The most amazing underwater finds


Underwater discoveries are often unusual and surprising, and even entail their own history and leave their imprint on the new owner. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain these things, what they are for and what they mean. Find at the bottom of the sea or the ocean can not only jewels, but also things of historical value, as well as in the underwater world, there are rare and not at all known to man animals.

As for the beach underwater discoveries, their range is great, because all that is lost by tourists on the beach, you can find, even without going into the water. So, after a storm or strong wind from the water on the beach sand are thrown among the shells and sea pebbles as household items, fines, and jewelry, and sometimes you can find among other things and bathing accessories.

Apollo mechanical engine

To date, the most unusual discovery of the sea depths is the mechanical part of the Apollo 11 vessel. It was not possible to solve its purpose. It is known that in the water it has lain for more than one millennium and serves for calculations. A version has been put forward that this is a similar subject with a computer and calculates eclipses, both solar and lunar. After the two engines found were raised, they were repaired, and now they are on display in America.

Amorphs found by the president himself

In 2011, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin himself found remains of ancient ceramic vessels at the bottom of the Black Sea in the region of Taman Bay. The head of government does not dive so often, and these findings were only two meters deep. True, his press secretary, Peskov D., said that the president did not find these amorphs on his own, someone made sure that they were there by the time Putin was immersed. But the fact that this is a real underwater find, which was lifted from the bottom of the sea, can be no doubt. Just found them a little earlier.


Ship of the ancient Byzantines

People have always traveled around the seas and oceans, made expeditions, sea battles and pirates' robberies occurred more than once, ships were damaged and sank. Naturally, on the seabed, you can see the underwater finds of ships. For example, in 2009, a ship of the Middle Ages, belonging to the Byzantines, was found on the Black Sea coast of sunny Crimea. The vessel was found at a 124-meter depth at Cape Foros. It is still located at the bottom of the sea and is not fully understood. Experts believe that this was a military ship and served to capture pirates. They hope to find surviving valuables on it. Already, under the water, it is clear that there are amorphs, masts, yards and oars. It is possible that when lifting this ship, scientists will find something else that can serve as a discovery in science.


Underwater find of World War II

During the war, the Japanese submarine I-400 went missing. And in 1946, it was found under water 700 meters deep on the banks of the Ohau. For that time, it was considered the most advanced in technical terms. After all, it cost her nothing to go through the entire planet 1.5 times, while not refueling. And on board this submarine usually transported three bombs weighing about 2 tons each. Already at the end of World War II, the United States of America seized the I-400 submarine and brought it to Pearl Harbor. During the Cold War, the Soviet government demanded the right of access to a submarine, but America refused to do so, citing the fact that it did not know where it was located.


Lard in salt water

And also today there are such unusual underwater finds of the Second World War, like lard. For several decades in Scotland, after a storm, the sea has been throwing off this animal fat. And all because during the war the ship with the goods crashed in these places. Locals made an observation that every time after the next storm on the water, along with the waves, the surviving cargo leaves this vessel and sometimes right in the barrels for storage. And they also believe that lard has not yet lost its taste. And during the war, when there was famine and poverty, people of the coast were altogether happy with such pieces. So, the submarine is a shop, a find now for both tourists and locals. And it is possible to be content with a fat product, not diving to the bottom of the sea at all, it will deliver a portion of fat to the shore.

Submarine "Pike" 216

As well as the sea took a lot of submarines and ammunition into the Great Patriotic War, so Pike (submarine) became a godsend for contemporaries. And the most surprising thing about this find is that they found it in a whole state with all its contents. The crew on this ship participated in 14 battles, they managed to sink one enemy ship, and another damage, and yet the boat was defeated and took 48 victims with it. For a long time, she was considered missing. Divers of Ukraine found it near the coast of Tarkhankut at a depth of 50 meters.

Lost city

Perhaps one of the most mysterious underwater finds is a whole sunken city in the Indian Ocean. It was discovered in 2002 at a depth of 36 meters. Scientists considered the age of the city and came to the conclusion that it is 9, 500 years old. That is, the city sank during the melting of glaciers. This discovery suggests that people on earth existed much earlier than historians supposed. In a mysterious place, not only architectural remains have been preserved, but also human ones.


Most ancient microbes

And these underwater finds are remarkable not only for their size, but also for their age. In 2012, microbes that originated during the Jurassic period were found in the ocean, this is when dinosaurs existed. These inhabitants of the bottom still live. Thus, it turns out that their age is 86 million years. Their longevity is due to the fact that their metabolism is too slow. Today, microbes are the most ancient organisms on Earth.

Curse treasure

The story of American Jay Miskovich began with the purchase of a treasure map in 2010. Thus, diving and the thirst for mining treasure have done their job, and he managed to find emeralds of several million off the coast of Florida at a depth of 21 meters. So, his find underwater hunting weighed 36 kilograms. Until now, no one knows where they came from, and the fact of disputes over them has become even more surprising.

It would seem that with such a state Miskovich should become the richest man. But it was not there. The authorities found out about the discovery and, through the courts, demanded that the treasures found free of charge be transferred to the state. Therefore, Jay could not get a cent for his discovery. Thus, his life was divided into “before” and “after” the discoveries of emeralds. After all, now he was involved in legal proceedings, endless disputes about the ownership of the found treasures. Two years later, Miskovich committed suicide. Apparently, to pull the trigger of the gun in his house he was forced by hopelessness from investigations and legal disputes, as well as the inability to get the money he was counting on, and to cover all his debts.


Sea Pirates Ships

Back in 1966, the sunken ship of the most terrible and well-known pirate, nicknamed Blackbeard, was discovered. The ship ran aground off the coast of the Arctic Ocean in 1718 and sank to the bottom.

In 2013, the administration of North Carolina decided to raise all the ammunition from the ship. On land raised guns weighing about a ton each. A year later, they also lifted the guns that were on board the ship.

New shark species

In the Indian Ocean, among several hundred sharks, eight individuals of the new species were found. Thus, the marine laboratory scientist Paul Klerkin went on an expedition in 2012 to study predatory fish and noted that these few sharks are not at all like the others. It is surprising that they are completely different, and the similarity is only in the structure of the spine.

Huge animals

Each of us have already seen and heard in the news or newspapers more than once that once again a giant monster has been cast ashore. They were always different, and the length of some sometimes reached 12 meters. So once a huge squid got into the frame of the camera of a Japanese scientist, he was able to capture it live and in water in 2001 in the camera.

By the way, in the same place in Japan they caught a giant crab. Despite the fact that he is still quite young, and in length already 3 meters. This arthropod was given the nickname "Crab Kong." Fishermen, having caught such prey, were already delighted with such a successful future dinner, but Robin James, a biologist by education, took the sea giant under his protection.


Treasure silver

In 1941, the British ship SS Gairsoppa shipped 240 tons of silver. But he came under fire from Nazi torpedoes and crashed. When this vessel was found in 2012, it was located 480 kilometers off the coast of Ireland. People believed that this ship was already impossible to find. But they managed not only to find his whereabouts, but also to lift 61 tons of silver from his side. After recalculation for modern money of these 20% of the total amount of silver left on board, the cost turned out to be 36 million dollars.


The underwater world is full of mysteries, because it is not yet fully understood by man. Scientists say that now no more than 5% of the aquatic environment has been investigated. Therefore, it remains only to guess how much remains at the bottom of the jewels, sunken ships and entire cities that were built several centuries ago, and what other living organisms live under water on our planet Earth.

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