Interesting fact about Kazakhstan for children and adults


What tricks do not go the authorities of any country to attract the attention of tourists to it. In the course of invitations to holidays, stories about mystical places and invented legends. This is absolutely unnecessary for Kazakhstan. Here and without speculation there is something to listen to and what to see. Interesting facts about Kazakhstan will tell about the sights, unique people, national culture and geographical objects, similar to which are not found anywhere else in the world. Focusing on this information, you can learn more about the country and even draw up a travel route. Kazakhs are justly proud of their homeland.

General information

The first surprising fact is that Kazakhstan is a country that does not have a definite territorial affiliation to the continents. This means that most of the state is in Asia, and the smaller is located in Europe. Moreover, it occupies the ninth place in terms of area and belongs to super-large powers.

This is not the only interesting fact about Kazakhstan related to its location on the map and territory. If you take into account only the CIS countries, the birthplace of the Kazakhs is considered the second largest. The border between it and the Russian Federation in general is the longest between the states all over the world.

But with such solid dimensions, Kazakhstan is the largest country, which has no access to the oceans. No less surprising is the administrative division into districts: only more than 2.5 million square kilometers account for only 14 regions. There are also 2 cities of republican significance.


Historical facts

We use money every day. Or even think about them. But very few people remember the word itself from the point of view of its etymology. The fact that in the language and thoughts of the adult population is constantly present, money, comes from the Kazakh word "tenge", which is still called the national currency of the country.

Astana is the capital of the state. While historians are struggling with the mystery of the origin of a word, scientists from Kazakhstan do not even remember it. The fact is that the name Astana translates as "capital". This also applies to Almaty - people saw a lot of apple trees around the village, that's why they called the city itself. And how now do not consider people practical.

Another interesting fact about Kazakhstan, which made the country famous all over the world: it is here that the Baikonur cosmodrome is located. With him on a voyage of space expanses for the first time a man was successfully sent.


Kazakhstan is the birthplace of the Amazons

Yes exactly. And there is no error here. Naturally, we are not talking about the entire territory of the country, but about its southwestern part, but nevertheless, during the excavations of Scythian graves, curious things were discovered - the burial of women with weapons, armor and horse harness. Thus, it can be argued that the homeland of the Amazons is Kazakhstan. Interesting facts about the country on this subject do not end there. Recently, a new direction was formed, which seeks to revive the customs of militant women, although partially.

Young girls, virgins, group together to train the body, live without men, and so on. According to representatives of the group, to kill, unlike their famous ancestors, they are not going to anyone, which can not but rejoice. In addition to training, the girls are engaged in studying the life of the Amazons, their culture.


In 2013, writer Joanna Kimblewood became interested in this topic. She is writing a book about these amazing, semi-mythical women. It is safe to say that when the work is completed and will be available to a wide circle of readers, the curiosity of the country from the side of tourists will increase prohibitively.

Talking elephant

Interesting facts about Kazakhstan for children and adults are not limited to history. In this country, where the elephants and the passage should not be, lived and health until 1993, a talking representative of these animals. Wild elephants born in nature, Palma and Dubas, gave birth to Batyr, who became famous throughout the world and made the Kazakhstan zoo famous. The bogatyr (this is how his name is translated into Russian) was able to imitate the sounds of the surrounding world.


This interesting fact about Kazakhstan and its amazing resident spread around the world instantly. In 1977, the zoo staff first noticed that the elephant imitated human speech. Already in 1979, scientists were interested in this issue, therefore, a number of publications about the animal and its abilities were published. However, it is impossible to say that the elephant has mastered the speech. He just tried to repeat the sounds.

Kazakhstani Petropavlovsk

This is the northern city of Kazakhstan, which is located near the Russian border. Built in 1752 as a defensive fortress on the Ishim River, it quickly grew into a full-fledged cultural and industrial center, the population grew, began to engage in trade, crafts. The military past was soon forgotten.


Let's talk about interesting facts about Petropavlovsk. Kazakhstan today made the city an industrial center. This was facilitated by the fact that the well-known Trans-Siberian Railway passed through it, which cut almost the entire Soviet Union. Although the first railway station opened in 1896.

But, despite the course on the development of industry, Petropavlovsk has something to interest fans of culture and history. These are the Graphic and Local History Museums. The regional puppet theater is always open for children, and the adult is waiting for the Kazakh Music and Drama Theater. S. Mukanov. Although these sights have only regional significance, this does not mean that they should not be visited, since the Kazakh view of architecture combines the notes of Soviet modernism and the unusual sophistication of the East.


If it is possible to make a vinaigrette from nations, then it is worth looking at such a phenomenon in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Interesting facts about the country relate to its inhabitants.

Indigenous Kazakhs are just over 60 percent of the population. The second largest are the Russians (more than 20 percent), then Ukrainians, Tatars, Uzbeks and even indigenous Germans.


One of the largest countries in the world sheltered 18 million people. For completeness of understanding, this is only 6 people per square meter. This circumstance makes the country one of the most sparsely populated in the world. And such a population density is inherent in certain areas. In the rest, it is even smaller.

Thus, the ideal place for lovers of silence and relative loneliness is Kazakhstan. Interesting facts about the people, history and attractions of this state need to learn, plunging into the culture of the country, its customs and incredible mentality.

The highest skating rink in the world

If you like world records and alpine skiing, then immediately go to Kazakhstan - here you will find both.

The skating rink is located at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level, which makes Medeu the highest skating rink in the world. The field is filled with pure mountain water, which as if charges the skates with energy. How else to explain the presence of two hundred world records?


The opening ceremony of the rink took place in 1972. Prior to this, for many years builders and engineers worked on the construction of a masterpiece. Only one field is collected from 20 types of materials.

An interesting fact about Kazakhstan - “Medeu” is considered a factory of records also because many little-known athletes could raise the bar at competitions to the highest level.

Some more little things

The most interesting facts about Kazakhstan are usually learned during the visit. But here are some more important details for the tourist:

  • On the territory of three time zones, because you need to carefully monitor the time.
  • The national language is Kazakh. But many people also understand Russian perfectly, because there is nothing to fear.
  • Do not forget to go to the lake Balkhash - one of the largest in the world. In addition, it is the only one in the world that is half salty, half fresh.
  • Be careful about expressions about other nationalities. It is likely that you are talking to her representative. More than 120 nations live here.

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