Electric cultivator "Countryman" KE-1300: reviews, specifications


If country troubles take you quite a lot of time, they can be alleviated by using special equipment. Especially diligent owners are increasingly choosing aggregates lately, with which they can work the soil in their own land. You can also follow their example and buy a cultivator. They are different, and in weight - light, medium and heavy.

Each model has its own characteristics and performance, so before making a purchase, you need to consider how often you plan to use the equipment, as well as what kind of load you want to exert on it. Among other things, you will need to choose a model also according to the type of food. On sale there are petrol and electric options.

Before you choose a device, you need to familiarize yourself with what is included in the kit. It may be different nozzles. For some of them, you have to pay an impressive amount, so it is important to consider whether the entire list of options is useful to you. Perhaps you will perform a rather limited range of tasks, so you should purchase a simple technique at an average cost. In order to make a choice, it is necessary to consider at least one of the models of the described equipment. An excellent example would be the electric cultivator "Countryman KE 1300", reviews of which you can read below.

Description of the model of the cultivator "Countryman KE-1300"


The aforementioned cultivator is an electric model, which is a maneuverable lightweight equipment for loosening and plowing the soil. Toxic emissions during operation are absent, so the operator will be able to use the device even in a greenhouse, greenhouse or greenhouse. In one pass you can process 26 cm of soil.

The design has a folding handle, which greatly facilitates not only transportation, but also storage. Cultivator electric "Countryman KE-1300", reviews of which you should read before you go to the store, has a small weight - 13.4 kg. Therefore, even older people will be able to handle the device, not to mention women.



Cultivator electric "Countryman KE-1300", reviews, characteristics of which you will be interested in, is a model that is able to go deeper by 200 mm. The voltage is 230 V. As for the cutters, their diameter is equal to 230 mm. Power is 1300 watts. The speed of rotation of the cutter - 110 revolutions per minute.

Reviews about the main features


If you are interested in electric cultivator "Countryman KE-1300", it is recommended to read the reviews about it. From them you can learn that consumers find the cultivator convenient to store and easy to use. The same can be said about transportation. In addition, customers like quiet operation and the absence of toxic emissions.

With regard to convenience of storage, the electric cultivator "Countryman KE-1300", the reviews about which consumers quite often leave, has a convenient handle. But when deepening the tool, according to consumers, there is no need to make special efforts, because the device enters the soil under the weight of its own weight. The wheels are small, so the unit can be transported around the site with ease.

Responses about features of operation: safety engineering


Cultivator buyers are advised to constantly maintain in good condition. If you plan to carry out any maintenance manipulations with the device, then the equipment should be disconnected from the network. Owners of private territories emphasize that it is important to reduce the harmful effects of vibration during the operation of the device. To do this, work in mittens. In order to ensure that the hearing organs are not affected by noise, it is necessary to use ear protection.

Cultivator electric "Countryman KE-1300", reviews, the merits of which were presented above, should not be left unattended. It is not recommended to operate near flammable materials and fire. If a fire situation arises, the cultivator should be stopped and the engine turned off. It is important to eliminate the cause of the flame.

Buyers are advised to check the power supply wires, electrical contacts and connectors from time to time. To the minimum it is necessary to reduce the possibility of electric shock. Therefore, it is important to carry out work on the installation of protective devices with extreme caution. After adjusting the cultivator, home craftsmen advise removing all wrenches and hexagons from the working area. Do not move the cultivator by gripping the power cord. You do not need to pull the cord if you want to unplug the power cord.

Reviews on the features of the assembly


Before buying any equipment, it is recommended to read the reviews. The electric cultivator "Countryman KE-1300", whose power was mentioned above, is not an exception. From them you can learn how best to assemble the unit. At the first stage, the cultivator is unpacked, and care should be taken that the power wires are not damaged. The lower part of the steering should be installed in the next step. It should be fixed with screws.

Power wires are advised by consumers to be pulled using retainers. The upper part of the steering is mounted in the next step. It must also be fixed with screws. At the top of the steering wire is attached. Mount the wheel bracket on the cultivator base. With the grooves you can adjust the height. After adjustment, the locking screws are tightened.

Additional opinions


Cutters consumers are advised to assemble and install in the next step. To do this, first mounted internal mill and cotter pin. Then you can proceed to the outer cutter and the outer cotter pin. Over time, you may notice that the cutters were worn out or completely out of order, having broken. In this case, they can be replaced.

Consumers are advised to take care of cutters, otherwise you may experience a decrease in the efficiency of cultivation. The engine may overheat. Cutters of the electric cultivator "Countryman KE-1300", reviews, technical characteristics of which were presented above, from time to time must be sharpened. When working with them, the cultivator is disconnected from the network, and you need to use gloves.

Reviews about the features of the work


Before using this device, consumers are advised to read the instructions. From it you can understand that working with a cultivator begins with the engine start. To do this, the extension cord is connected to the plug of the power cord. The extension is fixed on the top of the steering. It is important to remember that an extension cord is not included in the package; it should be purchased separately.

Cultivator electric "Countryman KE-1300", reviews, photos of which are recommended to study and consider even before purchasing a product, have cutters, which are started by pressing the protection button. In order to stop the movement of the cutters, it is necessary to release the lever.

Buyers are advised to use a handle for transporting and carrying. Hold the device must always be two hands. In order for the power cord extension not to be damaged, it must be behind the operator. The cultivator moves forward due to the movement of mills. If you plan to handle the soil, going deep impressively, you need to move the device forward, stretching out your arms. Then the unit pulls itself up to allow it to go forward again again due to the movement of the milling cutter. If the latter burrow deep into the soil, the equipment should be removed, swinging it from side to side.

For reference

It is important not to allow overheating of the electric motor of the Zemlek KE 1300 electric cultivator, the reviews and description of which you can find in the article. Before you start the first cultivator, make sure that the oil in the gearbox is at the right level.


Cultivators today are presented for sale in a wide range. They may have different weights and certain operating conditions. All these factors should be considered before purchasing. For example, the electric cultivator "Countryman KE-1300", reviews, technical characteristics of which you should be aware of, is a suitable model for owners of territories located within the city limits. After all, electricity is not always supplied to the country houses.

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