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Kanae, until a certain time, was an unknown girl, but at one point she married, and this changed her life. Even today, she does not have any sports or any other achievements, does not write books, does not act in films or does anything outstanding, but many know her. This woman is loved by those who know her and those who are not familiar with her. Who is Miyahra Kanae? The story of its popularity will begin even before its birth and will not be associated with it, but about everything - in order!


Future husband

This whole story began in 1982 in the city of Melbourne. On December 4, a son was born in a family of Serbian emigrants. His birth shocked his parents because he was without arms and legs. All he had was a part of a foot with two fingers. About three years later, Miyahara Kanae was born. The parents of these children experienced completely different emotions. Armless and legless boy Nick Vujcic learned to walk, write, swim, play on the computer and ride a skateboard with the help of his foot.

His life could not be called simple; at the age of 8 he wanted to drown himself in a bathroom, but he could not, did not want his parents to blame themselves for the whole life. Who would have thought that these children in the future will bring together so much?

Years went by and Nick graduated from Griffith University in Brisbane. Today, the whole world knows him as a preacher and a motivator; he has traveled to 64 countries and has spoken at universities, schools and all kinds of organizations. He writes books and takes part in a television show. At this stage, he lives in the United States, in California.

Miyahara Kanae is the wife of Nick Vujcic. The story of their love is incredible, it touches the hearts of millions of people and gives hope for the best.

Childhood Kanae Vuychich

The girl was born on December 22, 1985 or 1986. The exact date of birth of Kanae Miyahary is not indicated anywhere. It is only known that he and Nick have about 3 years of difference. This girl has never sought to publicity, and therefore information about her is extremely small.

Kanae's father is Japanese, and my mother is Mexican. Her dad was in love with Mexico, with its nature. He wanted to always be in her surroundings, so he opened his own business related to agriculture. So he met his mother Kanae, she worked in his office. Their theme was a common hobby: they collected coins and postage stamps. We talked a lot and understood that we needed each other. The young family decided to stay in Mexico, their daughter was born here. By nationality Kanae Miyahara - Mexican.

Dad cooked his traditional Japanese dishes, and children, even as adults, still observed some Japanese traditions. Father died when Kanae was 18 years old. At that time, my sister lived in America and invited her and her younger brother to move in with her.

After moving

At the new place, the girl had to go through a lot. She was very young, and after losing her father, she felt completely exhausted. She lost everything: the house was sold, her friends were in the past, her father’s business was lost. The girl needed hope and love.


Speaking about the biography of Kanae Miyahary, it is impossible not to draw a parallel with the life of Nick. At 9 years old, he envied everyone who could walk with a girl by the hand, he often thought about his future and whether someone could love him. He sometimes fell in love, but did not show his feelings and thought that he would spend his life as a bachelor. At 19, he began to build a relationship with a girl, but both of them were young and decided to wait. After 4 years of waiting, they parted, the fear settled in Nika’s heart that he would never meet his soul mate.

First meeting Kanae and Nick

After moving to America, Kanae met with a guy, and everything seemed to be fine, but only up to a certain stage. It seemed to her that she could not find in her partner what she needed.

So it was until she met Nick. He says that it was love at first sight, they first met in the house of Chief Kanae, then he met her and her sister. He had never heard such names before, and they seemed to be completely identical in appearance, but he quickly figured out.

The next day, Nick spoke at a college, in a hall where only 18 people were present, and saw a divine woman rising upward, the most beautiful woman he had to see. At that moment it even seemed to him that he had arms and legs. Inside it, the real fireworks exploded. He was able to talk to her, and when she left, it seemed to him that his soul had gone with her. He wanted to shout that she would not leave, but he was silent. Since then, they could not forget each other. Today, people ask him how long they are going to stay together, and he answers: "Forever!"



The girl at that time was different. Nick impressed her, there was some kind of strong bond between them, it seemed to her that they had known each other all her life, but she had a boyfriend.

He and Nick had not seen each other for three months, but their feelings did not change.

