Adam Rainer: biography and career


Adam Rainer is known for his work in the series. Despite the fact that the actor is not awarded film awards, his name is on the lips of many, and the audience admires the talent of the guy.

Biography of the actor

Rainer Adam was born in an Anglo-American family, the boy's father was raised in the UK, and his mother grew up in the United States. In this regard, Adam has dual citizenship. Reiner graduated from the University of Durham, where the young man studied English in depth. Later, the guy decided to link his life with acting skills and therefore entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. After completing two-year courses, he began working for the theater company Royal Shakespeare Theater. Soon, the once-unknown Adam Rainer became very recognizable.


The personal life of a guy has never been public. Journalists know only about one of his love - Lucy Brown. In 2015, lovers married and now they are raising a young son.


It is through participation in TV shows around the world that the actor named Reiner Adam became known. The films did not make him successful, even though the guy is very talented. Best of all, Adam’s popularity was influenced by his participation in The Mistresses. It was after the release of the serial tape on television screens about the actor began to talk.

In the center of the plot of the series are four friends - Katie, Trudy, Jessica and Seo. Since student years, they have become accustomed to sharing their experiences with each other. Stories of girls do not resemble each other, but each of them is difficult to cope with the experiences.


Adam Rainer played the role of Dominic Montgomery, the former lover of one of the main characters of the dramatic tape, the married Seo. He is also the father of the girl’s daughter.


The series "Tyrant" greatly glorified the actor, as the main role in it was played by Adam Rainer. The biography and personal life of his hero caused a genuine interest of the audience to the character. The actor reincarnated in the image of the son of a rich ruler of a fictional state called Baladi. Being very young, Rainer's hero, Barry Al Fayed, moved to the United States. When he grew up, he decided not to return home, but to build his life in America. Barry got what he wanted. He is happily married and also develops his own business.


One day he has to return to his home to congratulate his nephew on his wedding. Despite the long separation, none of the relatives were happy to see the guy. The fact is that because of the conflict in the countries of the Middle East and the United States, the residents of Baladi had a bad attitude towards all Americans and most of all to his wife Al Fayed.

Barry dreams that the celebration is over, and he could return to his home, but soon his plans change. Unexpectedly for all, the boy's father, the ruler of Baladi, dies. Now the main character of the television series "Tyrant", played by Adam Reiner, will have to take responsibility for the country as the only heir.

The project was created by Gideon Raff, Howard Gordon and Craig Wright. The directors shared with the press that they were creating the story in such a way as not to offend any of the countries of the Middle East and not to provoke discontent of their inhabitants. The shooting of the project took place in different cities of Israel, as well as in Istanbul.

"Doctor Who"

Adam also took part in one of Britain’s most popular TV shows, Doctor Who. The multinational talks about the life and adventures of an alien humanoid who can travel in space and time thanks to the TARDIS spacecraft, which looks like a blue phone booth. The alien calls himself a Doctor. He is very advanced in history, science, and technology. After death, the humanoid takes a new look and continues its work. He saves humanity from mystical criminals who the police could not cope with.

Adam Rainer starred in the seventh series of the fourth season of the series. The hero of the actor, Roger Karbischli, lives in London in 1925.


We remind you that Doctor Who is a cult British sci-fi series. Also the project is the longest multi-episode created in this genre. The tape was created in 1963, its release was completed in 1989. In 2005, the continuation of the picture.

"At gunpoint"

Reiner Adam also played a major role in the drama series "Under the Sight", also known as "Persecuted." The central character of the story is a young girl named Samantha. She has been working for a secret organization for a long time. On one of the tasks the spy is trapped, but she manages to survive. Soon, Samantha realizes that the attack was organized by one member of the team where she works. Then the girl decides to find out who could betray her.


Adam got the role of Aidan Marsh, a colleague of Samantha. Despite the fact that the series was closed after the first season, Rainer was able to become famous.


In the Miranda series, Rainer Adam played one of the minor roles. The actor starred in episodes of Je Regret Nothing and The Perfect Christmas as Dr. Gale. It is noteworthy that even with such a minor role he could be remembered by the audience.


Multinational talks about a clumsy young girl named Miranda, who absolutely can not communicate with people. She is the owner of a fun shop, but the main character of the movie doesn’t have a soul for the business, so management responsibility lies with her childhood friend Stevie. Miranda's mom leaves no hope that she can arrange her daughter's privacy, but her every attempt fails because of the nature of the girl.

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