Scott Lang. Biography of the second Ant-Man


Scott Lang is a famous superhero of the Marvel universe. For a long time, he was not a very popular character in the CIS, but the film "Ant-Man" in 2015 radically changed everything. Now, many viewers who are hooked by a funny superhero who can shrink in size want to learn more about this character. This article was created to help such people satisfy their hunger for information.


Character biography

Before trying on the ant-man's mantle, Scott Lang made a living by stealing. He was far from being a stupid guy and even possessed good knowledge in the field of electronics, but his work did not bring him enough profit to support his family. For his atrocities Lang was arrested for a long time, but for his exemplary behavior, he was released after three years. Scott was hired by billionaire Tony Stark (better known as Iron Man). Since Lang was well versed in technology, he was entrusted with installing a new security system in the mansion of the superhero team "Avengers".

Superhero becoming

New life as a law-abiding citizen did not last long. Everything changed dramatically when a serious illness was discovered in Scott Lang’s daughter. The only person who could help her was Dr. Eric Sondheim. However, he was kidnapped by the supervillain Darren Cross. In order to save the doctor and his daughter, Scott made his way into the home of Henry Pym (the original Ant-Man), and then kidnapped his suit and particle reduction technology. After Scott Lang managed to save the doctor and his daughter, he confessed to Pym that he had stolen his equipment. Pim, in turn, did not become angry, but, on the contrary, allowed Scott to keep the suit for himself, provided that he continued to do good things further. From that moment began a superhero career as a new ant-man.

Super abilities


Scott Lang has the same capabilities as the previous Ant-Man. Thanks to a special substance invented by Henry Pym, Scott can reduce himself, other creatures or objects to a tiny size, and then return everything to its original state. A special transmitter is built into the Ant-Man’s helmet, thanks to which its carrier can mentally communicate with various insects. In addition, it has a special microphone that allows a superhero to speak in a voice familiar to a person, even when he is in a reduced state. One of the added benefits of a costume is an increase in strength. Due to the special ammunition, the physical abilities of its carrier increase fourfold.

On top of that, Scott Lang has extensive experience and expertise in technology, which has repeatedly helped him in his superhero activities.

Screen versions


1. "The Avengers: The Greatest Heroes of the Earth." In this animated series, this character debuted in episode 5 of season 2. His story in this film adaptation is in many ways similar to his story from comics: the same daughter, the same villain, from whose clutches she needs to be rescued, and the abduction of the costume with further blessing for feats from Henry Pym. Voiced by character Crispin Freeman.

2. "Ant-Man". The first feature film about this superhero. Played Scott Lang actor Paul Rudd. As in the original, the main character was a thief who was forced to break the law in order to ensure a decent existence for his family. After serving time in prison, the former thief is again forced to take on the old. Scott tried to rob a famous scientist Hank Pym (who in this version is much older than his original from the comics), but as it turned out, he soon arranged their meeting. Pym found out about Scott's thief of talent and decided to use it for personal purposes. He said that his former student was crazy, took the nickname Yellow Jacket and is going to sell reducing technologies to terrorists from the criminal organization Hydra. Scott Lang and Hope, Hank's daughter, as well as Pym himself, now need to come up with a plan to neutralize this dangerous enemy.


3. "The First Avenger: Opposition." This picture tells about the split of the team "Avengers". One camp is headed by Captain America, and the other is Iron Man. In this fight, Scott joined the Captain and his resistance team.

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