Kharkiv clubs: a brief overview


In the north-east of Ukraine is located the second most populated city - Kharkov. This is not only a large industrial and scientific administrative center, but also a city with a rich nightlife. This is facilitated by a large number of young people, which is not surprising, since there are 45 universities and 142 research centers.

Residents of the city know how to work and have a good rest, as evidenced by the theaters, art galleries, zoo, museums and clubs available here. Kharkiv is the most visited musical city of various genres.

Virtual club

Allowing ourselves a quality holiday had to learn to everyone who was born in the USSR. Since whole generations of that country were set up to “think first about the Motherland, and then about themselves, ” after its collapse, numerous theater and music venues became inevitable, where city residents could relax culturally.

With the advent of a new generation, completely different approaches to the organization of leisure were required, and then not only daylight but also nightlife appeared in the city.

One of the most unusual ways to relax is the virtual “Family Leisure Club”. Kharkiv is the largest online store in the country, whose customers are more than 2, 000, 000 people. Here, readers can choose from works of the best world and domestic authors in any genre - from children's literature to reference books on PC work.


In addition to books, the Family Leisure Club (Kharkiv) offers its members consumer goods that can be bought at a significant discount. High-quality service, fast delivery, own stores in all major cities of Ukraine, regular promotions in which you can not only win appliances, but also a car - all this makes this online store a favorite among the population of the country.

Family Clubs

A conscious approach to such an important event in life as the birth of a child has created a demand for professional help and a place to get it.

“Mama” is a family club (Kharkov), where they help young parents not only prepare for such a significant event, but also get information on how to care for a baby, how a young mother can recover from childbirth.


The club offers yoga, art therapy and oriental dances for mothers. Professional psychologists and teachers help kids develop creatively and early to show their talents. Also, a child can undergo quality training for school, having mastered the main academic disciplines taught in grade 1.

The family club "Two in One" chose to preserve the families of the city from divorce, assist in the harmonious education of children and provide psychological support to children in their teens.

Judging by how such assistance is required, these are necessary clubs for the city. Kharkiv takes care of its inhabitants, since such institutions are largely dependent on the donations of the city.

Fitline and Superior Golf & Spa Resort

Health for many people today is a gift that should be multiplied, given the low level of medical care in the country. This is greatly assisted by Kharkiv fitness clubs.

Superior Golf & Spa Resort is the only professional golf club in Ukraine. Besides the fact that children and adults are taught this sport here, each of his guests can undergo wellness and SPA procedures:

  • hydromassage;
  • sauna, Turkish hammam and steam room;
  • water aerobics, pilates, yoga, dance, stretching and fitness classes;
  • swimming in the pool;
  • visit the fitness bar and shop;
  • to train in the gym on modern equipment.


In addition to health, Superior Golf & Spa Resort also takes care of the leisure of its guests, giving them the opportunity to listen to music in the concert hall, ride horses, and children can enjoy the rides.

Fitline Fitness Club is more focused on family sports. Here parents and children expect:

  • martial arts training;
  • aerobics;
  • classes for pregnant women;
  • therapeutic exercises and yoga;
  • gym;
  • dancing.

Family membership allows you to significantly save money not only on sports, but also on visiting doctors. All this is done for the health of people like clubs. Kharkov contributes to their appearance.


In addition to work and health, Kharkiv citizens are interested in where it is interesting to spend the evening. Kharkiv night clubs provide an opportunity not only to dance, but also to taste delicious dishes of various world cuisines.


For example, Radmir offers European and Japanese menus as an addition to the opportunity to dance at the disco bar or surprise friends with their singing in the karaoke room. For lonely hearts, the doors of a dating cafe are open here, where you can invite a girl to a first date and slay her with the luxury and respectability of this club.


For those who are looking for not just the opportunity to eat and dance, but to see or become a participant in the show, Kharkiv nightclubs like “Compass” will do.

Here at once everything was done in order to create vivid performances and hold grand thematic parties.

The dance floor with stunning lighting, modern dance music from the best DJs, a concert venue that meets both local and domestic bands - all this is for Kharkov residents who prefer a glamorous nightlife.


It is in “Compass” that fashion shows, exhibitions and presentations are held. Here, life rages from 10:00 to 06:00.


Sometimes it's hard to choose which clubs to visit. Kharkiv provides a large selection. For example, those who prefer to actively spend time and at the same time eat tasty food are waiting for “Misto”.

This is a real entertainment center, but only for adults who are expected here:

  • the best bowling center in the country, where you can not just “leave” the balls, but also take part in international competitions;
  • strip bar for real men;
  • sauna complex, where you can not only rejuvenate, but also relax with friends;
  • Karaoke bar, which provides an opportunity to show off talent and combine it with delicious dishes and a wine list.

Kharkiv nightclubs are ready to satisfy any desires and whims of customers eager for new experiences. In any of them you can order your own party, for example, a bachelorette party or a bachelor party.

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