Yuzhnouralsk: population, employment, ethnic composition


Yuzhnouralsk is a city in the territory of the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation. Chelyabinsk is 88 km away. It is located on the river Uvelka. Seven kilometers from it is located well. The station “Nizhneuvelskaya”, which is connected to the city by means of a railway branch, at the end of which there is Art. Yuzhnouralsk. The population of Yuzhnouralsk is 37, 801 people.

Yuzhnouralsk received the city status only in 1963. Prior to this, it was the village of South Ural. The city is 5 km long and 4.3 km wide. The area is 110, 6 square meters. km


Natural conditions

Yuzhnouralsk is located 90 km south of Chelyabinsk. It is located in the eastern part of the South Ural mountains at an altitude of 238 meters. To the north of the city is located the South Urals reservoir, and on the western outskirts the tributary of the Ui flows.

The vegetation of urban neighborhoods is a forest of mixed composition - mainly from aspen, pine and birch.

The climate is quite continental, although it is classified as moderately continental. It is characterized by a frosty and relatively little snowy winter, with blizzards and snow blowing. The soil freezes to a depth of 1.5 m, and in some years - much deeper.


Summer, on the contrary, is hot, but also dry. At the same time, the average July temperature is only + 16 … +18 degrees. It's all about big daily fluctuations. After all, the maximum temperature here once reached even up to +42 ° С. In January, the average temperature is -15 … -17 degrees. Rainfall - 436 mm per year. The absolute minimum is also extreme - -51.6 ° С.

Obviously, the severity and contrast of weather and climate do not have the best effect on the demographic situation in the city.

Transport and economy

The main types of transport in Yuzhnouralsk are buses and taxis. For long-distance transport is used bus station. At present, the railway communication does not work, and electric trains used to go to the city before.

The economy of the city is based on industry and commerce. The main industries are engineering and energy. The enterprises of food, light, porcelain and ceramic industries also work. Insulators and reinforcement are also produced. In total there are 384 small enterprises and 11 large ones. A feature of the trade is a large dishware market, designed for both retail and wholesale sales.



In 2017, the population of the city of Yuzhnouralsk was 37, 801 people. This corresponds to the 418th place among the cities of the Russian Federation. Population dynamics shows rapid growth until 1970, slow growth until the mid-90s, and then an unstable condition with a tendency to reduce the number of inhabitants. At the maximum, the population was 41, 700. In recent years, the number of residents of the city has slowly increased.

Such dynamics indicate that, in contrast to many other Russian cities, Yuzhnouralsk was able to survive the crisis of the 1990s relatively painlessly, and now its economy is gradually recovering.


Features of the population of Yuzhnouralsk

The population density in the city is 369 people per square kilometer. In 2010, there were 12, 000 families and 24, 600 people of working age. Children were 7.2 thousand people.

In the national composition of the population is dominated by Russians. There are 36, 600 of them in the city, which is 36 times more than the Ukrainians. This situation may be due to the great remoteness of the city from the territory of Ukraine and with other factors. In third place - the Tatars. There are only 513 people in Yuzhnouralsk. And on the fourth - Belarusians (305 people). This is followed by the Mordvinians (152 people). Another 888 people could not determine their nationality.

Jobs Center for Employment Yuzhnouralsk

Employment, apparently, is not bad. According to the center of employment of the population of the city of Yuzhnouralsk, as of mid-2018, in this settlement there is a moderate number of vacancies for both full and part-time workers (but more often for full). Some jobs have a shift schedule. The city needs a lot of doctors. The rest of the specialty, for the most part, technical and work oriented. Other types of vacancies are much less common.

The highest salaries of doctors. Here their size is much higher than in many other cities of the Russian Federation. The range is from 40 to 80 thousand rubles, and only the nurse has a salary 2 times lower.

On technical specialties the average payments, most often, from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. Often there are salaries ranging from 12, 838 rubles, but no lower ones were found. Compared to many other cities, the general situation with the money allowance is quite good here, which, perhaps, is the reason for the steady demographic situation in this city.


Sights of the city of Yuzhnouralsk

There are few sights in the city and they are of local importance:

  • The Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos is a rather new temple, built in 2001 according to the plan of the architect N. Akchurin.
  • Monument to the border guards. This object is open to visitors recently - by the end of 2015. The monument is a green-red border pillar with a bas-relief on which a map of Russia is drawn.
  • Kichiginsky bor. This natural object consists of 2 rarefied burs. It is remarkable that it grows valuable species of trees and grasses.


Thus, the population of Yuzhnouralsk in recent decades has been fairly stable, which is better than in many other cities of the Russian Federation. One of the most likely reasons for this is the relatively favorable situation with employment and wages. At the same time, the climatic conditions in the city are not very comfortable for living. The transport system is also rather poorly developed.

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