt in 1998. In 2000, submariner veterans attempted to take the initiative to raise it from the bottom and make a museum out of a submarine, but it was not crowned with lack of money. It was only five years later that the lift operation could be completed. At the Kanonersky ship repair plant it was repaired, and with the help of military specialists they supplied new equipment. Today, the boat restored the original look.

Five years later, with the charitable assistance of a submariner A. Artyushin, the submarine was turned into a museum and installed on the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment. In the Submariners Seamen Club there is information that the boat was restored at his expense. The submarine received a second birth, only now as a museum.

The crew of the submarine today consists of submariner veterans. They monitor the museum, maintaining proper order, and conduct excursions.

"Submarine" in St. Petersburg - the museum number three in a row, after the cruiser "Aurora" and the icebreaker "Krasin".


How to get to the museum?

Getting into a submarine is not easy, as it is moored to a pier belonging to the border guard service. Here foreign cruise ships often moor. A free passage is obtained when there is one airliner, but if two come in, the passage becomes blocked. In the days when there is no influx of foreign tourists, the boat can be approached easily. Just be careful: going down into the compartments, you can get a lot of bruises.

"Submarine" in St. Petersburg - a museum to get ideas about military service in the navy. Having been in it, you will learn firsthand what it means to be a submariner. If you go further along the coast, then through the three hundred meters you will see the icebreaker "Krasin". It will be an exciting walk along the promenade.

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