Is a tomato a berry or is it a vegetable?


As most reference books say, a tomato is a plant of the family of the nightshade. In Latin, the name of the culture sounds - Solánum lycopérsicum. Cultivated tomato as a vegetable, and its fruits are often called tomatoes. The type of fruit is a berry. Does this mean that a tomato is a berry?


Today, due to the fact that a tomato has valuable nutritional and dietary properties, a variety of varieties, as well as high responsiveness to proper care when grown, it is one of the most popular crops on the entire planet. Tomatoes grow in the open field, they bear good fruit under the film, in glass and film greenhouses. You can often see this plant on the balconies and loggias, and sometimes on the windowsills in the rooms.


By consuming this crop, we almost never think, is a tomato a berry or a vegetable? And this question was even the reason for the trial. So, back in 1893, the United States Supreme Court issued a verdict, according to which a tomato was considered a vegetable. Perhaps the reason for this decision was in the economic plane. After all, the import of vegetables, unlike fruits, was subject to customs duties. But, be that as it may, the decision was made on the basis that the tomato is usually eaten for the second under meat or fish.

That is, this culture is not a dessert, which distinguishes it from fruit.

But the assertions that the tomato is a berry did not stop. And they found their confirmation at the official level relatively recently - in 2001.

Then the EU authorities ordered to consider a tomato fruit.

But ordinary people, both in European countries and in our country, still consider most of them tomato as a vegetable.

However, from the fact that a tomato is a berry, or an vegetable, its properties do not become less useful. Lycopene - a unique natural substance that contains tomatoes in large quantities, has simply miraculous properties. Due to this substance, eating tomatoes helps to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and reduce blood pressure. Lycopene in large quantities is also actively fighting obesity and the formation of blood clots.


It is very useful to eat tomatoes for middle-aged men. After all, if lycopene is not enough in their bodies, the risk of having a heart attack or stroke increases threefold. The antitumor effect, an obstacle to the division of cancer cells, which prevents the development of oncology, is also attributed to tomatoes. Tomato berry, by the way, is one of the few vegetable crops that do not lose their beneficial properties when exposed to high temperatures. Moreover, the amount of lycopene in tomatoes during their cooking or frying increases by one and a half times. According to scientists from the cancer center in Memphis, if you use fresh or cooked tomatoes every day, you can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer (melanoma) and prostate cancer and get rid of some cardiovascular diseases.

But still, is tomato a berry? Never mind. The main thing is that tomato is tasty and healthy.

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