Kanae is a smart girl, always treats people with a soul, she saw Nick in everyday life and understood that she would have to help him in many ways, but this did not frighten her. It seemed that even then she understood what it means to have a guy like Nick. His parents asked her what would happen if she had the same child as Nick? She replied that they would love him just like all other children, and he would have before him a good example of the fact that everyone can live happily.

This is how Kanae Miyahary’s personal life developed. In 2011, Nick lost his savings. Because of the financial crisis, he had to borrow money from his parents. The motivational speaker could not eat or sleep, cried like a child, and could not get out of a state of panic and stress. He was not sure if she would like to build a relationship with him now. He was completely devastated, but still had to tell his girlfriend the truth. She only replied that he should not be so worried, she would be able to find a second job to support him. And did not leave him in such a situation.

An offer of marriage


When Miyahara Kanae supported him during the crisis, he realized that this woman had been sent to him by God, and decided to make her an offer. He thought of everything beforehand, he wanted it to be a surprise for her. He asked where she would like to have a wedding, and she was so shocked that she could not think at that moment.

Their mothers met the day before, Nick bought a diamond ring and put it in her ice cream vase. They even had a wedding dance, although they did not rehearse beforehand, everything went well.

Family and Children

In 2012, Miyahara Kanae had a family, her personal family, still consisting of two people. A year later, she was replenished with Kiyoshi's son, James. February 13 was born their firstborn, absolutely healthy baby.


Another son was born on August 7, 2015 - Dejan Levy. December 22, 2017 Miyahara Kanae gave birth to twins, it happened just on the day of her birth. Girls Ally and Olivia diluted the company of boys. All children are healthy, and parents are full of happiness. Since parents are in their prime, then there is no point in saying that this is all. Maybe in the future other children will join the family, but for now Nick and Kanae are happy parents of four children.

Beautiful wife

It is said that Kanae is a real beauty who looks very young, perhaps it is a matter of genes, the Japanese have tighter skin, and she does not age as quickly as Europeans. But the girl does not resort to radical changes in her appearance. She eats metered portions strictly on time. This habit has developed from her childhood. If food remained on the plate, the children could not leave the table. The food could not be thrown away, eaten strictly on time. When children began to complain that they had already eaten, they were allocated an additional 5 minutes. If during this time everything was not eaten, they were punished. Here in such severity brought up the girl. Photos of Kanae Miyahara are proof that she looks really good. In addition, she does not drink at all. She also tries to lead an active lifestyle: playing sports, fishing, going to the beach and hiking.


Life principles

Nick Vujcic and Miyahara Kanae married as virgins, they adhere to Christian values. This means that before the marriage, they had to keep clean. Nick said that many of his friends themselves suffer because of their immorality and running from one partner to another, and he looks into his wife's eyes and realizes that this is love. He shows love to his children in an old-fashioned way - shows that he loves their mother. There is no shame in marrying a virgin, because cleanliness is impossible to bring back. You must wait for your spouse, and he will come into your life in due time. Keeping purity, a person donates nothing, but only gains.

The family is confident that God has blessed their family life. As in every family, they have petty altercations, like making a menu or choosing furniture. But they know that they have moved to a higher level. They communicate a lot, talk about this and that. If she says she does not want to talk, he does not insist and postpones the conversation for tomorrow. They respect each other.

Family secrets


Kanae got pregnant during the tour. And they had other plans at that time, and she took hold of her head. I had to adjust the plans. This year they were at home and did not hold any parties. Relatives were worried about whether a child would be born healthy. But the girl did not share their fears. And everything went well. Nick is a very busy man, he has endless performances and tours.

The family supports him in such activities, Nick and Miyahara have gone a lot together, and they are incredibly happy. Nika is called the world-famous motivational speaker, and his wife has a big responsibility. She must be real support for him so that he can do his work. The cause of his life can be called the messiah, vocation, because he helps many people to believe in themselves, to overcome the difficulties that break their destinies. In 19 years, Nick first gave public resistance to those who mocked him, he found his way and helps to find it to others.

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