Daughter Khrushchev Rada Adzhubey: biography, photo


Rada Adzhubey - the middle daughter of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee N. S. Khrushchev. Having received an excellent upbringing and education, she worked for more than half a century in the publication Science and Life. Today Rada Nikitichna is on a well-deserved rest. Despite her advanced age, a 87-year-old woman eagerly shares memories of her life with journalists.


Parents are happy

Ajubey Rada Nikitichna (nee - Khrushchev) was born in 1929 in the nomenklatura family. Her father was Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev, who at that time served as secretary of the party committee at the Industrial Academy in Moscow. Subsequently, he worked as First Secretary of the Kiev Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, First Secretary of the Moscow Regional Committee of the CPSU (B). In 1953-1964, the father of the Rada was the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and in essence - the main person in the state. The girl's mother, Nina Petrovna Kukharchuk, at the time of her acquaintance with Khrushchev, worked as a teacher of political economy in the party school of the city of Yuzovka (now Donetsk). Rada Nikitichna’s parents played the wedding with their family in 1924, but they officially registered their marriage only in 1965.


Brothers and sisters

In addition to the Rada, Nina Petrovna and Nikita Sergeevich had two more children. In 1935, the couple had a son, Sergei, and in 1937, a daughter, Elena. Until Kukharchuk Khrushchev was married to Efrosinya Pisareva, who died in 1920 from typhus. From his marriage to her, his son Leonid and daughter Julia grew up. Thus, Rada had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Sergei Khrushchev became an engineer, engaged in cybernetics and rocket science, after the collapse of the Union emigrated to the United States, where he received the title of professor at Brown University.

The younger sister of Rada Nikitichny Lena chose the legal profession, worked at the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, died at the age of 37. A stepbrother Leonid was a military pilot who died in an air battle near Kaluga in 1943. The elder sister of the Rada after father Yulia chose journalism as her activity, but, disappointed in the profession, began working as a head of the literary department in the Yermolova Theater.


Childhood, school

How did the fate of the average daughter of Khrushchev? Rada Adzhubey, whose biography will be described in this publication, came into being at a time when her father began to pursue a rapid political career. Despite the constant employment at work, Nikita Sergeevich found time to communicate with his family. Soon after the birth of Rada Khrushchev was transferred to Moscow. The family of the future General Secretary of the USSR settled first in a dormitory on Pokrovka, and then in a separate apartment of the government house on Naberezhnaya Street. Rada often spent weekends with her parents at the recreation center in Ogaryovo, where the families of many party workers gathered. Her best childhood friends were the daughters of Bulganin and Malenkova Vera and Volya.

The daughter of Khrushchev Rada Adzhubey grew independent girl. Her mother served as head of the party office at the Moscow radio-tube factory and often was in the workplace from early morning until late evening. She continued to work even after the birth of her son Sergei. Nina Petrovna left work only in 1937, having given birth to her youngest daughter Lena. The girl was born very weak and demanded increased attention. Taking care of her, Khrushchev's wife could not devote enough time to the rest of the children. While Rada was small, her half-sister, Julia, was looking after her. Becoming older, she was completely left to herself. Rada went to the nomenclature school located in Arbat lanes. The younger son of Anastas Mikoyan Sergo, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, studied in the same class with her. She liked the school very much, she attended it with pleasure, studied well. After Nikita Sergeevich was appointed First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Rada transferred to a Kiev school, which she later graduated with a gold medal.


Rada was not surrounded by luxury in childhood. Despite the high position of Khrushchev, his household lived quite modestly. They did not eat delicacies, did not drive expensive cars, and all the furniture in the apartment occupied by the family of Nikita Sergeevich was bureaucratic and had tags with inventory numbers. Nina Petrovna preferred to get to work on the tram, and many of her colleagues did not even realize that she was the wife of Khrushchev. The housekeeper, who ran away from the village and helped her not to have her own home, slept with her masters in the corridor on the trunk helped her keep the household.

Admission to Moscow State University

After graduating from school in 1947, she came to Moscow to enter Moscow State University Rada Nikitichna Ajubey. Her biography contains facts that prove that an influential father did not provide her with any assistance in entering the university. Rada was distinguished by independence, which was unusual for her age, and decided to choose her future profession without the guidance of her parents. She dreamed of becoming a journalist, but there was no department at Moscow State University that trains such specialists. Then the girl, who from childhood had a weakness for literature, chose a philological faculty. However, Rade Nikitichna was incredibly lucky: having entered the philological department, she learned that a new department of journalism had opened at its base. Without thinking twice, Khrushchev's daughter transferred to him and began to master the profession of a correspondent. She graduated from Moscow State University girl in 1952.


Marriage, birth of children

In 1949, immediately after the second year, Rada married her classmate Alexei Ivanovich Adzhubey. Nikita Sergeevich and Nina Petrovna believed that their daughters started a family early, but did not oppose her wishes. Khrushchev’s daughter’s wedding was purely student: instead of a restaurant, young people walked in the country house with a fiancé's friend, and laid tables in the courtyard. In 1952, Rada Adjubei presented her first-born child Nikita to her husband. In 1954, the couple had a son, Alex, and in 1959, Ivan.

The relations of Adzhubei with the influential father-in-law evolved perfectly. In 1950, Nikita Sergeevich helped his son-in-law get a job as an intern in the sports department of the all-Union newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, and after a few years Alexey Ivanovich was appointed its chief editor. In 1959, the spouse of the Rada Nikitichny headed the editorial office of the newspaper "Izvestia", in 1961 he became a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU. After Khrushchev was removed from power in 1964, Adjudi lost all high positions. His place of work was the journalism department in the magazine "Soviet Union".



After graduating from Moscow State University and having given birth to her first son, Rada Nikitichna Khrushcheva-Adzhubey came to work in the journal Science and Life as head of the department of medicine and biology. In 1956 she was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of this publication. In her post she worked until the very beginning of her deserved vacation in 2004. After Khrushchev was removed from office, Rada Nikitichna was able to hold on as deputy editor. Among her colleagues, she enjoyed great prestige and was an actual leader in her work. Under her “Science and Life” from a boring second-rate edition turned into one of the most interesting and readable magazines in the Soviet Union.

Overseas trips

During the reign of Khrushchev, Rade Adzhubey repeatedly managed to travel outside the Soviet Union. Nikita Sergeevich was the first in the history of the USSR to take a wife and children on his foreign business trips. The most memorable was the trip to Washington and New York, where her father was on a long working visit. In the USA, Rada was also with her husband, who also went abroad on business trips. During one of these visits, Adzhubeyev was invited to the White House, where Khrushchev's daughter met John Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, in person.


Life Rada Nikitichny today

Rada Adzhubey, whose photos are presented in this article, lived with Alexei Ivanovich until his death in 1993. Their family union, which many considered to be a marriage of convenience and prophesied quick decay, proved surprisingly strong. The spouses managed to live in perfect harmony for 44 years and raise three sons. Today Rada Nikitichna is retired. Due to old age, it rarely appears in humans. Most of the time, Khrushchev’s daughter devotes to putting family archives in order, in which many interesting documents and photographs have gathered. She is not at all interested in politics and tries not to lose touch with her younger brother Sergey, who constantly lives in the USA.

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