Is Cindy Crawford's daughter as beautiful as her mother?


In Russia they say: "The apple does not fall far from the apple tree." Of course, the meaning of this expression is far from the fruit tree. So characterize the similarity in the behavior or appearance of children and parents. Looking at the daughter of Cindy Crawford, you understand that this is one hundred percent true! The external similarity is simply amazing. Will we see the heiress of the most beautiful and famous model Cindy Crawford on the gloss pages?


In the 90s, this girl was considered the standard of beauty, the whole world went crazy with her brown eyes, tanned skin, slender body and lush shovels of hair. Cindy Crawford's photographs adorned the world's glossy publications and the walls of many apartments.

Cindy has mixed roots: her ancestors were representatives of different nationalities. The girl graduated from high school and became fascinated with such complex sciences as biology and chemistry. But at sixteen, the photographer noticed her, and from that moment on, Crawford's life changed dramatically.

Cindy was the most famous and highly paid model, and even now, in her 49 years, is considered one of the most beautiful and influential women in Hollywood. Crawford's first marriage was with a no less famous and attractive man - Richard Gere. The union lasted four years. The second choice of the model was the Randy Gerber.


He was also familiar with the podium not by hearsay, but today his main activity is business. The couple have two charming children - a son and a daughter. Cindy Crawford gave birth to both babies at home, under the supervision of experienced midwives. And now he devotes a lot of time to them and is reputed to be an excellent mother.

Cindy regularly transfers money to medical research for patients with leukemia (her brother died of cancer in childhood), and her foundation helps abandoned and needy children.

Serious dad

Kaya Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber. The girl adores her parents and tries to listen to their opinions, especially to weighty fatherly arguments.


Randy Gerber began his career as a fashion model, in those years he dreamed of filming Cindy in commercials. Young people were friends and even tried to build relationships. But Crawford's career was rapidly going uphill, and over time, the couple decided to leave friends. Gerber always spoke warmly about Cindy and called her his best and most beautiful friend.

Model, meanwhile, married to Gear. Randy decided to go into business. He opened restaurants and nightclubs and, being a talented manager and entrepreneur, made a considerable fortune.

Of course, it was not money that brought Crawford to him again: by that time she was more than rich. She needed simple female happiness: family, home, children, and a loving husband. All this and gave her Gerber.

Cindy has always claimed that she is happily married. Shortly after the wedding, the firstborn appeared - Presley, and later Kaya - the long-awaited daughter.

Cindy Crawford and her husband built a holiday home on Los Cabos, next door to George Clooney’s best friend.

Daughter Cindy Crawford "tries on" to the modeling business

Cindy has long been against the appearance of her children in advertising campaigns and on the covers of magazines. Despite the fact that the model itself ran into this business at sixteen, she believes that her daughter is still too small. The stellar mother hoped to keep her daughter until seventeen years of age, and afterwards to give her the opportunity to make a decision herself.

But apparently, Cindy decided to take a break or just to teach a lesson. A few years ago, the eleven-year-old Kaya became the face of the Versace children's line. Cindy Crawford's daughter was admitted by a strict mom before filming with the intention that the girl understood: working in front of the camera is a serious work.


The efforts of a caring mother were not in vain, and Kaya noted that working as a model was not as easy as she thought. However, Cindy did not long celebrate victory: she did not have to wait for seventeen years. Soon a new offer came in, and she gave up again.

And the world saw Kaya's new photos, where she is thirteen, and she in dresses from Armani poses for Teen Voque. It was after these photos in the press that they increasingly began to note that the daughter of Cindy Crawford was a copy of her star mother.

Does Kaya's daughter look like Cindy Crawford?

The girl herself claims that she sees no resemblance. In various forums, real battles unfold on this issue. Not so long ago, at one of the parties, mother and daughter appeared in identical outfits. But this was not the main theme of the evening: the daughter of Cindy Crawford struck her face! Many people say that the girl is getting prettier every year and is becoming more and more like a beautiful mother.


Similarities that are difficult to challenge:

  1. Both ladies have well-groomed, long, thick brown hair, brown expressive eyes, high cheekbones, plump lips and a charming smile.
  2. Long slender legs - the pride of both descendants of Crawford.
  3. Facial expressions, gestures and gait have much in common.
  4. Very similar wardrobe.
  5. The camera "loves" both beauties.

This is what is seen at a glance. Of course, any girl wants to be like her mother, especially if she is a recognized sex symbol. But teenage individualism wakes up in Kaye, she wants to be special, not like anyone. By the way, experts say that the girl may even surpass her mother.

Kaiya plans for the future

Many Kaye prophesy a brilliant model career. Parents do not advertise their hopes for the future of their daughter. They do not mind if she chooses a model business, but this should be only her decision. There is plenty of money in their family, so children can get any kind of education.

Of course, Kaya with her external data will not be deprived of male attention. We hope she will meet a decent companion. But now young daughter Cindy Crawford does not think about it.


In September, the girl will be fourteen years old, and she is leaning towards the profession of pediatric nurse. To become a model, according to Kayi, special knowledge is not needed. She does not refuse from the model future so far, but she believes that it will be more interesting for her to treat children.

Some interesting facts from the life of Kaya and Cindy.

Cindy's last name came from her father, John Crawford. Out of love and respect for him, she did not change her after marriage. The father really wanted his family to go on, but the only son died as a child. Model Crawford left a maiden name, but her children are the name of the father Gerber.

Kaya actively uses various social services. networks, its Instagram page is regularly updated with new photos.

Some magazines claim that the Cindy Crawford family is going through hard times. A happy and strong marriage is on the verge of collapse due to Gerber’s treason. Crawford with the children moved to a friend to think about plans for the future.

Son Presley inherited mom's birthmark, Kaya did not. But, according to experts, the girl will be very famous without her.

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