Farmers in the United States Insulate Livestock Due to Abnormal Colds


In the state of Wisconsin, because of the cold weather, farmers had to take urgent measures: the cattle freeze here so much that it threatens the loss of livestock. And that's what people came up with: in order for goats to not suffer from frost, they are dressed in warm coats. In addition, other animals are added to them, which also suffer from the cold: pigs, sheep and llamas. Together they make the room a little warmer and can clump together to warm each other.


Goats in coat

To some, this may seem ridiculous and strange, but for farmers in Wisconsin and their goats, the situation is very serious. “It's a matter of life and death, ” says Yen Kortz, a member of the farmers' association. Ideally, all animals should be brought into heated premises, but if this cannot be done, you should try to at least insulate them as much as possible.

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