Shirokorechenskoye cemetery in Yekaterinburg


Cemeteries are not only places of burial of people, but also part of the history of our country. Even on the rural churchyard, you can find something informative, not to mention the large urban necropolises. In our article we will tell about the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery, located in Yekaterinburg.


First graves

In early 1941, the land allocated for burial was just starting to fill up, there was a lot of free space. Therefore, it is here that the soldiers and officers who died during the Great Patriotic War, or more precisely, who died in the Sverdlovsk hospitals, found rest. Shirokorechenskoye cemetery is a special place. It was here, according to the decision of the Sverdlovsk Executive Committee of 1978 and the decree of the head of Yekaterinburg from 1995, that only soldiers who died in the performance of their duty to their homeland, people’s artists, honorary citizens, members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Russian Academy of Sciences are buried. Also on its territory was built the temple of St. Mark Pechersky.

Two sides of the medal

Shirokorechenskoye Cemetery (Yekaterinburg) is the place where the memorial is located, built in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, in 1985 an obelisk was attached to it. Currently, the memorial is being looked after as an object of cultural heritage. In 2015, its restoration was completed. At the same cemetery there is a monument in honor of the Germans who died in captivity during the war. Shirokorechenskoye cemetery became their final resting place. However, in 1952, the site, which was specially allocated for these purposes, was liquidated along with graves and gravestones.


Help is needed

Interestingly, in order to maintain the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery in order, a special charity foundation was created. He is committed to collecting money not only for the maintenance of the churchyard and the memorial. One of its main goals is social support for veterans, the disabled, retirees, family members of the dead servicemen.

Of course, budget money is allocated for the maintenance of the cemetery, but they are not enough to cover all the necessary expenses. For example, in order to cut down trees that pose a threat to monuments, additional funds are needed to pay for the work of special services.


Heroes of their time

It's no secret that the 90s of the XX century were difficult for the whole country. But among its inhabitants there were those who did not want to put up with poverty and preferred to strive for a good life at any cost. Often, such a struggle led to the death of people, then they were buried in specially designated areas of the cemetery. We are talking about the bandits who died in the showdown between the two groups.

In Yekaterinburg, the power in the city was shared by the "central" and "Uralmash". The burial place of the members of the first group was the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery (Yekaterinburg). The graves of gangs - this is the sign of the time. Therefore, it is not surprising that such burials become a landmark of necropolis. Shirokorechenskoye cemetery also has monuments of marble and granite, installed in honor of the dead ringleaders of gangs and ordinary fighters.

Our many fell

Gang members most often died young. The leaders of such organizations arranged for everyone a rich funeral. The coffin and other attributes of the farewell ceremony were supposed to be very expensive, but, of course, in accordance with the status of the deceased thug.

The most magnificent wires were at the heads of the organized criminal groups. To emphasize the power of organization and "love" for the deceased, a huge stone slab was installed vertically on his grave, on which he was depicted in full growth. Such monuments of marble and granite make up the “heroes” alley at Shirokorechenskoye cemetery.


Look good

Local gravestones differ from those in other cemeteries by the fact that the dead bandits are depicted on them in their usual clothes, without embellishment, as they appeared before members of their gang every day. And this, of course, sports suit, sneakers, leather jacket, cap.

But the authorities look spectacular and on the gravestone images. Looking at these portraits, one can doubt that a man in an expensive suit is the head of a gang. Also on the monuments depicted luxury items of the time: cell phones, cars, gold jewelry. On the gravestones, it was emphasized that the deceased was a believer, therefore icons, crucifixes, crosses or signs of another religion were often depicted.

Original Tombstones

One of the interesting monuments to the deceased member of the gangster organization is the tombstone of Nikolai Morazovsky. He was killed at the age of 23. On his monument depicted two portraits. At one of them, he is young and not very wealthy. This is evidenced by the objects around him and a discreet decoration on his finger. In the second portrait, Morazovsky is a mature man who has achieved a certain material wealth. This symbolizes that his departure from life was not in vain and he died for good reason.

On its vast territory of 44 hectares, the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery gathered and reconciled among themselves many different people. Someone died the death of heroes, defending their homeland, someone just appropriated this title. But all of them are now sleeping peacefully next to scientists, artists and politicians.

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