What is "demob"? Who is the "demob"?



Each sphere of public life has its own specific terms and concepts, which, by the way, may not be clear to everyone. In this article we will talk about what a demob is, how this concept is correctly deciphered and how to correctly apply it.

Origin of the word

At the very beginning, of course, you need to know the meaning of the word "demob". So, his etymology is very simple, it comes from the word "demobilization", which means a transfer to the reserve from military service.

Option 1. The process

It is worth saying that this concept can be deciphered in different ways. There are two options for clarification. The first of them is a process, an action, a separate part of the life of a soldier. This is the time when a person is demobilized, that is, he ends his service in the army. After the so-called demob (receiving an order for firing to the reserve), the soldier has the right to go home, leaving the place of urgent service.

Option 2. Man

However, this is not all. This term has another interpretation. If this concept is considered relative to a person, then the demob is a serving soldier. This is a man who graduated from military service, but at the same time he remains on military duty.



Having understood what a "demob" is, as well as who such a "demob" is, it is also worth considering all the steps of the hierarchy that an ordinary soldier must pass. The important point is that not a single level can be “jumped over”; every soldier must experience all the difficulties of a certain period. When only a boy appears in a part, it is called “smell”. Everything is simple, the guy is not even a soldier (he will be after the oath), but only the smell of a soldier. Further, after the oath, the young man becomes a "spirit." This is the most difficult period, since the young and still “green” guys are clearly made to understand that they are still no one, and they do not deserve even a fraction of respect. After a six-month stay in the service, the soldier becomes an “elephant, ” then a “scoop. When he goes through a year and a half of service, the guy finally gets the elegant title of "grandfather", which gives him a lot of freedom and rights. And almost before sending home, in anticipation of the order for dismissal, the soldier carries the most proud name - “demobilization”.

Main tasks

Having understood what a demob is (the process of release from urgent service to the reserve), it is worth telling about what important functions a person who has such a proud title should perform. The main task of the demobels is to prepare for a decent departure home. There is no specific regulation or algorithm of actions, each part and even a company has its own training rules, which the demob needs to adhere to. As for the service itself, in recent days, the soldier bearing this title has practically not strained, forcing the "spirits" to perform their actions.


Special concepts

Having understood what a demob is, it is worth saying that there are some special interpretations of this concept in the army. So who is this "wooden demob"? This is a guy who entered military service after graduating from university and after 9 months of service becomes demobilization (after university the term of fixed-term service is 1 year, not two). The concept of “Dembel's chord” will also be very interesting. Some demobles (either positively or negatively distinguished during service) may be asked to do something good or useful for a company or even a part.

About folklore

Although the demobilization process is a military matter, civilians also have their thoughts on this matter. In the people there are even some funny sayings and tales about demobels.

  1. Demobels are those soldiers who already do nothing.
  2. A demobil is a civilian who for some reason is dressed in military uniform.
  3. The Russian demob is not made with a finger, but with the Charter of the Armed Forces!

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