Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolaevich. Biography


Full name: Anatoly Kozeruk

Place of birth: g. Moscow

Date of birth: January 25, 1978

Education: higher, RSUH, department of local history and historical and cultural tourism

Profession: traveler, teacher of the RSUH, author of two novels “Notes of Tolik the Traveler” and “Peace in Your Eyes”, honorary member of the Moscow Regional Studies Society

Marital status: married, two children

Anatoly Nikolaevich Kozeruk grew up in the family of geologist Nikolai Andreevich and Vera Stepanovna's accountant. The childhood years of Anatolia in connection with the constant work trips of the father were spent traveling across the CIS and abroad: Tyumen, Novy Urengoy, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Yerevan (Armenia) and even Basra (Iraq). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the young man subsequently chose the path of a local historian and traveler as a profession. New cities, delightful landscapes, mysterious myths and legends from different corners of the earth forever captivated the heart of Anatoly Nikolaevich.

Changing one school after another when moving, Anatoly made many interesting acquaintances. Locals did not miss the opportunity to share city legends with young Anatoly. These notes later formed the basis of his first comic novel, The Notes of Tolik the Traveler. In the book, the author shares in the reader with his observations of the lives of people in different countries, their customs, traditions, way of life, gives recommendations to tourists how to behave in a particular place.

In 1992, the family returns to Moscow.

In 1996, Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolaevich graduated from high school. At the family council it was decided to enroll the young man at the RSUH at the department of local history and history.

In 1997, during the summer practice, Anatoly Nikolayevich with the group travels around Russia. There he adds his future novel notes. And on his return to school, at the 2nd year he decides to publish his first author's work. The first reader of the novel was Anatoly’s father, Nikolai Andreevich, who praised his son’s writing talent. He showed the book to his colleagues from the publishing house, and they decided to print a trial 30 copies. The novel came to the liking of fellow students and friends of the family of Anatoly. And even the scientific director of the diploma Anatoly bought a copy for review. Fame was not long in coming, and already at the 5th year the name “Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolaevich” was associated among the students of the RSUH with a young and talented author and traveler.

After graduation, the faculty recommended Anatoly for admission to graduate school. Anatoly Nikolayevich Kozeruk becomes a teacher at his native department. He is also accepted into the Moscow Regional Society.

In 2002, during his regular working visit to Saratov, Anatoly Nikolaevich met his future wife, Jeanne, who works as a guide at the Radishchev Art Museum. After half a year, Zhanna moves to Moscow to Anatoly, and in the summer of 2003, the couple signs at the Central Registry Office.

In 2008, Kozeruk Anatoliy Nikolayevich decided to write a second novel, “Peace in Your Eyes, ” dedicated to his beloved wife, Jeanne, who discovered and presented a completely new world to a modest traveler - family happiness.

Currently, Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolayevich teaches a course of local history at the RSUH, he is actively involved in attracting the younger generation to travel around his native country, full of unexplored beautiful places. Anatoly Nikolaevich also conducts an elective course at the school of his eldest son Peter. As head of the parent committee, he regularly organizes trips of schoolchildren to various cities of Russia in order to study the culture and history of the state.

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