Voronezh, Nikitinskaya, 1: what is there and how to get to the address?


Nikitinskaya, 1 in Voronezh - this is the address of the city palace of railway workers. It is he who combines not only the traditional forms of leisure for the house culture, but also quite modern institutions. Let's try to figure out in more detail what is located at the specified address.

Where is and how to get?


The nearest stop to this address is called “Ul. Komissarzhevskaya”, you can get to it by any bus that moves to the central part of the city. If you decide to drive your own car, then be prepared for the fact that it is very difficult to put a car on Nikitinskaya Street.

Illusion Theater


Nikitinskaya Street 1 in Voronezh is the address of the first city illusion theater Magic Land. This is a place where you can have fun with the whole family. Theatrical performance and tricks shows in one bottle will not leave anyone indifferent. This theater is still very young, but it has already found its audience and is popular with people of completely different ages.

As a rule, people come here with children, but the performance will be interesting for adults too. Performances are held twice a day on Sundays.

Restaurant and children's circles


Unexpectedly for the residents of the city, a youth restaurant appeared in the recreation center of Voronezh Voronezh on Nikitinskaya, 1. It gains particular popularity in the summer, when dozens of young people occupy tables on a cozy open veranda. On weekends it’s almost impossible to sit down.

Among other things, DK retains all its functions and invites residents of the city to classes in vocal skills, dance and vocal art. Here, with enviable regularity, exhibitions of works by local artists and photographers are held. It is worth knowing that on Nikitinsky, 1 there is going to a photo club "Photum", where you can show your work, as well as meet interesting people.

We can safely say that this place gathers in itself the traditions of the past and the trends of the present. It will be interesting for young children, teenagers and adults. Suddenly, for the residents of the city, Nikitinskaya Street comes to life and is filled with citizens. And this is the merit of the people who open theaters, cafes and clubs here, instilling life in the quiet quarter of Voronezh.

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