Oleg Zhezhel: a creative way, personal life and biography of the ex-member of the Ukrainian group KAZAKY


“Flexible, plastic, eccentric”, - all these short theses most accurately describe the Ukrainian group KAZAKY. Four young guys were able to achieve success due to the unusual dancing on heels and tight sexy costumes. For the past 7 years, their activity causes a stormy reaction from the audience. Unusual Cossacks are known in every corner of the huge CIS - and this can really be called a success. In this article we will tell you about Oleg Zhezhel, his biography and personal life, and also find out why the famous member of the Cossacks group decided to leave his brainchild and went free swimming.


short biography

The biography of Oleg Zhezhel began in 1980 (October 31). The guy was born in the city of Lviv, where he spent all his childhood, right up to entering the institute. As an 18-year-old boy, Oleg left his native Lviv and moved to Kiev to study dancing seriously.

Creative way

Oleg Zhezhel from early childhood showed craving for creativity, but the boy's parents did not think that his path would intersect precisely with dancing. As a schoolboy, Oleg loved to draw. In his interviews, the showman has repeatedly said that initially the subject of his art was home furniture, which was actively painted with paints and crayons. A little later, the guy's potential began to grow, and Oleg began to paint. His whole life was before his eyes, which is why right after school the guy went to college to become a professional artist. It was during these short years of study that Oleg became acquainted with acrobatics, which he liked so much that he decided to go in for dancing and further. Immediately after college, the star of the Cossacks group went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where major dance shows and projects are regularly held.


Professional dances

In 1998, Oleg Zhezhel came to conquer Kiev, where he spent a long time, receiving the status of a professional choreographer. Over the shoulders of a dancer dozens of television projects in which he participated. For example, in 2008, Oleg took part in a show on TNT “Dancing without rules”, where he received not only universal recognition, but also reached the final. The same success the guy expected after the Ukrainian project “Everybody Dance!”. Oleg also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for dancers.

Short Theses

  • Oleg Zhezhel is now the leading choreographer and dancer of Ukraine.
  • The guy repeatedly participates in television projects where he plays an important role: he is engaged in the preparation and production of dances.
  • Such stars as Tina Karol, Nikolay Baskov, Seryoga, Taisiya Povaliy worked with him.
  • The guy is also taken for the conduct of television shows.
  • He was engaged in staging dances in the clips of Tina Karol, in the songs “Above the Clouds”, “Pupsik”. Tina Karol is a famous Ukrainian singer and TV presenter who participated in Eurovision 2006, where she was also helped by Oleg Zhezhel.
  • Now the dancer is known as a former member of the group "Cossacks" and the producer of a unique project ILYB. Earlier, the guy spoke with the Ukrainian team "Dels-Art".

History of KAZAKY

The sensational group was founded in 2010. Everything happened due to the fact that Oleg Zhezhel had experience of participating in dance shows. Therefore, Oleg, along with his classmate Stas Pavlov, infiltrated the show-ballet "Dels-Art". Immediately after that, the guy calls into his newly-made team his old acquaintance K. Fedorenko, where they began to experiment with dancing. While the famous group was born, the fourth dancer, Arthur Gaspard, joins their team. From this moment on, the Cossacks begin to exist and develop. Day after day, movements were refined, and soon their numbers became the key to all known heels.

Their team gained popularity immediately after the release of the clip In the middle. After the debut in 2010, the guys began a new period in their lives, namely, tours, performances, participation in television shows. When the popularity of the group began to go off-scale, people in many countries divided into two sides. One began to praise and admire the participants of the show, while the other accused the guys of promoting unconventional orientation. This turning point was a challenge for famous guys, because because of the general chaos, the group repeatedly broke concerts.

Group on the verge of collapse?

In 2016, the media began to publish information that the group ceases to operate, and each participant goes his own way. It all started after Oleg Zhezhel injured his knee in 2013 and could barely dance. Despite this, the group starred with Madonna in the clip Girl Gone Wild, but after that the number of performances of “Cossacks” decreased markedly, even though their popularity only grew.


In the same year, the group suspended its activities, but at the same time all participants deny that the "Cossacks" will no longer exist. Rather, the members of the eccentric group decided to take a little time out due to the negative reaction of the fans and the audience to their activities. Now Oleg Zhezhel left the group completely and continues to engage in choreography.

Dancer's personal life

The personal life of Oleg Zhezhel remains behind the scenes. Someone thinks that this guy has a non-traditional sexual orientation, and someone is sure that the dancer has a favorite one, with which he has been from his student days. At the same time, the ex-member of the group himself refuses to advertise his personal life.

New projects

Already a year there is a new project of Oleg, which is called ILYB. The author's project helped to open a new direction in music, which combines more than 5 genres, such as pop, Sinti and alternative. The team is trying to introduce something truly unusual, to give people a new trend. The project strives to ensure that everyone expresses their inner “I” without constraint.


Perhaps it was this desire to fight stereotypes that led to the creation of the sensational group "Cossacks", where young people danced in high heels, contrary to general opinion. Oleg Zhezhel is a vivid example of rebellion and dedication, which will help the reader to go to the intended goal, despite the obstacles.

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