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Names play an important role in the life of each person. But it happens that the names can be funny and even ridiculous. That's what we'll talk about today. We will tell you about what a funny female name exists, what it means. This is really interesting.


Why are there very funny names?

If it is good to understand the essence of the question, then in our language there are practically no names that would cause an involuntary smile. No, of course, they exist, but they relate to the Old Slavonic speech and have not been used in modern times for a long time. Most often, funny names of people come to our speech from other ethnic groups. In their language version, the name may not have an entertaining character, but in ours it can be quite funny because of various linguistic turns and words that have an emotional tinge.


Is it possible to find analogues?

The funniest names in the world can have analogues in other languages, but, taking into account the general rule that it is impossible to translate names and surnames, no one often uses changed versions. This can be colloquially and then only when a person finds a foreign language version of his name and initially imagines them, but this is not suitable for the official business style and for documents.



There is a special list that contains the funniest names in the world. It offers a variety of names, the total number of which exceeds the number of two hundred thousand units. But we will give you just some funny female names. So let's get started. Funny names are: Abaka, Agadia, Anal, Asusena, Asylbubu, Baba, Baba, Baqa, Bibi, Bobin, Bobo, Bubu, Bulbul, Betsalel, Vaterperekosma, Vosmarta, Grananta, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Dmardona, Dysduraperma, Dysuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Dysuke, Dormidona, Dmardona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Dysuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Vamart, Granat, Dazdraperma, Daisuke, Dormidona, Vamart Zone, Zubakha, Kakuli, Kaykai, Kefira, Kiki, Kinza, Conchita, Koko, Kuekue, Kunigunda, Lagshmivara, Laika, Lipa, Mausuka, Nasr, Nasrullah, Our, Nisherha, Perdita, Penelope, Parta, Pervorakaka, Perthupa, Perthaura, Perthusa, Perthaura, Perthaura, Perthola, Perthrita, Perthrita, Perthrita, Perneopa, Pereneratha Pozdy, Benefit, Poppy, Pravdin, Pirasta, Sushil, Huixian, Feognid, Fifi, Shin, Shiz, Ennis, Etsuko, Yasuko. But this is far from the end. This list can be continued for several hundred pages and it’s not a fact that all possible options will be listed, since there are a lot of them.


Names and not only

Funny female names and surnames are often combined together. In this case, a real pun turns out, because both the name and the last name can mean anything and be ridiculous for our perception. Now we will give you such examples. So. Funny and long is the name of a resident of the Hawaiian Islands, which has in its composition 102 letters - Napou-Amo-Hal-On-On-Aneka-Vehi-Vehi-On-Hivea-Nena-Vava-Keho-Onka-Kahe-Hea-Leke -Ea-She-Nei-Nana-Nia-Keko-Oa-Oga-Van-Ika-Vanao. S. Ellen Georgiana Ser-Lekken is a sweet girl, whose full name consists of 598 letters. Princess Diana is not the princess you might have thought of initially, it’s just the name of a little Kharkov resident. Mu, Wu, Gu - these are just the names of the three daughters of the famous psychologist John Trein. A large and close-knit family from Chicago also claims a place in our Top Six of the strangest names and surnames. This cute couple called their daughters completely unusual “names, ” namely Tonsillitis, Meningitis, Peritonitis, Laryngitis and Appendicitis. The top of our rating is occupied by the whole French family, which was deprived of a normal human surname, instead of which there was a set of numbers - 1792. But this is not the end. Children born in this family, whether boy or girl, bore the names of the months of the year, for example: January 1792, February 1792, March 1792, April 1972, …


Is it a feature?

Funny names can be for a person either a gift or a curse. We do not sneer, but tell the true truth, because sometimes parents, without even thinking about the consequences, call children differently, and often it is very silly. Funny names of girls in the future may cause ridicule from peers, which, in turn, will lead to the development of complexes and feelings of inferiority. And fix it will not be so easy. First, as regards the name, it will only be possible to change it at the age of majority. Secondly, no matter what anyone says, but children at a young age are especially aggressive, so it will be especially difficult for a child with a funny name. No one will behave correctly and restrained, on the contrary - all attention will be focused on this shortcoming, and this is exactly what will be ridiculed. The next difficult stage will be adolescence, namely puberty. At this time, adolescents are especially cruel and vulnerable, prone to suicide. Therefore, before calling a child “special”, in your opinion, by name, think about the possible consequences and problems that may arise in your child.

Fatal consequences

Often the consequences of a bad name can be fatal. There were cases when a person, not enduring ridicule and bullying by peers, ended up suicide, thus trying to solve the problem of constant jokes. In addition to these cases, there have been such cases when the object of ridicule received psychological disorders, became closed and secretive, showed aggression towards weak people and even animals. Such people become outcasts, hating themselves, their surroundings, their parents and the whole world. Such a negative attitude can be easily explained. The fault of all these problems is the usual human name, which, as it turned out, can ruin your whole life. Therefore, before giving names to your children, choose them carefully and do not rely on fashion trends and your hobbies. Sometimes this is what can lead to irreparable.


How to solve a problem?

If you already have a funny female name, you shouldn't panic, because it’s not critical. It can be changed or slightly altered, making it not only the original, but also a beautiful name that everyone will like without invoking irony or ridicule. To do this, it is enough to go to the passport office, write a statement about the name change, not forgetting to indicate the visible reasons, pay commissions and wait two or three weeks to approve your request and produce new documents. There is nothing complicated here, the main thing is to really want it and to do it.

How can you "get out" without changing the name?

A ridiculous female name can be not changed, but only “reissued”, depending on its initial version. Sometimes it is enough just to change the stress in a word so that it is perceived quite differently. But this option is suitable only when you are presented to a person from the first time, and not when your name is already known. Of course, this will work until the person wants to experiment with your name and does not understand its essence. But even if this happens when a person is well-mannered, he will not give a look, let alone ridicule and incorrect jokes. The second option is to change only some part of the name. This will be especially relevant when it is easy to change only one or two letters. This procedure does not require too much time. It is enough to write an application in the passport office for the replacement of certain components of the name, pay a commission and within two to three days your application will be considered and approved. Therefore, to change the funny female name given to you from birth is pretty simple.


Let's sum up

After reading this article, you already know what the funniest names in the world are, what influences their perception by other linguistic peoples, what consequences they can cause for their masters, how you can get rid of them. It should be remembered that any mockery of people with strange names can cause various mental disorders, diseases, cause a person to be alienated from society, and also encourage suicide, which is a kind of catastrophe. Moreover, today there are laws prohibiting any manifestation of insults to any person, so that, insulting someone, you can become insulted yourself. Namely, either to get a lawsuit and a fine in the amount of about eight hundred dollars, or three to five months of correctional labor, or imprisonment for a term of one to four years. As for parents, remember that the name must be natural, belonging to the ethnic group in which you are. No need to succumb to fashion influences and personal preferences. Everything should be most favorable for the child.

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