Vera Brezhnev without makeup and photoshop: photo of the singer


In 2002, a pretty blonde from the audience went out to sing together in the group "VIA Gra", and in November of the same year the girl was enlisted in the main line-up. The name of the lucky girl is Vera Brezhnev.

Vera Brezhnev: height, weight, foot size

The sensual body of the singer like many men. Solo career after leaving VIA Gra went uphill, and now the girl has no end of her personal talent.

Girls are trying to imitate the beauty, considering how Vera Brezhnev looks without makeup on the Internet. But the singer has practically no flaws: a long-legged blonde with a height of 171 cm looks 100 percent: waist - 62 cm, bust - 90 cm, hips - 92 cm.


The size of the foot of Vera is 40, but, in contrast to Paris Hilton, which emphasizes a large foot with shoes with a long nose, the domestic beauty knows how to present itself. The girl's figure at the height: 53-55 kg is given to a star with the help of a personal trainer, a strict diet and self-control.

Athlete, singer, beauty

On the Russian scene there are few girls who always look stunning, like Vera Brezhneva. The singer does not hide her age: in her 34 she will give a head start to any starlet.


But Vera herself does not advertise her personal life, however, information about her affair with Konstantin Meladze and a secret marriage more often flashes on the net. But the official statement did not give any of the perpetrators of a love story.

What does Vera Brezhnev look like without makeup and photoshop?

Envious persons discussed leaving of the girl from "VIA Gra" the whole year. They predicted that the solo career of the singer would not go well, they argued who was behind the decision of the popular singer to leave the band. However, the singer herself admitted that she grew out of the group and the sexual orientation of the team.

And although Vera Brezhnev, without makeup and with him, in clips and in real life, she repeatedly got into the lens of photographers, proving her natural attractiveness, detractors built intrigues, indicating that the singer simply grew old for VIA Gra.

Attacks haters Vera reflected adequately: first, in the clip "Real Life", showing the perfect body in a bathing suit. Then - at the ceremonies of the "Golden Gramophone", where the star won the award as the best singer.

Vera Brezhnev was repeatedly recognized as the “Sexiest Woman of Russia” (in 2012 and 2007), she won the title of “The Most Stylish Russian Girl” in 2010, and in Ukraine in 2011 she was recognized as the “Most Beautiful Woman”.


Brezhnev is an open charity: as a member of the Ukrainian organization "Ray of Faith." For success for the benefit of others, the singer was awarded the award lll of the degree of Princess Olga.

Faith and love

The singer has never been deprived of male attention. Husbands Brezhnev justified the concept of "strong man".

With civil V. Voichenko the singer was together for several years, she gave birth to Sonya. The second husband of Vera Brezhnev is a wealthy businessman M. Kiperman. The singer after the marriage took her husband's name. Her daughter Sonya still bears the name Kiperman.

But the marriage broke up after 6 years. The gap is associated with the passion of Faith Konstantin Meladze and their secret romance. In 2013, the composer also divorced his wife for the sake of Brezhnev.

The press in 2012 flashes information about the singer’s intrigue with director M. Weisberg, but the history of the relationship was short. The paparazzi had time to photograph only a couple of moments, according to which it is difficult to determine the degree of affection of stars to each other.

In 2015, it became known that Meladze and Brezhnev decided to legalize relations. The secret ceremony got into the lens of Ukrainian journalists: Vera Brezhneva, who slipped into a car in a white dress, and Konstantin following her. The couple does not comment on what is happening, but fans are already clear: the girl’s heart is occupied.

Vera Brezhnev, without makeup and photoshop, won the heart of a famous composer with her beauty and talent.

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