Sea commercial fish savarin (warehou): description, photo


Savarin (warehou) is a fish that belongs to the family of perciformes. It inhabits the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Most often large shoals of savarin can be found off the coast of New Zealand and Australia. What is this fish? Photo and description will consider below.

general description


Savarin - sea commercial fish. They have a compressed body with well-visible dorsal fins. The eyes of the fish are rounded, large. A small mouth has several rows of small teeth. The scales are small, with a silvery shade. Externally, the fish is extremely similar to tuna, especially the subspecies savarina - blue varehou, which has scales with a bluish tint. However, it differs from tuna in smaller sizes. It will help to understand what is the appearance of this fish, the photo presented above.

Savarin or warehou has trade value for New Zealand and Australia. In these countries, the annual catch of this species is tens of tons. Hence, small-sized fish comes to Japan, where sushi is made from it. Individuals, whose weight is about 4-5 kg, are exported to Europe and America.

What conditions does savarin live in?

Savarin belongs to the category of warm-water fish that dwell at an insignificant depth near the coast. Usually these fish are kept in flocks. They feed on a variety of inhabitants of the depths, in particular, fry, crustaceans, squid. The maximum weight of savarin is about 5 kg. Such fish is caught by seines and trawls. Exact field statistics on the number of harvested Savarin is not kept.

How does savarin come to the domestic market?


As noted above, the bulk of savarin is caught by countries that belong to the region of Oceania. Then the fish comes in frozen, in whole or in the form of carved carcasses to the markets of the USA, China, Japan, Indonesia. Next, the product is shipped in limited quantities to European countries.

The nutritional value

Savarin fish is quite high in calories. Per 100 g of the product here accounts for about 113 kcal. However, it is not appreciated for it. Indeed, in the seas and oceans there is a whole mass of cheaper and nutritious fish.

Savarin fish is in demand because of the saturation of its meat with proteins. To satisfy the daily need for the specified element, an adult needs to consume no more than 150 g of this product. Varehou meat also contains such important elements as magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, and potassium.

It should be noted that savarin fish lives only in clear waters. Therefore, it is considered as a safe, environmentally friendly marine product.

Savarin in cooking


Savarin fish has a tender brownish-brown fillet. In the process of heat treatment the meat brightens. Fish is valued for a small amount of bones and waste. Quite often, its fillets are used to make sushi. In addition, savar meat is ideal for getting dried product. Smoke fish can be cold and hot.

At home, they prepare steaks and balyk from savarin. Fish is also suitable for boiling, frying, baking. The best solution is cooking her fillet on the grill. In the latter case, the bulk of the fat flows out of the fish. In this case, the meat becomes roasted and retains all the healthy, nutrients.

What harm to the body can cause the use of savarin?

Savarin belongs to the category of so-called oily fish. As part of its fillet has a high concentration of fat. It is believed that frequent consumption of such meat can cause diarrhea. However, this occurs in the case of overeating or improper preparation of fish.

As practice shows, the use of balyk and smoked steaks prepared from savarin does not have unpleasant consequences. Cases of poisoning relating to this fish are only related to insufficient heat treatment of meat, eating fillet in the form of sushi.

Savarina does not need to refuse to eat meat. The only exception is the individual intolerance of such a product. However, it is necessary to cook this fish in such a way that its fillet almost completely leaves fat, because the latter does not bring almost any benefit to the body.

Popular Savarina recipes


Most often, such fish is cooked on the grill. For 1 kg of fillet take a few cloves of garlic, lemon, parsley, bay leaf and rosemary. The fish is washed, cleaned of viscera, and then cut into small pieces. Add salt and pepper to taste. The meat is rubbed with chopped garlic, ground bay leaf and sent to the refrigerator for several hours. Next, the fish is placed on the grill, where they cook on low heat, occasionally turning it over. In conclusion, the finished meat is decorated with greens, poured over lemon juice.

Among the popular recipes worth noting is the preparation of savarin with fruits and vegetables. To do this, you need apples and grapes, as well as tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper. The entrails are removed from the fish, the ridge is carefully removed, the bones are cut off, and the fins are cut. In this case, the skin is not removed. It is recommended to leave even the scales, which will make the meat more juicy. Inside, the fish is stuffed with pieces of fruit and vegetables, salted, peppered, and then placed on a wire rack and baked for about an hour on a low heat. Of course, before eating a dish with fish, you need to remove the scales.

An excellent option is to prepare a steak from savarin fillets. To do this, pieces of fillet, freed from the skin and bones, fried in the same grid. Fried meat is served with sour cream sauce, where chopped green onions, parsley, ground pepper, grape or apple vinegar are added.

I would like to note that eating more than a few pieces of fillet at the first meeting with this product is not recommended, no matter how tasty the cooked fish is. If the body normally perceives such food, the portions can be gradually increased.



So we looked at what Savarin represents. The fillet of this fish has not only a unique taste. In its meat contains a whole mass of trace elements, indispensable for the human body. Therefore, it is not surprising that savarin is in demand in the domestic market.

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