St. Petersburg, TsPKiO them. CM. Kirov: description, interesting facts and reviews


Undoubtedly, for residents and guests of the “city on the Neva”, the park of TsPKiO (St. Petersburg) is a favorite place for leisure activities. This object in summertime like a magnet attracts a walk among shady alleys, take a boat trip, admiring the unique natural landscapes. In winter, the park of TsPKiO (St. Petersburg) invites you to go skating, skiing and sledding, to wander around the squares in the evening, admiring the bright and colorful illuminations. In general, here you can find entertainment not only for adults, but also for children.

History tour

Previously, the territory where today is a recreation area was called Misha Island. One of the legends says that the Russian soldiers were looking for the Swedes here, and found a bear. The first owner of these lands was the diplomat P. Shafirov, then the prosecutor general P. Yaguzhinsky became the owner.


But Senator A. Melgunov was also a co-owner of Misha Island, who built an estate for himself and created a small park zone. Then the land was sold to Field Marshal G. Potemkin, and some time later gave it to the historian and poet I. Elagin. He built here a palace ensemble with greenhouses, pavilions, buildings and gazebos. In addition, the poet ordered to dig ponds and canals on the island, and to roll shafts 2 meters high along the banks. This was done in order to protect the park area from flooding. The island was called Elaginsky and everyone began to visit it. After the death of the poet, the land repeatedly changed owners, changing hands.


Of course, St. Petersburg has a huge number of public gardens and green areas for recreation. TsPKiO - this is a place of pastime, where you want to come back again and again.

At the beginning of the 30s of the last century on the territory of three islands - Elagin, Krestovoy and Kamenny, in the Neva delta it was decided to equip a recreation area for St. Petersburg residents. The palace and park complex Elagina transformed into CPKiO. But before that, some preparatory work was done: the walking areas located near the Elagin estate were partially modernized, and three bridges through which it was possible to reach the island were erected and arched.


The alleys were decorated with colorful posters, and the palace was decorated with banners and flags. Of course, this object has become unique for such a cultural city as St. Petersburg. TsPKiO opened in a solemn atmosphere on August 5, 1932. Residents and guests of the “city on the Neva” walked through the summer pavilions, rode bicycles rented here, visited the rides and happily hurried to the hammock station where they could relax in the fresh air. In winter, St. Petersburg people came to Elagin Island especially to go ice skating and skiing.

TsPKiO in the Soviet years

In 1934, under mysterious circumstances, Communist S. Kirov was killed and the park on the island was named after him. A bust of a revolutionary was installed at the main entrance. In the second half of the 30s, the authorities decided to continue the modernization of the recreation area on the Elagin Island in the city of Leningrad, which today is called St. Petersburg. TsPKiO underwent the following changes: the Main Alley was equipped from the Oil Meadow to the western arrow, and the arrow itself was decorated with a granite terrace, on which lion statues mounted on pedestals were towering. In winter, the Main Alley was transformed into a long ice road, and the Oil Meadow turned into a skating rink. In the summertime, the Main Alley was decorated with flower gardens and lawns.


In this zone, decorative marble vases and bronze sculptures were also mounted: “The Girl Crossing the Creek”, “Diskobol” and “The Dancer”. In addition, the administration of the park took care of the creation of new alleys and the construction of a summer theater with a capacity of 1600 people. But that was not all. They also built a cinema (not preserved until today) and a sports town.

The Great Patriotic War caused serious and irreparable damage to the city of St. Petersburg. TsPKiO became the place where fortifications were erected, and the object was significantly damaged by the bombing. After the victory, it took decades to restore the park’s former appearance. Restoration work was completed only in the early 90s.

CPKiO today

Currently, residents and guests of the northern capital, as before, prefer to spend their leisure time here. Where do tourists go, arriving in St. Petersburg? TsPKiO im.Kirov, of course. And how can this object surprise today? Very many. You can visit the music pavilion, the pavilion of the Granite quay, the Stables building, the Kitchen building, the Greenhouse building, the variety theater and, of course, the Elaginoostrovsky Palace. The latter is considered a true masterpiece of national architecture.


Currently, it is based museum of decorative art and interior.

On the territory of the Yelaginsky Island there is a huge number of cozy cafes, there is a volleyball court, a boat station, and a tennis court.

In December 2012, a restored mini-zoo began its work on the territory of TsPKiO St. Petersburg (address: 190068 Elagin Island, 4). Guests could personally see red and yellow pheasants, guinea fowls, turkeys, chickens, and other exotic representatives of the fauna.

Park in winter

When snow falls and the water on the street turns into ice, not everyone knows where you can go ice skating and sledding in such a big city as St. Petersburg. TsPKiO im.Kirov - this is just the perfect place for this. For lovers of outdoor activities in the winter there is a specially arranged rink. In the evening, the island of Elagina is especially beautiful: the light garlands adorn the Stable Corps, the lights of C.Rossi delight the eye, and opposite the Oil Meadow you can admire a spectacular spectacle called the Winter Fountain. This composition includes exquisite light figures, invented by analogy of Christmas decorations in the French capital.


In the second half of December, folk festivals are held annually. At this time, Elaginsky island resembles a fairy tale. Guests can purchase Christmas toys and decorations, gifts and souvenirs in the trade pavilions. Visitors are happy to help themselves to delicious cakes, gingerbread, cakes and other sweet dishes.

Park in summer

A lot of interesting entertainment in the CpkiO there is a warm season. Boat trips, walking walks to the singing and chirping of birds, playing on the tennis court - all this is at the service of the guests who arrived to have a good time on Elagin Island. Even the squirrels here are tame: they will gladly accept treats from visitors. Well, the numerous rides in the Gorky Park (St. Petersburg) will not leave anyone indifferent from children. But how much does it cost to rest in this picturesque place?


It should be noted that the budget version of leisure is offered precisely in CPKiO (St. Petersburg). The prices here are quite affordable.

For example, one hour of roller skating costs 150 rubles. Those wishing to ride a bike per hour will give 200 rubles. If you want to rent a scooter for an hour, then this pleasure will cost 80 rubles.


Playing table tennis will cost 100 rubles per hour. Anyone who wants an hour to ride a boat, forks 200 rubles. Renting catamarans costs 280 rubles, skates - 200 rubles, Finnish sleds - 100 rubles, skis - 200 rubles at the rate of one hour of use.

This is where cheap, so it is in CpkiO (St. Petersburg). The price of the ticket (entrance ticket) for adults is only 70 rubles, and for students, schoolchildren and military personnel even less - 30 rubles. Moreover, on weekdays the entrance to the park is free.

Events and Festivals

Elagin Island regularly hosts a huge number of festivals, exhibitions and entertainment events. In particular, St. Petersburg people love to go to the festival “Schumi, Maslennitsa!”, “Tulip Festival”, the festival of street theater “Elagin Park”, the exhibition “Glass and Ceramics in the Landscape”. The delight of many guests is caused by the gastronomic festival “Oh, yes! Food! ”And music festival“ Manor jazz ”.

Operation mode

The Central Park of Culture and Culture named after Kirov is open every day in the summer from 6.00 to 00.00, and in winter from 6.00 to 23.00. On holidays and weekends the ticket office is open from 10.00 to 22.00.


Not everyone knows which transport and route can be used to get to Gorky Park (St. Petersburg). How to get to the park? The best option to use the "subway". You should get to the Krestovy Ostrov metro station, and then, going to the right, walk some distance along Ryukhina street. Then the path lies to the bridge across the Middle Nevka.


The second route takes you to the “Staraya Derevnya” metro station. Then follow the Lipovaya Alley up to the Primorsky highway. Further, turning to the right, we move to the bridge.

The park can be reached with the help of three Yelaginsky bridges from the Kamenny and Krestovsky Islands, as well as from the Primorsky District.


Guests visiting CCPKD (St. Petersburg) are unanimous in their comments about this picturesque place. Walking in the fresh air, numerous festivals, exciting celebrations, exhibitions, a zoo, birds singing - all this and much more attracts St. Petersburg people and guests of the “city on the Neva” precisely on the Elaginsky island.

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